The window in dreams what meaning does it have and what interpretation does it give? Get in or out of the window in dreams. What does it mean to dream of looking out at a large window of a beautiful house and seeing a deep precipice beneath us? And dreaming of a wonderful home with lots of windows ? What is the meaning of the window in our dreams? Stay in the dream window what message does the dreamer offer? What does it mean to dream of lifting a shutter or disassembling or mounting windows and shutters? What does it mean to dream of looking out of the window or looking out, leaning from a balcony to see down or on the horizon? What does it mean to dream of being in front of a large window with very dark glasses that do not let you look out? Because you often dream of looking dirty, open, walled windows, seeing your reflection in the glass of a window, being in a house with lots of windows from where sunlight comes in, light rays or dreaming of being locked in a room with a window with bars and not being able to run away, run away? Why can we dream of leaving a small window in the house that in real life does not exist or dream of trying to close a broken window, with shattered glass, in a thousand pieces? And dream of breaking the glass of a huge window with our hands, our head or with a hammer? Windows that do not open and do not close but they seem to be blocked. What does it mean to dream of a window? What does it mean to dream of seeing a relative, a dead grandpa, who has died for so many years, an uncle, through the windows of a window? What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace we can play when we dream of walking on broken windows of a window to try to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and the guide on dreams? "Last night I was with my mother, my father, my sister and my brother and we were in front of a very large window with colored glasses and a lot of light came in. The other night I dreamed of being with a famous actor and singer and together we opened a window to enter fresh air and the rays of the Sun. Last night I dreamed of being with my friend and colleague and trying to break a window to enter an unknown home to steal. This night I dreamed of going through the black windows of a window with my boyfriend, husband, son". Certainly windows in dreams appear very often and certainly have a meaning not to be underestimated that we try to understand and understand in this article.


The window in our dreams, in our dream world can take on different meanings and bring various messages to the dreamer. Almost certainly a dream window can be the representation of our desire for evasion and change. When in our earthly existence we are no longer happy with the things we are doing or we are experiencing a strong period of stress because of work, then we can dream of being in a house with a large window or with many windows from which the rays of the Sun enter If we go beyond a window then we have a great desire to put aside and to escape, to abandon part of our lives to find ourselves. These dreams can in fact be very profound and point out the need to find a better inner balance in order to evolve, mature in our lives. Change, modify some aspects of our existence. But windows in dreams can also be obscured and can prevent us from looking out of them. A window with dark glasses that does not give us the opportunity to look beyond and to pass the sun's rays but also the Moon, obviously indicates a period of our life where we are experiencing a small inner malaise that we are unable to to pull out, to show but it remains closed inside of us making us suffer. Black or dark glasses are the symbol of our closure to the world and the people around us who maybe do not understand our thoughts. In short, the window can be a real obstacle to our external, but also inner, realization. Windows can be linked to so many aspects of our real life and often represent our eyes. What do we see in our life? What can we understand about our earthly existence? Can we see everything clearly? What aspects of our daily life need to be arranged, improved? Here, in the dream, the window represents our eyes that see the world in a different way than usual. A dirty window with unclear glasses may indicate the need to see more clearly in our lives, to have a good sense of conscience to understand things that are not good and absolutely must be improved.

The window can thus be the symbol of our eyes, our way of understanding, observing, capturing the vicissitudes, the problems of our lives, but the windows have other important meanings. In fact a window can be opened or closed. When in the dream we open the door of a window, we raise a shutter to bring in the sunlight, then we are probably evolving in our lives and we are trying to progress by opening our minds to new spaces, new opportunities and opportunities. Opening the doors of a window, bringing light, looking out to it or going out on a balcony, denotes a great spirit of observation, a great desire to improve our earthly existence. Often after having dreams of this kind, we can live a period with such optimism, a nice serene period and full of confidence. In short, these dreams can make us feel the desire to live and definitely they are the symbol of rebirth in the dreamer's life. Unfortunately, however, the windows can be broken, maybe it is impossible to open them because they do not have handles or their windows are chipped. A window that in a dream can not really open means that we have a hard time living a good time, we can not find that serenity and inner balance that will allow us to move forward with optimism. Sometimes failing to open a window also means that our mentality is too closed, unwilling to change, evolve, leaving old ways to deal with new roads. The mental closure represented by closed windows that can not be opened. This is an important meaning that this kind of dreams can convey to the dreamer. We, by analyzing other dreams, have often said that we must try to remember objects we observe or interact with, places we visit, people we meet and talk, feelings and emotions we live with. These details are fundamental to understanding the meaning of a dream and here, for example, even just remembering whether we have seen a person at our side, we can interpret the dream even better. If we are looking through a window together with our parents, our sister, sister clearly our desire for change and evolution can affect the family while the presence of a boyfriend, a husband can suggest a possible evolution and involution of our story sentimental.

Being able to open a window together with a person means that probably that person can help or support us in a project or our relationship with it will improve and will be positive for us and for our maturation. And broken glass in dreams? Finding a window with broken glasses is not a very good thing because the glasses are indispensable so as not to get the heat or the cold into a home. Even though many people may think that broken glasses are a barrier to barriers and barriers, because without glasses we can see much better, they actually point to a protection that is missing in our lives, and so these dreams point to a lot of attention. Some psychologists compare our mind to a house that appears in a dream. The windows of a house represent our mental openings, the possibilities of escape, evolution, maturation. Generally, when we dream of being in a large house with so many windows open and illuminated by the rays of the Sun, we can live a period full of optimism and where things go very well. We can have great ideas, work on great projects, use our creative energy to develop our thoughts. Often, it may happen that you dream of being in the workplace and seeing the windows closed, with the shaded shades that do not allow the sunlight to pass. Here, these dreams indicate a difficulty in living a life, finding new solutions, a dreamer's trouble to evolve and use creative energies to carry forward ideas and projects. In our dreams it may even happen to look out at a window and fall or risk falling into a ravine, in a precipice. Falling from a window means we have to be careful about an opportunity that can come but that can be very risky. In short, these dreams can signal a trap, a deception in which we can fall. We end this article by talking about those dreams in which, using our hands, our heads, a stone or a hammer, we break the windows of a window in a thousand pieces. Generally these dreams are very positive because they can indicate a great willpower that allows us to get everything we want in life.


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