Cancer in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of knowing that you have skin, thyroid, kidney, blood cancer, a liver tumor, a prostate, a kidney, a leg, a hand, a brain, a pancreas, a spleen, a stomach, at the mouth, intestines, feet, colon, breast, face, lungs, uterus, head, heart, brain, throat, ovaries, teeth, bones? Why can we dream that a sick relative has cancer? And what does it mean to dream of dying of cancer? What does it mean to dream of having a serious, terrible disease, a neoplasm, a neoplasm, a fibroid, a sarcoma, angioma? To dream of having an incurable disease and to risk dying. What is the meaning of dreams in which the doctor tells us that we are very sick and have a very serious and incurable tumor that is not operable? Why can we dream of a friend who is dying of a very insidious cancer? What does it mean to dream of having a tumor and being in a hospital bed with our mother, father, grandparents, boyfriend, friend, co-worker, a long-dead relative, son, husband, wife, sister, uncle, brother, Pope or even a famous actor or singer? What kind of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we use to play the lottery when we dream of having cancer in our body to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Last night I dreamed I had a tumor and had to be operated urgently but died during the operation. Last night I remember dreaming that I was dying of a very large tumor that spread throughout my body. Tonight I dreamed that a dear friend of mine died of a very serious brain tumor. Last night I dreamed that I was with some doctors who visited my body in search of a terrible tumor". Unfortunately, these dreams can be very scary and truly terrifying for the dreamer. True nightmares that certainly do not refer to a real disease that we can have in our lives but in any case to a serious problem that must necessarily be solved. Let's understand the meaning of this kind of dreams, let's understand what message hides behind these frightening diseases, behind the tumors and cancer that can invade part of our body.


So in order to understand these dreams we must always start from the real meaning in our life of cancer or cancer. Cancer is disease of the tissues of our organism that grow strangely, abnormally, causing the death of the cells of the organ they hit. In most cases these terrible diseases can lead to the death of a person or an animal. In this dream, this disease can represent a very complicated, difficult situation, an inescapable event that can come and upset the dreamer's life. Let's just say that dreaming of having a tumor or dreaming of a friend of ours, a colleague, a relative who has a tumor, does not mean that this person will have the disease and die for this cause. The premonitory dreams of this kind are really very rare but surely they hide a meaning and a message that very often is negative for the dreamer. The tumor must be cured otherwise it leads to death. Here is a problem that we are experiencing should not be left out, forgotten, otherwise it risks becoming even more ungovernable and create further damage. If we can understand that cancer and cancer in dreams are the symbol of a serious problem that requires an urgent solution, then we can try to find a correct solution. Very often having cancer in a dream means that something in your life is taken away from you, in short, it is possible to lose something we possess that could be anything, a love, a job, money, etc. Behind the tumors can also hide strong fears and great feelings of guilt for some sin that we think we have committed and that maybe ruined the life of someone we know or our life itself. Often behind this oneiric symbolism hides also the thought, the idea of ??the dreamer, a thought obviously unconscious, of not being able to have what he wants in life, of not being able to achieve some successes, goals perhaps for a low level of self-esteem. Many people remember exactly the type of cancer they dreamed of.

If we remember the type of tumor we had in a dream but above all its exact point on our body, then we can try to understand various things and understand much better the problem to be solved, being able to circumscribe it. First of all having a tumor or brain cancer means that we probably have a nagging thought that does not make us sleep well and does not allow us to live our lives in a peaceful way. The head tumor, the brain is therefore the symbol of a great concern that we have and we can not solve, a concern that makes our existence very complicated. At this point we must try to understand the problem first, the thought that has become very disturbing and try to find a solution. If in everyday life we ??are really finding a solution to the problem, then in our nightmares we can dream of being operated, of treating the tumor, of going to the hospital to make accurate analysis. Doctors, hospitals, drugs, treatments, surgical operations, are the symbol of our awareness. We have understood that we can not avoid a situation but it must be addressed and resolved as soon as possible and time is a very important variable in cancer cancer treatment. If looking at a brain tumor means having really troubling and troubling thoughts, having a serious, incurable, incurable disease in the arms, hands, legs, it certainly means having serious problems at work or with our mother or father. In fact, hands, arms, legs are often the symbol of work but also of relationships with our parents. With hands and arms, but also with the legs, we can release a lot of energy and face hard work and if the tumor invades one of these parts of our body, then we can have work problems, professional and economic concerns. Very often we can feel pain and these terrible feelings confirm a very disturbing state of mind concerning work problems.

If the tumor refers to interpersonal relationships with our parents, then we must evaluate a difficult dialogue with our mother or father. The left side of the body is in relation to the mother while the right side with the father and therefore having the cancer in the right hand or the right foot, means having relationship problems with the father. Easily, during the days following this kind of dreams, we could have an important discussion with our parents or with our mother or father. Sometimes, these dreams may be premonitory and signal a possible problem that may affect our parents. Many women dream of having serious diseases of the ovaries, breast and face. Certainly many dreamers are worried about having very complicated diseases to treat but behind this kind of dreams we can often find a very low level of self-esteem and the fear of not being up to a situation. Maybe we are facing a job for which we do not feel very prepared, we have a very complex task that has been entrusted to us but we are not sure to succeed in concluding the professional path and therefore we dream of having a tumor in the most sensitive parts of the body of a woman. And behind this kind of dreams you can also hide fears of not being esteemed by others, the fear of not being very pleasant women and therefore a sense of anguish about the love life. In fact, a woman who does not physically like is a woman who is not sure of herself and this insecurity can lead to having relationship problems with men. We can say the same thing about men who dream of having cancer, for example, prostate, face, and mouth. Their virility, their sexual desire and their capacity for conquest in the love industry can be put to the test. We conclude this article also talking about tumors in the intestine, colon, stomach and mouth. Diseases that affect the stomach, intestines, pancreas, colon can symbolize a period of great stress, anxiety, tension that are not absolutely positive for our earthly existence. The mouth that is seriously ill identifies a serious problem of communication with someone. We can not make our thoughts comprehend.


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