Owls in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of entering the cage of a big black owl? What is the meaning of dreams in which we look for owls in a forest or in a forest? What does it mean to dream of an owl flying home or seeing an owl on a full moon night? What does it mean to dream of a woman behaving like an owl or dreaming of an owl attacking us? And dreaming of killing an owl or dreaming of an owl looking you in the eye? Why can we dream of a dead owl? Owls and owlets in gray, white, red, yellow, green, blue, pink. Have you ever dreamed of eating owl meat and have you ever dreamed of firing a gun or a shotgun at an owl that wanted to kill you? See in dream mother, father, grandfather, boyfriend, friend, work colleague, relative, son, husband, wife, sister, uncle, brother who turns into a giant black terrifying owl. What does it mean to dream owls beating with their beak on our window or door of the house? What does it mean to dream of hearing the sound of an owl in the night? What does it mean to dream of seeing an owl behind the window of our house? Finding a dead owl on the ground or dying because of a wound from which so much blood comes out. See so many little owls in their nest that they eat, who chase an animal, that look you in the eye. Have you ever seen an owl in the dream of a tree branch ready to attack and attack? Capture a wounded owl that feels pain, cries, laughs or even speaks our language. We can dream of an owl with broken wings, without feathers or with dirty feathers, full of tar, which can no longer fly. What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can be played in the lottery if at night, during sleep, we dream of being attacked by an owl to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Last night I remember dreaming of being with a dear friend of mine who had bought a little owl. Last night I was hurt by the claws of a great owl. Last night I remember dreaming of finding an owl inside my bed. This night I dreamed that my parents gave me an owl". Let's try to understand, in this article, the meaning of these very beautiful birds but that often in a dream can be very scary.


To understand this kind of dreams we must remember that the owl is an animal but above all a bird. This bird often moves in the darkness when it decides to hunt its prey to eat. Very independent birds can be very afraid despite their beauty, their plumage, their eyes. In many popular traditions the owl is a symbol of misfortune and so here in our dreams when we see this bird we could think of going through a period of great misfortune or a danger, an unfavorable event could come into our lives. Certainly many people say they dreamed of meeting an owl in their dreams with his gaze and then, they received bad news. This news is not only about mourning, therefore the death of a person, but can concern anything, such as, loss of work, a gain that no longer arrives, any family problem, work, sentimental. So here we are faced then, according to many customs and popular traditions, a symbol of bad luck but not always things go this way because we must not forget that when we analyze a dream, first any detail is important and then the object, the animal, the main person we see in our dream world always has positive and negative qualities. For example an owl as well as being a beautiful bird, is also a great predator, able to hunt its prey at night, in complete darkness and with its fierce claws very sharp. From these words you can understand that this animal could represent not only a negative situation but a very fascinating and magnetic person that can be in our life or arrive at any moment. But that owl could represent ourselves that in a certain moment of our earthly existence, we are absolutely very seductive, very fascinating and we could attract the person that interests us. And its ability to hunt prey confirms the concept of courtship. Of course, never forget that every detail of our dreams is very important to arrive at a very complete analysis and give a correct interpretation.

So the place where we are, the people or animals we meet, the objects we see and use, the feelings and emotions we experience. All these details must not be forgotten. For example, if we dream of observing an owl on a tree and with us we see our mother or our father, a particular event may happen to our parents or our relationship with them will change and this change may be due to news, a secret that will come out and that can upset us. And yes because these animals, moving, hunting at night, also represent the secrets hidden in the depths of our soul that at some point must come out. And then when we look at an owl we could also know something, know a very interesting news and that can make us be amazed. But another very important meaning connected with this oneiric symbolism is hunting. The owls are excellent hunters and throw themselves with their claws on the prey to grab it. Their claws are really deadly and have nothing to envy to the claws of hawks or eagles. That owl we could be ourselves and then maybe we are living a period of extreme strength in which we can get what we want, we can achieve any result, or that owl represents someone who wants to hit us, wants to damage our reputation and therefore we must be very careful, trying to catch every detail of the dream just to understand who this person can be. An owl on a tree at night is not a good sign for prey because it means that it is ready to catch, to hunt and then to eat. And here the dreamer must be very careful, with his eyes wide open when he sees an owl on a tree in the night. Almost certainly a danger could come in life or a person could cause damage. A bad omen especially with regard to business and work, so if we dream of being at work and observe this bird, then our business could suffer a sharp decline, a sharp deterioration.

Certainly these birds can signal various concerns in our life. In fact, during the day we can be very worried about something, because of a problem that haunts our mind and this problem occurs at night, in our dreams through the presence and the vision of these birds that observe us with their great very expressive eyes. Hearing the sound of an owl is not even a very positive oneiric event because it can symbolize the possibility of an unfavorable event that comes into our lives. But in fact every dream can have its positive sides. And then dream that an owl attacks us trying to hurt us with its claws but being able to escape, even kill the bird, means being ready to fight, to overcome a moment of difficulty that can come at any time of our lives. Shooting at an owl means avoiding a nefarious period, a very complicated phase of our life. Another very positive meaning related to these birds refers to the security and tranquility that the dreamer can have in his life, an inner security and tranquility that can lead to a period of great changes and evolution. Symbol of sadness and bad luck, the owl can also represent some unconscious forces that remain locked in the depths of our soul but necessarily need to come out to express themselves. Introversion, solitude, introspection are three other words that identify this kind of dreams very well. The dreamer therefore does not have to face a period full of bad luck but a phase of his life in which he can decide to be less flashy, less present in everyday life, trying to find himself in complete solitude. A wounded and blood-losing owl signals the possibility of having to face a very complicated period, a period in which our psychophysical energies will be very low. Finally, we conclude this topic also talking about the concept of freedom. Birds can fly but the owl is not a bird that can stand out long and big flights. And here the dreamer can find himself having to face a path too difficult for him.


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