The eagle in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of seeing a falcon flying in a very high sky? What does it mean to dream of a peregrine falcon, a white, red, brown, black, colored eagle attacking us? What does it mean to dream to talk to a giant eagle or to see many small eagles coming into the house? Why can we dream of finding a nest of sea eagles in an impervious place? Why is it possible to dream of a great eagle with its claws grabbing a prey? Be transported by a hawk on a mountain with our brother, sister, uncle, brother-in-law, friend or work colleague, kill an eagle attacking us or see an eagle falling or taming some hawks at home with our parents, grandparents , engaged couples, husbands and children. What does it mean to dream to see many eagles and hawks in the sky? Be threatened by a frightful eagle or be hit by the claws of a large eagle or find an eagle that is dying on the street or at home. Very often it happens to dream of a wounded eagle that loses a lot of blood and that rests on our arm. What does it mean to dream of capturing and caging a hawk or dreaming of an eagle biting? And have you ever dreamed of caressing a bird in this kind in a dream? What does it mean to dream of an eagle in flight descending and resting on our shoulders or on our heads? Which and how many numbers can we extract from the book of the ancient Neapolitan grimace to play them in the lottery and try to win if I dream to see a big eagle in the sky according to the guide on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of seeing a beautiful eagle coming towards me and I was very scared. Last night I saw so many eagles flying in the sky and circling my house. Last night I dreamed of my mother and father giving me a little hawk. This night I caught an eagle that was dying and I tried to heal it but she still died". Seeing and observing these beautiful, wonderful birds in the sky in our dreams is a very common thing and to understand their meaning, obviously, we need to start from the meaning of the flight.


So the eagle is a bird and almost all the birds have a dowry that we do not have, that is, they manage to take flight, they can fly above us and feel free in the air. The bird in dreams therefore represents a great desire for freedom that man possesses and that in a certain moment of his life tries to pull out. When we dream of seeing a bird or many birds flying in the sky, we must think that the feeling of lightness and well-being they feel is a feeling that we also want to have in our lives because maybe we are experiencing a bad period, something not it works in work, in love, in our family and therefore we are very unhappy. To dream of something we can not do, that is to fly like a bird, means trying to achieve something that can not be achieved because it is practically impossible and that, together with the concept of freedom and desire for greater personal expression, we can also add sadness to impossibility of doing something that we would like to do but that can not be achieved. In this sense the birds in the dream do not have a good meaning but do not forget that every bird has its own characteristic and every dream is made up of colors, images, places, objects, people, feelings and emotions that are experienced. All these elements are very important to provide a correct interpretation of the dream and to establish whether it is a positive or negative dream for the development and progress of the dreamer. Returning to the discourse of birds that indicate the desire for freedom, the desire for better personal expression and the desire to do something that is not possible at the moment, let us turn our gaze and discourse towards eagles and hawks. Beautiful birds that have above all some qualities among which we remember an incredibly powerful sight, a very strong predatory instinct and great ability to fly. And here we have to start from these concepts to interpret hawks and eagles that we dream of.

First of all, dreaming of seeing an eagle that flies above us or above our house can be a symbol of a great danger we can encounter in our lives, just because the eagle has a great view and a very strong predatory instinct. when he goes around a place, he is most likely looking for a prey. Here this kind of premonitory dreams can be fundamental to understand a dangerous situation that we can escape but in dream this bird can come towards us and wound us with its claws on the face, on an arm, on a leg. The wound means that we have fallen into someone's trap and we have suffered the consequences of this attack. An eagle, with its powerful and sharp claws, can also kill a man, blind his eyes and do it in pieces to eat his meat. Dreadful dreams that are real nightmares and that can wake us up at night but that can make us understand that we are still in time to escape from a difficult situation. Meanwhile, what we do in a dream to fight a bird that wants to attack is important because it signals the possibility of being able to fight to defeat the enemy or to get out of a complex situation and here in the dream world we can capture an eagle, close it in a cage or even kill her with a stick, with a gun or a gun. Killing an eagle, if it refers to a commplicated situation that we are facing in our day and especially if it attacks us in a dream, surely means being able to find a way to escape, a good solution but if we kill a hawk or an eagle that is quiet, does not want to do us any harm and indeed seems to be very docile with us, then the oneiric meaning is completely different just because, we said before, these birds represent our sense of freedom and our instinct.

And so we are living a period in which our independence is put to the test and can not free itself from certain social, family, sentimental and work restrictions. The oneiric meaning changes if instead we let fly away a bird and we feel a wonderful sensation for this gesture. Leaving an eagle to fly is undoubtedly a sign of great interior evolution, of great maturation and of very positive events and joys that can come into our earthly existence. The deepest meaning of dreams in which we let eagles and hawks fly is to find an excellent balance, a good harmony and a great sense of trust and freedom in our lives. If instead we capture this kind of birds then we are probably not exploiting all our qualities and we are particularly suspicious and not very instinctive in our life. First we said that the eagles and hawks have a very large dowry and that is a very powerful sense of sight, being able to identify a prey, even very small, miles away. That hawk could be us, that eagle we could be us sniffing a good deal, an excellent opportunity and the ability to solve a problem finding a right solution. When a falcon flies into the sky and reaches the prey that is captured with its powerful claws, then we could find ourselves in two situations. The prey could represent a favorable opportunity that we can have in life or it could represent our very own that we are trapped, we are the victim of a difficult situation from which we know we can not go out. Seeing birds flying usually causes a good feeling in the dreamer and therefore, as the feelings and emotions we experience in the dream world are very important, then flying birds almost always signal a fantastic state of mind. And if someone gives us an eagle? Someone wants to give us the opportunity to feel more free and independent. Never forget the people who are with you in a dream because these people, together with the bird, can better specify the sector in which the dream itself can manifest itself in real life. And therefore, seeing a hawk at home means the desire for independence from parents, for example.


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