Call someone in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of contacting a person we do not know? What is the meaning of dreams in which our phone rings and we receive a call? What does it mean to dream of calling a person with a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, a telephone, but not being able to hear his voice? Why can we dream of trying to dial a phone number but not being able to type all the digits? And dreaming of throwing a phone off on the floor, in the sea, in the trash, from a balcony, from a window? Why can we dream of breaking, destroying, burning a smartphone? What does it mean to dream of calling a person with a very low voice or addressing, calling, calling, invoking, shouting the name of a friend, work colleague, a deceased relative, who has died many years ago, brother, sister, mother, father, grandfather , uncle, nephew, wife, son, husband? What does it mean to dream of calling someone we do not know who comes to us in the dark? What does it mean to dream of contacting an unknown person or calling yourself from a telephone booth? Calling a dead man, invoke the devil, the devil, the angels, his guardian angel, the Madonna, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. What does it mean to dream to contact the police, the carabinieri, the ambulance? Have you ever dreamed of calling someone but getting his name wrong? And dream of calling the dead mother? Dreaming of calling a person who does not answer, dreaming of calling the firemen, dreaming of not being able to call. What does it mean to dream of being called or dreaming of shouting a name? "The other night I remember dreaming of shouting the name and surname of an unknown person coming towards me. Last night I dreamed that a strange voice, very scary, said my name. Last night I dreamed of being contacted by dead people. Tonight I dreamed of talking to a man who had contacted me on my phone". What kind of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we use to play the lottery when we dream of receiving a phone call, to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? Chatting in a dream with a man or woman we do not know is very common. Let's try to understand the meaning of these particular dreams.


Surely at least once in your life you have dreamed of saying someone's name or of hearing your name from a person, a man, a woman you did not know. Why is it possible to dream of listening to strange voices shouting our name? Very often these voices can be low, hardly audible or very loud, terrible and very scary. When we dream of calling someone we probably have a small or big need in our lives to be fulfilled. For example, we may need to be helped to deal with a situation that is very worrying. So the need to be rescued, helped, is transformed, in our dream world, in the form of voices that we listen to and that are really very scary or very comforting. Obviously we can call ourselves someone or our name is said by a person. If we dream of contacting a person by shouting his name, and maybe even his last name on the phone, we can hope to be really in a phase where we need help that could still arrive and be very positive. In fact, our subconscious, with this kind of dreams, makes us understand that we need to be rescued and therefore, during the day, even involuntarily, we can draw the attention of someone to the problem we have. So dreams are very positive but never forget that every detail of our dream world is essential to give a correct interpretation. So, in these cases, we try to remember those we call, the place where we are, the objects we see and especially the sensations we experience. So if we dream of shouting the name of a person we know then we know very well that that person, in real life, can really help us, can necessarily support our needs and can provide everything we need, just to find the solution to our problem . If we dream of contacting a person with a very low voice, then in our real life, we may be afraid of asking for help while naming the person in a very decisive and strong way, it means being very sure to ask for that person's support.

Have you ever dreamed of trying to say the name of a person, man or woman, but not being able to say anything? No words come out of your mouth, try to say something but you can not speak, shout, whisper. These events that can be very bad to live in a dream, can identify a simple problem of communication to all or specifically to the whole world. For example, a girl may dream of not being able to say the name of her boyfriend who is perhaps trying to call because in a dream he is far from her. Unfortunately, the mouth is closed, the word does not come out. Dreams that make us wake up with so much anguish and that hide the need to improve communication with some people we live with or that we attend and, in the example above, the girl must obviously fix a small sentimental problem that does not allow her to live a very serene love relationship. So when you dream of calling a person or being called by a person in your dreams, then dialogue is really very important in life and you have to find ways to communicate in a much more concrete way. Having a problem and asking for help, having a problem and not being able to ask for help. This is the hub of this kind of dreams. The difficulties of our earthly existence can easily be manifested in a dream through the possibility of contacting a deceased person, that is, a person who has died for a short time or a long time with whom the dreamer had a strong bond. Sometimes behind the people we try to contact, not only is the need to find help in that individual hidden, but also the real problem we are facing. To clarify this concept we can give an example. Maybe we dream of calling our mother who does not respond to our call. Maybe we have a problem at school, a problem with our friends, a problem in the family, we are little understood and we seek help right in the mother but does not understand us, does not understand our needs. And here we can scream a lot but our mother does not even listen to us in dreams as well as in real life.

Often we believe that other people can solve our problems but in reality they can be solved by ourselves using the resources we possess within us. Therefore a widespread dream is also that in which we call our own name. Why can we contact our name? Often behind these dreams lies the need to self-criticize oneself, to judge what we are doing in a very neutral way, finding strengths and weaknesses. Two other types of dreams are widespread among people, relatively, in fact, the discourse of calling, contacting, shouting the name of a person on the phone or using another method. Make the name of Jesus, of Our Lady, of God, of a Saint or of an Angel or even invoke the devil. When we invoke these essences, perhaps we are living a very critical moment, we are experiencing a period of crisis, even spiritual, which should not be underestimated, a phase of our life in which we think we can not find the support of anyone and therefore we rely on miracles. Invoking the name of Satan signals the possibility of being willing to do anything to solve our problem. Nightmares that can be very scary and make us wake up with a great feeling of discomfort as well as the heart beating very strong, are those in which we hear a very scary voice, very weak, weak that says our name and asks to come to she. In a dream you can feel a scary feeling because maybe you are even in the dark and you do not see anything. Fear, malaise we are experiencing in life are the basis of this type of dreams. Recall that the darkness, the shadows, the dreamlike characters that move in the darkness and even the strange almost beastly voices we hear, are all the symbol of a fear that we have to face but that perhaps we can not deal with and therefore it presents itself in our dream world in various forms, until we have solved the problem and defeated these fears. We conclude this argument by saying that dreaming of calling a deceased person is a symbol of help that we will never find.


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