Get wet in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of feeling completely wet from head to toe? What is the meaning of dreams in which we bathe with holy water or with the water of the sea or of a river? Feeling all wet, slimy, moist, sticky, full of sweat. We can often also make these kinds of dreams. What does it mean to dream of rain, get wet and try to shelter under a roof? In a dream it can also rain inside our house and we can not remain dry. Why can we dream of being under a terrible rain that never ends? What does it mean to dream of getting wet by peeing in bed? What does it mean to dream of washing our hair in the shower with very hot water, which remains completely wet, wet and does not dry even with the hair dryer? Soak your feet in the sea, in a stream, in a lake, under a waterfall. What does it mean to dream of feeling the water that enters our shoes? Why is it possible to bathe your clothes with wine, the beer someone pours at us? Get wet with friends, in a hot, cold, warm bath. Take a swim in the sea with your lover or celebrate and bathe your whole body by making a toast with sparkling wine or champagne. What does it mean to dream of getting wet while at school or at work with a colleague, an employer or a parent, mother, father, brother or sister. What does it mean to be bathed by a famous singer or actor who throws very cold water on our clothes? Being completely wet and dirty with relatives, wives, boyfriends, children, is a very widespread dream. What numbers can we use from the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery, when we remember to have dreamed of being completely wet, to look for a win by following what the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of getting the whole floor of my house wet. Last night I dreamed of being bathed in a bucket of water that had been poured on my body by my uncle and my grandfather. This night I dreamed I was drying clothes. Last night I dreamed of being in the shower and I was washing for many hours". Even getting wet in a dream can have a very important meaning.


First of all, water is a very present element in our dreams and often it can symbolize different things. For example, water is the symbol of purification, of a new vital energy, of a new period of our life that is about to begin. So, very often, in our dreams it represents a very positive meaning and brings a message favorable to the dreamer but we do not forget that the water can be very dirty or it can stink, it can be poisonous, sticky like glue, in other words also water in our dreams it can have meanings that are not always positive. When we dream of being in the rain without protection and therefore without an umbrella or a roof above us, we can get wet or stay completely dry. Certainly if we dream of getting wet under a heavy rain then, most likely, in our life we??need to evolve, we need to progress and change something. The water indicates regeneration and therefore often it appears right in a period of our life where we have the strong need to change something we do not like anymore. This thing we want to change, this thing we want to evolve, can be a relationship of love, our work, interpersonal relationships that we are living with our parents, but can also refer to the need to move home, for example. And here it is very important to try to remember the people who are with us in a dream and maybe they are bathing with us. For example, if we are under a very strong water falling from the sky with our boyfriend or our husband, clearly our love life is going through a fairly complicated period in which the need to change something becomes essential to improve the relationship and progress, evolve , to mature. Regeneration also in family relationships with parents and children can be representatives in a dream through the water that bathes our body and our clothes. For example dreaming of taking a bath or a shower with our father and mother and feeling very ashamed, means that the relationship with parents is not absolutely positive and we do not feel understood, rather we hide some of our fears, some difficulties that we do not manifest to them.

Dreams are never trivial and above all water has a very strong symbolic meaning that should not be underestimated. Many people dream of taking a shower or taking a bath in a completely naked bath together with a man or woman who they do not know. These dreams can signal the difficulty of expressing one's ideas, qualities and creative energy, the imagination that the dreamer unfortunately has but can not manifest outside in his life. Being observed while we are completely naked and washing ourselves can also mean having some guilt towards someone or a situation we are experiencing in real life. In fact, we must not forget that Pontius Pilate washed his hands during the judgment of Jesus Christ and with that gesture he expressed his desire not to be guilty of everything that would happen to the son of God and therefore not be guilty of his crucifixion and condemnation to death. So when we dream of washing our hands, washing our face or our whole body, we must try to remember, after waking up, what makes us feel very bad, what guilt we feel inside and we can not express. Maybe we have committed a crime, we have offended a person to whom we love very much, we have betrayed our partner of love and the water that bathes our body is just the representation of a sin, an inner malaise we want to free ourselves from because it does not make us live well during the day. We made a mistake in the workplace and we could not fix everything and this mistake brought some problems with a colleague. Here we can dream of sweating so much because of the fear of having to pay for the crime we committed, for the mistake we made. Sweat in dreams has another important meaning. We can sweat for various reasons in real life. We can sweat due to a strong physical exhaustion, because of a great heat or because we are very afraid. Feeling completely greasy, dirty and full of sweat in dreams can symbolize a period of intense physical and mental stress, a period of great work that can be very difficult to carry forward.

The sweat almost always indicates anxiety and worries about some situation we are experiencing and that does not make our everyday life live comfortably. But we said before that water is the symbol of regeneration, of a period of our life that can change positively. Here in the dream we can dream of washing ourselves in a big river, inside a big lake, swimming completely naked or dressed in the sea. These dreams can have a great meaning because they often signal a strong need to improve our lives and therefore the need to rediscover good energy in order to develop new ideas and projects. If we do not suffer from the cold, if the water is not frozen, if it does not burn and therefore does not burn our skin but rather warm, warm and allows us to make a very relaxing bath, then we can go through a very profitable period in which to carry out many projects. The water is used to wash, to clean, to purify, to remove dirt and then start a new life, a new period of our earthly existence with new energy, ideas, a new and important creativity that can not be underestimated. Some people say they are bathed in sparkling wine while they celebrate something in their dreams. This kind of dream can often indicate a goal that can be achieved thanks to our qualities and therefore a success that is about to arrive but that should not be the last goal of our life. During our dreams we must never forget the sensations we feel, the emotions we experience, the places we visit and the people and objects we encounter because all these details are fundamental for understanding our dream. And here is a mother who washes her child signals her concerns towards it, a sense of protection, just a sense of strong motherhood. A man who washes his wife, girlfriend or lover, on the other hand, can point out the need to uncover possible betrayals, communication problems at the sentimental level or faults that have not yet been manifested.


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