The ticket in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of finding a ticket? What is the meaning of dreams in which we buy a ticket? What does it mean to dream of being in a shop and winning a sum of money by scratching a ticket? What does it mean to dream of finding a ticket torn, torn on the ground and even dirty with blood? And why can we dream of giving away a clean ticket? What does it mean to dream of buying so many winning tickets, a lottery ticket that allows us to win a large sum of money? What does it mean to dream of buying two tickets to go to the cinema, the theater or a concert? And why can we dream of having a train, tram, bus or plane ticket in our pocket? To be without a ticket, to have no ticket, to leave by plane without a ticket in your pocket. These dreams can be very common among people. What does it mean to dream of a wet ticket? What does it mean to receive a letter with a greeting card or an invitation to a party? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see so many fake tickets but we can not win anything? To dream of reading a note of love, to receive a pink, white, red, blue, green, yellow, light blue, orange, completely black or empty note, without writing, without words. What does it mean to dream of giving away a ticket with a love poem or reading a ticket with threats? Often it happens also to dream of writing sentences and blasphemies on a ticket or throw away in the trash a useless ticket written by our father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, friend, work colleague or long-dead relative. And because it is possible to dream of a famous singer or actor who gives us a big ticket with numbers. What numbers can be extrapolated from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we remember to have dreamed of finding a ticket on the ground, to try to win, following the advice of the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of being extremely lucky because I won a lot of money thanks to a lottery ticket. Last night I remember dreaming of finding a huge ticket with so many numbers written on it. This night I dreamed that I was with an unknown person who offered me various tickets. The night passed someone gave me a lot of sheets but completely empty". Let's try to understand the meaning of the tickets in our dreams.


Sheet, card, note are the symbol of communication, message, annotation. When we receive a ticket or a piece of paper in our dreams, we must always think that we can actually receive news from a person who tries to communicate with us. We must obviously distinguish the dreams in which we are giving away a ticket and the dreams in which we receive from someone a sheet or a document. However, receiving a ticket often signals our deep need to make things change. Maybe we are living a very monotonous period and we want new things to come. And here in our dreams we read a sheet, find a document in the mailbox or someone offers us a ticket on which something is written. So the desire for novelty, the desire to communicate something or the need to get out of a particularly complex period, but above all, not very exciting. If we give ourselves a ticket to someone we know then we know that some changes in our lives depend precisely on this person and involuntarily our subconscious makes us realize that we really need to seek help in this person. Donating a sheet in fact can mean the need to find help, to find a valid support to carry forward some of our ideas, projects, etc... We can often dream lottery tickets, scratch tickets trying to figure out if we have won something. Unfortunately, buying and scratching lottery tickets does not indicate that we will win a small or large sum of money but simply behind this kind of dreams we can hide the desire to improve our economic situation which is perhaps facing a particularly complicated period. In fact we all want to be rich or at least wish to be able to live a very wealthy life, full of well-being and very quiet on an economic level and then each of us, at least once in his life, will have dreamed of winning money by buying and playing a ticket of the lottery.

But if we find a note on the ground with a strange writing or words we do not understand? Why are we not able, very often, to read or remember what is written on a sheet of paper that appears in our dreams? Communication problems are evidently present in our lives when we can not read the writing on a sheet of paper that we find or receive. If instead we ourselves write something on a ticket then we have a strong need to communicate something because maybe we feel very isolated and sad. Widespread dreams are those in which we write or receive a love note. To write a love note to a person means to feel the need to try new emotions, to live a more joyful and carefree sentimental life but this does not always come true and in fact here we are faced with a desire that can be unrealizable. If someone gives us a note with a love poem, then we can hope that our life can change on an emotional and sentimental level but we must act and not be able to wait. Greeting cards, generally, do not have a very interesting meaning because they can signal our need to have fun and very often, after having had a dream like this, you can actually get an invitation to a party, an invitation to attend an event in which we can actually spend a few hours in a carefree way. Even cinema tickets can symbolize a moment of leisure that the dreamer can actually live or that he wants to live but who can not get for various reasons. Tearing a sheet of paper, a document, a ticket means rejecting the possible changes that may occur in our lives and even when we dream of throwing away, in the garbage, or finding a dirty ticket. What if the piece of paper we find is full of blood? Surely we are very tired and we must recover our psychophysical energies in order to face a better period, a more profitable period.

But the most important dreams and with a more meaningful message to the dreamer are those in which we have to take the train, the plane, a bus, the tram and we do not have a ticket or we can not buy one before getting on and off. If we forget to buy a ticket or dream of not being able to pay in any way, then we will lose a good chance in our life. Having the documents and owning your ticket is the symbol of safety and extreme awareness of our qualities that can allow us to achieve excellent goals in life. An expired ticket, torn and therefore invalid or already used is the symbol of a lost opportunity or an opportunity that can escape from our hands and therefore we must be very careful. Many people say they have dreamed of getting on an airplane or a taxi or train, being without a ticket and receiving a fine. The fine often represents the fear of making mistakes, of making a mistake and the fear of not being able to face something, an event in life that can therefore be negative. Indeed, the fine signals the uncertainty of the dreamer, his difficulties that block him and do not allow him to move forward. And here that being without a ticket in a dream could also symbolize a regression, an inner involution to which we absolutely must find a solution. Dreaming of getting on a taxi, on a train, on a plane and having a valid ticket and not expired, means being able to live a period of healthy optimism and with a strong willpower to face and have positive changes in life. Obviously losing a ticket means losing opportunities and not being able to accept certain changes. A dream that should not be underestimated is that in which unfortunately we find fake tickets. These dreams identify that the dreamer has some qualities that are not used in his life but that instead could be very positive for progress in any sector but especially in the work. We are therefore faced with a person who is not very creative and who can not use his imagination to be particularly productive.


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