The doctor in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Why can we dream of being sick and then being treated by a doctor? What does it mean to dream of going to our doctor to get some medicines written? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see so many doctors who die or who are hurt and lose so much blood? Why can we dream of seeing an unknown doctor visiting sick? And what does it mean to dream to call the doctor on the phone to make an appointment? Have you ever dreamed of going to the neurologist, urologist, cardiologist, surgeon, oncologist, pathologist, dentist, vet because you are very sick, do you have a serious illness? What does it mean to dream of a doctor with white, pink, red, yellow, blue, blue, green, colored with black and white stripes, or to meet a sick doctor who is dying, dying or already dead? And dreaming of a doctor who resuscitates, who sleeps, cries, laughs, jokes with us? What does it mean to dream of a doctor who visits our mother, father, brother, sister, son, husband, wife, nephew, grandfather, uncle, father-in-law, brother-in-law, a friend or colleague? What does it mean to dream of a nurse visiting our heart, our lungs, taking care of our body and mind or dreaming of a vet asking us to come to the clinic to bring dogs and cats? Why can we dream of a doctor prescribing a medicine on a sheet? What does it mean to dream of many nurses and to be in hospital to be operated by so many doctors in the head? What kind of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we use if we want to play the lottery the moment we dream of going to the doctor to try to win by following what is written in the guide and on the dream book? "Tonight I remember dreaming of being together with a very good doctor who was working on my shoulder who was fractured after falling off the motorcycle. Last night I dreamed of being in the bed of a hospital surrounded by so many surgeons. Last night I dreamed that I was with some of my friends who were studying to pass a medical competition. The other night I dreamed that a beautiful doctor was taking care of a wound from which I lost a lot of blood". Today we try to understand the meaning of dreams in which doctors, nurses, doctors try to cure ourselves or someone we know.


How many times have you dreamed of going to your doctor's office. Being visited by a doctor is a very widespread dream but that does not mean we are dealing with a trivial meaning. In fact, behind every one of our dream vision there is a message that can be important to understand our fears, our strengths, our potential. And the doctor is often the symbol of fear. In fact, in real life we??go to a doctor or go to the pharmacy, to the hospital because we are afraid of having an illness, we do not feel very well and we are suffering. Here the doctor represents the cure for our problems. We must not think of being really sick or having to get sick in everyday life when we dream of going to the doctor or even dreaming of being operated by a surgeon. Simply the dreamer fears something, fears of living a very complex period of his life, in which it is not easy to find solutions to his problems, his anxieties, fears, illnesses that may be above all interior and not external. Obviously, it can happen very often that this type of dreams hides a real fear and concern for one's physical and mental health. In short, the dreamer can be hypochondriac in everyday life and therefore he can often dream of going to the doctor to treat the hypothetical diseases that he thinks he has but that are actually only in his head. So a first meaning of the doctors who appear in our imaginary and nocturnal world, during the sleep phase, is the fear that something may happen in our life, something, an inescapable event that forces us to find a cure, a solution, a remedy. In fact, the doctor prescribes specialist visits, medicines that symbolize the care we need. Very often these dreams are very positive because to go to the doctor who prescribes us some drugs, means, precisely, to find the solution to the problem that haunts our mind and our daily life and that it is absolutely not a health problem.

The surgical operation that we can undergo in a dream, on the other hand, may have a slightly more alarming meaning, but it should not be unsolvable. Here too, an operation performed at the hospital can symbolize the resolution of a problem afflicting our life, a serious problem that could concern a specific existential sector. For example, some people say they have dreamed of having been hospitalized in their own heart. Very often these dreams concern sentimental problems that we are experiencing and for which we have not found a valid solution. Perhaps our love partner has abandoned us or perhaps we do not feel loved by someone. For example, a boy could dream of being operated on the heart because the relationship with his parents is devoid of understanding and love. A man could be operated on the lungs because he is experiencing a phase full of restrictions, anxiety, stress, various fears that do not allow him to find even a moment of freedom and peace. If we are operated by some surgeons in the legs or arms then we are having work problems, professional problems that we can not solve. Many times even economic problems, debts, fines to pay can be symbolized by surgical operations on the hands, arms, legs, just because these parts of our body are used to move, to walk, to act, just to work. And the head? If we remember to have been operated on the head, the brain, then the problem is really very important, it must not be underestimated and it can concern some ideas, some projects that do not go forward as we would like. Blocked situations, very complex situations for which we can not find an outlet. Unfortunately, in this case, we must try to understand if a certain project can go ahead without problems or not. If the surgical operation ends positively then we can hope to find a solution to our problem and we can continue without particular difficulties.

And pain in dreams? Have you ever dreamed of feeling a strong pain and then rushing to the doctor? Why can we feel pain in the dream world? Very bad feeling especially if we think that we are dying but this will not really happen. In fact, the pain can be cured and if we go, just by our doctor, in a dream, then this problem can be solved, a problem that hides an important meaning to feel suffering in a dream is the symbol of a great awareness that we are living a phase very difficult for which we must find, very soon, a valid solution. In our dream world we must never forget every detail in order to provide a very correct interpretation. Each element can be useful. A place in which we are, a person we meet, an object that we see, a particular sensation that we feel, that we perceive even on our body, just like pain. So if in the dream the doctor visits some sick and among these sick we do not know anyone, then we have not yet understood the gravity of the situation we are experiencing and that is a concern for us and obviously we can not find the remedy. On the other hand, if the doctor treats a friend of ours, a work colleague, our mother, father, son, wife, husband, then we can already have a good clue to understand how to deal with the problem. In fact, even if behind these dreams, often the fear of dreaming of seeing really suffer a person is hiding, in reality seeing a relative, a friend, a co-worker, simply means having some relational, interpersonal problem with this oneiric figure . We conclude this subject by talking about dreams in which we bring dogs, cats or other animals to the vet. If these animals are really our animals then here we are faced with a great love for them, a strong symbiosis while if we go to the vet with animals we do not know, then, perhaps, we must be careful of the instincts we possess and that could create some complications if they are not blocked.


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