The horns in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream to see so many horns of animals? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see some horns that burn or break? What does it mean to dream so many horns of devil, of the devil, of Satan, of a goat? And see some horns on our head or on the head of our mother, father, brother, sister, friend, boyfriend, husband, wife, co-worker, son? Touch a very hard and long horn to a strange and fantastic animal. Dreaming of animal horns that fall on the ground. What does it mean to dream of finding large pointed horns on the head of our lover, boyfriend, husband, wife? Horns of deer, bull, goat, rhino, ox, reindeer, ram. What does it mean to dream of the horns hanging as an amulet around our neck? Black, yellow, red, pink, green, blue, brown horns. What does it mean to dream of two horns made of iron, wood or plastic? And why can we dream of having only one horn on our heads? Dreaming of being betrayed and seeing horns everywhere. The dreams of marital infidelity are widespread. Often the gesture of the horns that represents a sexual betrayal is hidden behind some symbols. We can make horns with our fingers or have a tattoo with the symbol of the horns on one leg, on the head, on one hand or on another part of our body. What does it mean to dream of lighting and burning the fire with some horns of animals? See children playing with bone horns or seeing a dog or cat eating a horn. What kinds of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is it possible to play the lottery when we dream of seeing two very long horns on our head, to try to win, following the advice written in the guide and in the book on dreams? "Last night I dreamed of having a long horn on my nose. Last night I cut the horns to a bull. This night I dreamed of being in a jungle with lots of hornless rhino. The other night I remember dreaming of having a little lucky charm in the shape of a horn". Well, today let's understand the meaning of those dreams in which this object can play a very important role. Our dreams can hide numerous messages and even behind this seemingly useless symbol we can find a meaning that is not absolutely trivial.


Unfortunately, very often, to dream of observing two horns, for many people, has a not very positive meaning. In fact, in many popular traditions, the horns are the symbol of the betrayal of a person, the symbol of conjugal infidelity. The sexual betrayal of our husband, of our fiancé, of our wife or even of our lover, can return in dream in the form of animal horns or in the form of a drawing, a tattoo that always represents the horns. But we must also say something . The horn, on the other hand, has another meaning in some popular traditions and in fact it symbolizes luck. Many people take with them, in their pockets, in their trousers, in their wallets, an object, a horn, for example, red, a symbol of luck. This object is really an amulet that defends us from negative situations and can also bring favorable situations. Certainly here we are faced with some superstitions but what we believe in life, the meaning we give to a situation, an object, a symbol, can actually have a certain meaning in our dream world. Basically if we are superstitious people and believe in misfortune and maybe wear an amulet, then when we see, in our dreams, an object of this kind, just like a horn, then we will attribute to it the symbol of good luck and protector against misfortune . So let's start first from the horns. But before going on to the meaning of a possible betrayal, let's talk about a meaning much more realistic and widespread among the people. What are the horns? They are a protuberance that appears on the head, on the face of some animals. Think of the bull, the rhino, the ram, the goat, the deer and other animals. For them horns have various meanings and are used for different things. First of all, when we look at an animal with a big and long horn, we can be very afraid because if this animal comes towards us it can hurt us a lot. Strength, power, sexual energy. The horns are really very hard and can do a lot of damage based on their impact strength. So when we look at an animal with these bumps we can think we are in a situation where we are very strong or we need to be strong.

Animals in dreams often represent our instincts, some sides of our character and therefore of our personality. Evidently the horns that take on an important role in the dream can identify a moment in our life where we need to be very strong to face a very delicate situation or we are facing a period in which we can do many things thanks to our energies. If an animal with horns strikes and hurts us then we can lose blood and it is the symbol of the loss of psychophysical energies. Another important oneiric feature related to the horns of animals is the courtship. Many animals use their big horns to woo the female of their group or to fight another male for the conquest of the female or for the conquest of the territory. The dreamer is experiencing a very complex period in which he must absolutely react to defeat the negative situations or to face a very dangerous enemy. Rarely it can also happen that these struggles between animals that we see in a dream, may indicate a possible courtship, the need to assert our sexual forces. But if the horns we see were not correlated with our sexual energies, with our mental forces and with the need to face a very complex period? Then they can represent a sentimental betrayal. But be careful. The dreamer may have, during his daily life, a small or big suspicion about the betrayal of his wife, husband, and boyfriend and this suspicion can be reflected in his dreams through strange drawings in the shape of horns, tattoos on his skin with the representation of horns or with animals that have huge and long horns. We can rarely witness premonitory dreams, that is, dreams in which we dream of seeing horns that are a sure sign of conjugal infidelity. Often, however, behind these dreams we can find an inner malaise that does not allow us to live well our sentimental relationship. Jealousy and possessiveness are often two emotions that destroy sentimental relationships.

Certainly many women and many men can dream, in various forms, the symbol of the horns which, however, can not only have a meaning connected with betrayal or suspected betrayal of the person we love. Because, however, in our tradition, the one who is sentimentally betrayed, assumes a humiliating role in society and therefore in the eyes of other people, here that humiliation and offense are two symbols that can be the basis of a correct interpretation of this kind of dreams. Therefore, seeing two large horns can signal the possibility of being humiliated, of being offended by someone but not only in the sentimental sector, even in the working or family sector. Every detail of our dreams is very important and so if we dream of being with a work colleague, then we could be humiliated or offended at work while if we are at home with our family and we see strange horns, then we can be attacked by of a person in our family. In short, the places where we are in a dream, the people who are with us, the objects we see and the sensations we feel are really fundamental elements to avoid making a mistake. In some cases a characteristic of man comes out in this kind of dreams and that is pride. When a person is proud he can dream of seeing a large animal with horns or he can dream of having two horns tattooed on his arm or in another part of his body. But the horn symbol of good luck that appears in a dream? What meaning does it have? The famous red horn is simply a symbol of a desire. The desire to have more luck in life, a fortune that destiny for now is not offering. Generally people who are living a very critical phase of their life, at a working, family, sentimental, economic level, can dream of buying a horn or they can dream of a person who gives a horn. The desire to get out of a difficult situation, the need not to live more in an unfortunate period. But be careful, this is simply the representation of a desire and this dream object does not mean that luck will come in our lives but hope is always the last to die.


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