Children in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of talking to a very intelligent child with very light, blond, white or dark hair, black, red, long or very short? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see sick children, dead, playing with their parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, brothers-in-law, friends, uncles, grandparents? What does it mean to dream of going back to being a child, a baby or a kid? Why can we dream of meeting children who are crying or dying? What does it mean to dream of seeing some twin children, good or bad, running, going to school, laughing? And find ghosts of children who want to attack us, kill us and chase us? What does it mean to dream of seeing children beating each other at school? What does it mean to meet a child who vomits, poop or pee, who is very ill, sick in a hospital bed and dying? How many times have you dreamed of seeing a tiny wounded child crying because of pain or a child falling out of bed. Surely many of you have dreamed, at least once in your life, a beautiful child, ugly, very tall, obese, fat, big, robust, skinny, who does not eat and does not drink, unknown, faceless, who is not hungry, who play with strange toys. Child, infant, creature, brat, baby, boy. Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play if we want to win the lottery, if we dream of meeting a strange child in our house, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember becoming a child. Last night I saw a little boy in the mirror and I thought I was myself. Last night I played with some children in a dream. This night I dreamed that I ate together with so many children in a school". Well today we try to understand the meaning of children in dreams. Children appear very often and can represent many aspects of our life and our character. So let's try to understand the dream message that our subconscious wants to communicate with the symbolism of children.


Therefore children in our dreams or nightmares always have very important meanings. Each of us, at least once in our life, will have had a dream in which he saw children, newborns and boys. Interact with them, talk to them, argue. First of all, a very important meaning to attribute to the children who appear in the dream world is that which refers to the same person who dreams. Basically, dreaming of a child means dreaming oneself but seeing the sweetest, most sensitive, most immature and most carefree part of us. So we dream of a child who is actually ourselves and we need to understand why we are represented in a child's appearance. Perhaps we are living a period in which the stress of life, the hard work, takes us away from the verse of the earthly existence that only a child can understand. Practically the child in a dream wants us to understand that we must find the ingenuity, the innocence, the carefree when we were children and we did not think about the many problems of life, but just having fun. And so this symbolic aspect in our dream world wants to tell us not to take life too seriously but also trying to find some moments to smile, have fun, be crazy, do follies and play with the world. Obviously, never forget that every detail of dreams is fundamental to provide a correct interpretation and therefore people we meet, objects that we see or use, places where we are and above all the sensations and emotions we experience. For example, if we dream of playing with many children and we feel a great emotion, we are happy, serene and cheerful, then it is very likely that we need to live a period of tranquility and carefree in our lives and so the dream asks us to find a good balance, stop and do not work too much. Another meaning connected with the symbolism of the child is certainly the possibility of attending a party, a meeting between friends and this can happen precisely because the child is the lightheartedness, the desire to have fun.

But in a dream a boy can be happy, we can see him play or he can be particularly sad, feel pain because of a wound or cry. If we start from the concept that that child we dream is us, then this kind of dreams wants us to understand that we are in a phase of our life in which we are not happy and indeed we are very sad, we are living a period not very positive and that brings some concerns. A very important difference that should not be underestimated refers to the sex of the dreaming person. In fact, a man who dreams of a child can pull off some meanings from his dream world while the woman can interpret her dreams differently. As for the woman, very often it can happen that children in dreams, especially if they are newborns, can represent the desire to become a mother, to have another child or they can symbolize a strong attachment to the family, to the traditions and also to possible children present in their family. The sense of motherhood in women who dream of children can be very strong. Even a man but this much more rarely than women, can have a sense of fatherhood that is blurred in real life but then reappears in a dream through a child who meets and talks. Playing with a child or with many children, often means that the dreamer feels the lack of his childhood, recognizes the fact that he can no longer live some moments of his past, moments when he did not absolutely think about responsibilities. If the children we meet in dreams are our children then it is important to remember what we do with them in the dream world. In fact, our children who cry can represent the lack of dialogue with the parent, a period in which the relationship with them is not great and especially if the children cry. Crying is a liberation, it is the manifestation of a pain and even this meaning should not be underestimated in our dreams. So meeting a baby who cries or who is hurt and feels a lot of pain, asks for help, means that we ourselves are living a complex period.

This difficult period must be faced with great decision and not with the lightness of a child. But children have a great talent and that can be very creative, they can use their imagination in a very unusual and particular way. This imagination can be lost when we become adults and we face the responsibilities and here we see many children playing or creating a drawing, a construction, in short, seeing guys who have fun but still exploit their imagination, means that we are in a period of great inventiveness, we can exploit our imagination, our creativity to develop new ideas, new projects leaving freedom of action to our mind. Many dreamers say they have seen children cry or remember they had dreamed of dead children, ugly aesthetically or very sad, injured, even sick in hospital or dying. Often behind these dreams lies a melancholy, a sadness, some sorrows that we live and that we can not deal with and here that the disease, the wound, the crying, the death of the dream child, wants to get rid of these difficulties, wants to remove from we this state of mind that is not absolutely good to continue in life. A widespread dream is one in which the dreamer sees a child in his room, near the bed, a beautiful child or a beautiful girl with very light hair, maybe blond, well dressed or this child is reflected in a mirror but is not present at our side. We are practically observing the mirror, so we are in front of it and we can see ourselves in the form of a child. Also in this case that child represents ourselves, one side of our character and our inner world. If that boy is very beautiful then our inner soul is very beautiful and positive and in the process of spiritual evolution. Of course, and we conclude this subject with this other meaning, to dream of seeing newborn babies, it may mean that good news is coming, a change, a joy in the dreamer's life and therefore their cry is a cry of liberation, of liberation from a period that perhaps until now had been very ugly and lacking in interesting news.


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