The stick in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of having a big stick in your hands? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person who has a long stick in his hand and limps? Why can we dream of finding a big, long wooden stick, built with a branch of a tree? What does it mean to dream of having a magic wand in our hands? Auction, club, club, club, pastoral scepter of the Church and the Pope, club. All these types of sticks can appear in our dreams. What does it mean to dream of using a white, red, yellow, blue, black, fluorescent stick to drive away an animal or a person? What does it mean to dream of walking using a small curved and injured stick? Why can we dream of seeing a man, a woman we do not know, a girl, a very old elder with a big stick in his hand? Why can we see walking sticks and break in our dreams? What does it mean to dream of leaning on a small stick or being beaten on the head, on the shoulders, on the hands, on the legs by a man who uses an iron and steel stick? Burn a stick, buy a small stick or give a scepter to a friend, work colleague, relative, mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, wife, husband, boyfriend. What it means to dream a stick that breaks or takes fire and become ashes? What numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we dream of seeing a broken stick, to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Last night they gave me a small plastic scepter but it was just a toy. Last night I dreamed of being with my parents beating me with a big wooden stick. Tonight I remember dreaming of being with a friend of mine who was limping and walking with a big stick. The other night or threw a truncheon on a window that broke into pieces". Today we try to understand the meaning of pieces of wood or other material that we can have in our hands or we can find on the street in our dreams.


First of all we can say that this kind of dreams is not very widespread but nevertheless its meaning is never banal. In order to understand the meaning of this type of dreams we must try to remember which stick we have dreamed of and make a comparison with real life. For example a scepter of a king or a queen, surely they have a different meaning from a simple stick of an old man who uses it to walk. The scepter is usually a symbol of great power, a power that allows one to govern an entire people, for example. When we dream of having a scepter in our hands, then, we are probably facing a period when we really have great strength, great authority over someone and certain situations. The power wears out, however, and indeed the scepter in our dreams often foreshadows a situation that can escape, that is a situation, an event in which, because of our egoism, narcissism and our excessive optimism and superiority, we can do some damage. Never forget to remember all the details of a dream to understand in which area it can manifest itself in real life. For example, if we dream of being together with a colleague of ours and have a great scepter in our hands then this great power we have, this sense of great authority, could be about work and we could feel superior to our colleague, then to the person who is with us in dreams. The scepter of a Pope can have a meaning always connected with power but slightly closer to our spirituality, closer to our interiority and often signals a phase of our life in which we can mature, evolve thanks to a strong spirit and ability to action. Certainly if the scepter is unreachable, if it is very heavy or broken, then we can find some difficulties in manifesting our power or in evolving and maturing. But this scepter can also be the symbol of a power that creates various enemies and therefore signals envy and jealousy or can be the symbol of a situation beyond our control, especially when this object is very heavy.

Another important meaning that is in tune with the stick is aggression. In fact, very often it is possible to dream of owning a small or big stick in our hands at a time in our life where we are very nervous and in which we are not able to be serene. This nervousness, if not controlled, can become aggression that is symbolized in a dream by a stick that we have in our hands. This stick can also presage the removal of a person from our life, for example a friend, a work colleague, our wife. We must try to remember the people who are with us and we must also be very attentive to details. Objects, places, feelings, emotions, are fundamental and can provide many useful details to make a correct interpretation. For example, being with a friend and having a big wooden stick in our hands with which we beat this friend, surely identifies an interpersonal problem, a relationship problem with this friend, with this person with whom we can have a discussion or we already argued. In fact, this object is often connected to the memory of when our parents beat us as children. Here that his symbolism can identify a bad relationship within our family, an enemy who wants to hurt us, wants to damage our reputation, but only if the stick is in their hands. Have you ever dreamed of leaning on a stick for a strong tiredness? Well then you are going through a very difficult period, a period of your life in which the energies are missing and you have to try to recover. Brandishing a club, similar to the clubs that prehistoric men had, means regressing, wandering and not having good ideas about work, for example. But the stick can also have very positive meanings. In fact, it can symbolize a person who can help us, who can support our initiatives and our ideas. In fact this object is very useful when we have a problem on our legs and we can not walk regularly.

So in addition to being able to support us, we can use the cane to walk, to move, having a valid support. And here we can have real support in life in reference to a small or big problem to be faced. Here it is really very important to try to remember the people who are with us. For example, if the dreamer is a boy who has to start a new course of study or a new job, a new project or has to buy a house in another city to start a new life, then he can dream of walking with a big stick or even two sticks that can represent the help of his parents, especially if they are present in the dream. So the club as a very useful support in life and as an indispensable help to go forward and the same thing can be confirmed if we dream of finding a long object of this kind. All this means that we will be able to find help, support to carry out our projects and to realize ideas. This object can be very solid and therefore can be made of iron, steel or made of a very hard and resistant wood. The support we will find will be really important and fundamental for our evolution. We must not forget either that the sticks, in addition to symbolizing power and help, can also indicate a bond, the link with a person or the link with our past. An old broken, broken, curved stick signals that the dreamer thinks too much about his past without looking at the road ahead of him, thus creating few opportunities to realize his projects, feeling happy and serene. Even the sentimental sector can be represented by sticks in dreams. Beating our wife, our boyfriend with one of them, means being in a very complicated sentimental phase in which our partner does not understand our needs, does not understand what we want and therefore a breakup of love, a quarrel, are two things very likely. This misunderstanding and these probable quarrels can be accentuated by dreams in which we have, in our hands, a truncheon, a typical police tool used to intimidate, offend, beat and arrest someone.


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