Walk in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of walking along a road with an animal, unknown person, relative, cousin, mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, famous actor or singer, friend, work colleague, grandfather? Why can we dream of walking barefoot along a beach or a countryside? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see someone we do not know and who walks without shoes? What does it mean to dream of walking barefoot in the countryside, on the water of a lake, river, sea, stream, waterfall, on the sand? What does it mean to dream of moving in the dark, in the rain, in the mud, in the snow or hand in hand with someone we do not know? What does it mean to dream of wanting to walk or run uphill, slowly, quickly, together with a woman, a man, a child? Why can we walk, walk, walk, walk, march, drive alone along an unknown road without lighting? What does it mean to dream of heading, wandering, traveling, wandering, wandering, galloping, hurrying, hurrying to reach a person who awaits us anxiously? What does it mean to dream to move, to go on, to continue, to continue towards a very distant destination, walking only with our feet and without using cars, motorcycles, bicycles? Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play the lottery if we dream of going for a single street, to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I dreamed of being with the Pope and we both walked happily in a church to reach a great and beautiful altar. Last night I dreamed of being still on a very winding road and I felt a lot of pain in my feet because I did not have shoes. This night I remember dreaming that I was traveling alone along a road without asphalt under the burning sun. Last night I dreamed of taking off my shoes and moving with my bare feet from which there was a lot of blood". Of course, walking has a very important meaning, but when we dream of moving without shoes, meaning can be even more important.


Have you ever dared to walk barefoot along a city or country road? Walking barefoot on the sand of a hot beach or moving freely in the sea touching the rocky bottom with your feet. In order to understand the meaning of bare feet and the gesture of walking, we must start from the concept and the dreamlike meaning of shoes. Shoes are a useful means to defend our feet. With this tool we can freely move without hurting ourselves, without hurting our feet. So shoes are a protection, a defense that we use and when they appear in our dreams, then we must think we are in a phase of our lives where our projects are going very well. But the shoes can also be very narrow or wide and therefore do not allow us to walk freely. Wearing a very narrow or wide shoe means having some difficulty and not being able to do what we want in life. The road is the path we have to do in work, shoes are the tools we have to move forward, to progress along this road and if these tools are not adequate, then we can have many difficulties in realizing our projects. And if we do not have shoes? Walking without shoes is a big opportunity. Walking without protection can certainly be a danger because we can face dangerous routes but the feeling of freedom we can experience is the basis of these dreams. If we walk without shoes in a dream, then we have a great opportunity to achieve something very important but we must not make mistakes and we must overcome every obstacle. Even a small pebble, a nail or any other object that we can find along a road, can block our path, hurting our feet, from which a lot of blood can come out. Unfortunately, the blood often indicates a lack of energy, our physical forces that are deficient and hurt while walking means, in fact, face a period of great physical exhaustion.

The bare feet in a dream certainly have a very deep meaning. Very often they symbolize the possibility of coming into contact with our inner world, of penetrating into the depths of our unconscious, of our soul to understand things that we can not understand during the day. Touching the earth with your feet, touching our soul, feeling the divine light that is within us and to which we can draw to improve our existence, mature, evolve spiritually. We must never forget that every detail of dreams is fundamental to provide a correct interpretation. So every obstacle we find, every difficulty we encounter on our path, must not be forgotten because it can provide a fundamental detail to understand our dream world. If we take off our shoes to walk along a country road, then we decided it was time to put aside the useless things of life, all those things that are not useful for our progress and that block our imagination, creativity, power to accomplish something. Of course walking can be very tiring because the road can be very winding, have a great climb or have a big descent very dangerous. And walking without shoes can mean even more problems. Many people say they dreamed of moving along a sunny road with the asphalt that burned a lot, really hot and it was absolutely impossible to walk without shoes without the risk of burning. Unfortunately, the hot streets or even cold, wet, on which you can slip, symbolize, very often an insurmountable obstacle that we have to face but that perhaps is bigger than us. This obstacle is not easy to defeat but without this possibility we can not progress, we can not go on in life. However, when we walk without protection at the feet we absolutely want to be the protagonists of our lives and try all the sensations, the motivations useful for our progress.

These dreams are fundamental, very important and are never meaningless and in fact it is not easy to make dreams of this kind because they put us in symbiosis, in connection with our depths, with our soul, with our true essence, with that divine light that is within us but that never comes out outside, remains blocked. And when we dream of taking off our shoes because we decided to walk but we can not move because we feel so much pain under our feet, then we are not ready to face an important period of our life, a challenge, a battle that can cause big problems. Trying pain in our dreams is a very common thing. So walk and feel a nail sticking into the skin, an insect that stings the bottom of the foot. All sensations that we can safely feel as if we were completely awake. When we dream we can be alone or together with a person. In this case we could dream of traveling, wandering, along a very steep or uphill road, full of stones and grass, together with a person we know, for example our parents. Moving hand in hand with them, for a boy, for a child, can mean having to find a good relationship with the mother and father who are still a useful way to progress, to go on in life. If we walk together with a friend in a dream, then the relationship we have with him is very important and his advice can be crucial. Obviously if this person walks barefoot, then it is possible to have a great help from this individual. Beautiful dreams that identify wonderful human relationships full of meaning, love, true love. We conclude this topic also talking about those dreams, obviously very widespread, in which the dreamer travels along a road with the person he loves, his wife, her husband, her boyfriend, her lover. If both are without shoes then their sentimental union is bound to go on for a long time.


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