The cup in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of winning a motorcycle race and having a silver or gold cup? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person dancing and winning a beautiful cup of gold? Why can we dream of receiving or giving, giving a wonderful ice-cream cup? And why can we dream of participating in a car race and losing or winning a small glass cup that falls to the ground and breaks into pieces? What does it mean to dream of losing a very important cup or dreaming of a thief who enters the house and steals all the cups we have won? What does it mean to dream of winning a cup but it has no value? How many times have you dreamed of participating in a competition and winning a beautiful trophy or a cash prize? Overcoming, defeating, beating, triumphing, surrendering and having no cup. What does it mean to dream of finding and delivering a broken, broken, burned, glued, paper, wood or plastic cup? What does it mean to dream of destroying a very large cup? And be given something by someone? Who knows how many times you have dreamed of celebrating with a glass of champagne or a bottle of sparkling wine, maybe a good win. Which numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery when we dream of receiving a big expensive and expensive cup, to look for a win by following what we find written in the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed I was giving away a very old and full of diamonds cup to my parents, brothers and sisters. Last night I dreamed of having won an exam and received a very valuable trophy. Tonight I remember dreaming of being together with a friend of mine, a colleague, son, husband, uncle, relative, father and we all competed to win a motorcycle race. Last night a man I do not know, in a dream, stole a small trophy from my bedroom and fled". Cups and trophies in a dream have a specific meaning but obviously every dream detail must be interpreted in order to give a very clear answer to the dreamer. Let's understand.


How many of you have won, at least once in their life, a trophy, a small or large cup for participating in a competition or a competition. Winning is always a very beautiful thing, an event that gives joy, optimism and lots of adrenaline. Winning is equivalent to having reached a goal and already from this word we can start to try to understand the dreams in which we can participate in some competitions or competitions to win something. Each of us, in his life, and also often during the day, sets goals to be achieved. A mother's goal is to accompany the children to school, to go shopping, to clean the house, a boy's goal is to study to prepare for the world of work, a grandparent can have as a goal in life to find a serenity, a peace and a balance that maybe in many years of work has never found. Each of us must achieve small or big goals, goals that may be banal or fundamental but each of us can not live without goals. Here is the first meaning of the cup in a dream. When we dream of winning a cup, we probably know that we are struggling to achieve a goal and this goal has probably already been achieved. So we are on the podium and we celebrate the win, maybe drinking champagne or sparkling wine. Usually when someone dreams of having won something is very happy, optimistic, cheerful because after a lot of effort he reaches a goal. Every time we dream of winning something that can be any prize and not just a cup of gold or silver, we must think that we can achieve something, we can succeed and we have all the qualities, all the potential to do even exceptional things in our life. And yes, because these dreams not only indicate a concrete event that can come but also, simply a very florid period of our life, a period in which imagination, creativity, willpower, allow us to be particularly concrete and therefore to achieve goals. Let's take an example to understand this concept.

A boy might dream of winning a car race and then receive a prize in the form of an object or money. The car in dreams often represents our possibilities, our potential and the tools we possess to achieve a goal. Here the car victory symbolizes the boy's ability to succeed in realizing his idea in a very concrete way. These dreams are very widespread and are not absolutely negative even if every dream, remember this very important and not negligible, every dream brings with it a lesson of life. Our subconscious try to make us always understand something that can be useful for our evolution and maturation and therefore even when we dream of winning a stupid prize, actually behind this dream scene, we can really hide many important meanings. And here behind an apparent banal dream could hide a very important meaning. In fact, winning in the dream world is not always equivalent to getting something concrete in our lives. We can win a very fine cup, maybe a gold cup with diamonds or over precious stones and maybe in our earthly existence we are living a period of healthy optimism, a very favorable and enthusiastic phase. On the contrary, loss during a competition or a competition means living a period in which pessimism can be very dangerous because it does not allow us to evolve, overcome obstacles and solve some problems. The cups are a prize, a prize for achieving a goal and this goal may have come after many sacrifices we have made during a phase of our lives. These dreams are really beautiful especially when nobody gives us anything but we win ourselves because our sacrifices will be rewarded without a doubt and our spirit will evolve.

In fact, on a deep level, being able to win a race, pass a school exam, win a job contest also means to evolve internally, on a spiritual level, to mature as people and in fact many men and women say they feel more mature after having dreamed to win something. But returning to the cups they can be of gold, of silver, of crystal, full of money, of diamonds and therefore to be very valuable or they can be of paper, of plastic, of glass and to be particularly fragile. The concept of fragility is really a very important concept that affects our self-esteem. When we dream of winning a cup that has no value or maybe we come last in a race and receive an unimportant prize, then we are facing a period in which besides being very pessimistic for the results we have achieved, for what we are doing, we have a low level of self-esteem and therefore we do not appreciate our qualities. Then we receive a cup of plastic or paper that catches fire, a glass cup that falls and breaks into a thousand pieces or our prize is stolen. The fragility of our soul, the weakness of our thoughts and our actions, the fear of not being able to cope with certain situations that can therefore escape. However, being able to win a cup is almost always a very positive symbol that symbolizes the desire to get far in life, to achieve a small or big goal. And if instead the cup is won by another person? In a dream we can also compete with a friend or an enemy and lose. Maybe we ourselves deliver the cup. A sense of envy and jealousy or the recognition of the merits of a person who is, perhaps, better than us. Admit the success of another man or another woman and therefore be aware of not being able, at least in a certain moment of our life, to not be able to compete. We conclude this argument by saying that giving a cup means appreciating the qualities of a person, while if someone gives us a prize then someone nurtures a strong sense of esteem for us. Finally, the ice cream cups symbolize a desire for sweetness, the need to be loved.


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