What does it mean to dream of escaping in a car from someone who wants to chase us but the car goes very flat? Dreaming of driving a car with broken glass or without having a license. Lose control of your car in dreams. See a stolen car taking fire, burning with fiery flames in a dream. Have you ever dreamed of driving your car or a powerful sports car? But what does it mean to dream of driving a car without brakes, a racing car, formula one, a truck, an off-road car, a truck, a truck, a bus, a motorbike, a train, a ship, a scooter, a bicycle? Why can you dream of driving in reverse? What does it mean to drive a car that does not brake or is driving very badly? Drive in a dream a sports car, without front and rear lights, in the dark, with a deflated wheel or with a perforated wheel. What does it mean to dream of driving a car with rear-wheel drive or a with petrol, electric car? And dream of doing an accident and die or get hurt? Dreaming of an old, new, luxury, empty, unmanned, unmanned, red, yellow, green, black, white, blue, golden, silver, orange, brown, blue, pink, purple car. How many times have you dreamed of driving a beautiful car and failing to brake? "I dreamed of being invested in a car. The other night I dreamed of being in a car that is not mine with a dead at my side. Why do you often dream of driving a car with some strange people inside? This night I dreamed of hacking a car wheel and banging against a tree. Last night I saw a number of cars burning. Last night I saw in a dream a car running in madness on a city street and I was very scared. I dreamed of running with a car with automatic gearbox, rally, with foreign license plate, without wheels". How many strange dreams we can do. Today we try to understand the car in dreams what meaning it has and what interpretation we can give it when, for example, we are in it and drive on a straight, tortuous or dangerous road. We will also find the numbers of Neapolitan grimace to try to play and win some lottery.


The car driving with great effort uphill or downhill or dreaming of stealing a car that is not our car. Go to the dream mechanic to repair our car. How many kinds of dreams can we make inside of which we can see cars? These dreams are so widespread especially among men. Let's see the reason. First of all you must always try to remember that this object in real life serves to move us more quickly from one place to another, from one city to another. This means of moving, locomotion also allows us to carry people and objects. So the car also serves to go on vacation. For Sigmund Freud the car can represent our sexual energy, our libido and in some cases represents the male penile symbol. In fact, sports cars are really much appreciated especially by men who like to show off with them. This desire to be noticed with a sporty, expensive or high-volume car means a strong need to relieve your sexual energy. But the dream car can not merely indicate the need to convey our sexual energies. What other meanings then? Why do we often dream of doing road accidents? Perhaps these dreams can indicate a real accident that we will do in real life? Absolutely not.

First of all cars, as well as motorcycles and other means of transport, move on the roads. The road, usually, in our dreams is an archetype that represents our path of life and the car or any other means of transport, represents the tools with which we go on this way of life. If we dream of driving a broken car, ruined, with split glasses, no brakes or with so many bumps, and maybe with a buckled wheel, then we are probably having several difficulties in moving forward in our lives while a sporty, fast, beautiful car And that he has no problems, indicates that we have all the possibilities to go on in life without any particular problems, reaching the goals that we have set ourselves. So cars are a very important object in dreams, never to be underestimated. Some people tell you to dream of being in a car with an unknown person or with so many unknown people, even a deceased is present. When we dream of driving a car with a dead person or we do not know then in our daily lives, we do not know what we are doing and we do not know how to use what we have to achieve our work and professional goals. If the machine goes very fast but we can not keep it under control, we can not brake and then go out of the way or we do an accident, then this means that in real life we do not know how to use everything we have and even the tools we use to make progress lead to serious damage and so we have to try to get everything under control. Going backwards means that we have to rethink some of the strategies we are using that may not be good.

Stealing a car has another very important meaning. We know that we do not have the right tools to move forward in our lives and then we take advantage of other people's ideas, using stratagems to solve some family, work, sentimental issues. When there are other people in the car we have to try to remember who these people are. For example, if we dream of driving a car and we have a parent on our side then the problem to solve is relative to the family. If the boyfriend, husband, partner of life, partner partner is present, then in everyday life we??may have difficulty in carrying out our affective relationship but this only if the car we run has problems, goes out of the stad, suffers An accident or stops on the road for a motor failure. If it goes smoothly, then we are experiencing a very good relationship and we can do great life projects together. Getting out of a car can reveal the need to stop for a moment to think how to solve some problems, in short, these dreams may indicate a break that becomes necessary to make no mistakes in life. Before concluding, we want to remind you that if the road we are driving, is straight or downhill, then in life we will have very little difficulty progressing, while if the road is very winding, uphill and the car has many difficulties to go Ahead, then we will encounter these difficulties ourselves in our path of life.


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