The key in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of giving keys to someone we do not know? What is the meaning of dreams in which they give us some keys that are not our keys? Why can we dream of losing a big bunch of keys or using keys that are not our keys? Have you ever dreamed of buying broken, chipped, crooked keys? What does it mean to dream of finding the keys to the car, the motorcycle, the safe at home? dream of locking a door or breaking, breaking a lock that does not open with its key. What does it mean to dream of finding keys that have been lost or wrong, false keys, with which you can not open any door? For what reason can we dream of giving away keys to our father, mother, husband, wife, brother, sister, grandfather, son, nephew, friend, work colleague or a person who has been dead for so many years? What if we dream of seeing an unknown man or woman giving us a huge golden key? What does it mean to dream to open or close your garage with a small wrench? What does it mean to dream of seeing a thief entering the house without using a key? And dream of many keys hanging on the wall, broken? What does it mean to dream of losing the keys and not being able to find them again? Very old keys, which break, twist, damaged. To dream of throwing useless keys into the trash or having many identical keys. Why can we dream of a violin, of gold, of silver, of steel, of lead, of aluminum? What numbers can be extrapolated from the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery, when we remember to have dreamed of pushing a big key in a door lock to look for a win by following the advice of the guide and the book on dreams? "Last night someone who I do not know in my dreams gave me a big key with which I could open a door to a big city. Last night, in a dream, I was locked with the keys in a closet in the dark. Tonight I remember dreaming of breaking a key in a window lock. Last night I dreamed I was buying a new key for my car. Today we can understand the dreamlike meaning behind this type of dreams, dreams in which the keys are a crucial symbol". This object can really symbolize something really important.


The keys are a very widespread object in dreams. The key is a very present in the dream world of many people because its symbolism is connected with many things. First of all we can say that each of us will have dreamed, at least once in his life, to find a bunch of keys, to open a door with a big key, to lose the keys of the house or of his car or to break a key in the moment in which it entered a lock. Let's start immediately by saying that the keys can be the symbol of the male genital organ. According to Freud, in fact, the key that enters a lock represents very well the sexual act and therefore the desire of man but also of the woman to manifest their libido, the erotic forces that maybe, during the day, remain blocked and can not absolutely be satisfied. So the key as sexual desire is in both man and woman of any age. Man or woman who can also have a sexual life but that is not absolutely satisfactory and that their subconscious makes us understand this malaise through explicit betrayals with friends, co-workers, unknown people or through other scenes where even the keys can have a very important role. But we can not only talk about sex when we dream of this object. The keys can also represent a positive opportunity that we can obtain and exploit in life or that we can lose. They can also identify a communication problem as we open or close doors, gates, windows, objects that connect a room with another room inside a house. And then this object symbolizes a possible solution that we can find to a problem that haunts our mind. So let's analyze these three meanings. So when we dream of finding a key on the street, a big key, maybe even gold or silver, then it is very likely that in our life there will be an excellent opportunity, a very favorable occasion that could concern work. Collecting this object and using it to open a door means, in fact, being able to exploit this opportunity.

Obviously if the key is broken, broken, chipped, ruined, crooked and therefore does not enter the lock, then it is very likely that we will lose a good opportunity, we will not be able to exploit a good opportunity that can come and that can affect the working life but also the sentimental one. What if we dream of finding a very old key? If we dream of finding a big key that opens a door to a church, a large cathedral or an old house? Behind the very old objects there is often hidden a secret, a hidden secret that could be revealed and which we have been keeping for a long time. Maybe we could even find out something, find the truth that someone had hidden from us. A widespread dream is one in which the dreamer loses his keys, house keys or those of his car. We have said many times that the dream house represents our mind, the doors and windows represent our way of thinking while places like the cellar, so dark, hidden places, represent our subconscious. Losing your house keys, therefore, very often means not being able to think in the right way possible. In short, our mind does not find valid solutions to problems and therefore this kind of dreams is really very useful to understand what to do. The key that does not open the door can be wrong, broken, broken. All these details are important and should not be forgotten because they offer further messages, they improve our interpretation. If we lose the keys to our car, we are experiencing a period in which we can not exploit all the tools we possess. Let's take a quick example to understand this oneiric symbology. A man could have all the qualities to be able to do a certain kind of work but he does not have the right idea to go ahead and therefore his project remains still, blocked and does not go forward. The key, therefore, as a symbol of the right idea at the right time.

So if we lose a bunch of keys we could then lose a very important opportunity while if we find a bunch of keys on the street with so many keys then we could have a good opportunity in life. Often these dreams are connected with work and often represent the desire to find a good job. And indeed, even in very rare cases, the keys can signal the possibility of meeting a very important person who will open the doors to success. But the key in a dream can also be the wrong one. For example we can dream of having to open the garage of our house but we use a key that does not enter the lock. These dreams should not scare us but in any case they symbolize a mistake we are making in life, the possibility of making mistakes, of making a wrong decision and therefore of not being able to improve our situation. Wrong keys, false keys, keys that do not fit in a lock of any door are the symbol of probable mistakes we make and that do not allow us to be very quiet. Obviously understanding the sector in which anything can happen is fundamental. First of all, the details in dreams are very important. And so the people we meet, the places we visit, the objects we see, the sensations we experience. For example, we can dream of being with a work colleague while we try to open a door. Here is this dream can signal a problem of communication with this colleague because, we said before that the doors are a symbolism connected to our way of thinking, to the way of communicating and therefore being able to open means having a good working relationship with that colleague while not being able to open signals the possibility of having interpersonal problems to be solved. Maybe we try to enter the house of our boyfriend but the door does not open and the key does not enter. Here the dreamer could have problems with the person he loves. We conclude this topic also talking about those dreams in which we see some thieves who use particular keys to enter the house and steal. Thieves represent our fears, the fear, above all, of losing everything we love and possess.


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