Calendars in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What is the meaning of dreams in which we see some dates, written with a pen or pencil on a calendar? What does it mean to dream of a completely empty calendar, without dates, days or months of saints? Why can we dream of a completely colored calendar, white, black, red, blue, light blue, pink, green, yellow, blue, brown? What does it mean to dream of observing a torn, ruined, blood-stained calendar or a date that we do not remember very well? What is the meaning of calendars with some dates that have been canceled? Why can we see a very old calendar covering a past year or a new calendar, a new year or a year related to the near future? What does it mean to dream of many foreign, Gregorian, Roman, ancient, modern, paper, plastic calendars? What does it mean to dream of giving away a calendar or buying a valuable, very expensive calendar? What does it mean to dream of seeing a hidden calendar inside a closet? What does it mean to dream of hanging two, three calendars at the wall of the house? Almanac, diary, agenda, lunar, schedule, the calendar can be called in many ways and can serve many things. What does it mean to schedule business meetings on a calendar, writing with a pen or pencil? Why can we browse a calendar? And burn lots of calendars in the fireplace? Have you ever dreamed of seeing Mayan, Arabs calendars? Dreaming of giving or receiving a calendar to your birthday can have a very important meaning and bring the dreamer a fundamental message. What kind of numbers can we play from the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play the lottery, when we dream of writing something on a small calendar to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "This night I dreamed of being with a person who wanted to give me an old calendar. Last night I remember having dreamed of being with a friend of mine and a colleague who wrote something on a calendar in the office. Last night my parents took a calendar off the wall. The other night I dreamed that I found an ancient calendar in the cellar but I did not understand what was written above it". Let's understand the meaning of dreams in which we see this object that serves to remember the days that pass.


So the meaning of calendars in a dream is very important. Perhaps among the premonitory dreams we find this kind of dreams. In fact, many people say they have dreamed of seeing a calendar with a specific date marked above and just in that date of the future there was an important event. A person tells of having read a date in a dream and of having received on that particular day, a job proposal, a contract which then became effective. In short, we can say that calendars and dates can really be objects that foresee some events in our future and even remember particular events of our past. But to understand the exact meaning of dreams in which we see calendars of all kinds, we must start from its real meaning. The calendar is a useful object to remind all of us which day we are living and the following days. On it we can find written the names of the saints or the lunar phases which are very useful, for example, to the farmers who have to plant some plant in a precise period. If we have to make an appointment then we can decide to mark the date of it on the calendar, as many people have the habit of reading every morning their personal calendar at home or in the office. So when we dream of seeing a calendar, perhaps we are thinking a lot about an event that is about to arrive or an event that has passed. The date that we can see can make us understand better if the event we think about has already passed or has yet to come. It is not always easy to understand the situation that worries us or we are thinking about but in the meantime this kind of dreams identifies a moment in which our thoughts are directed towards an event that occupies our mind. A very interesting meaning of this object is related to the right consideration of the time that each of us can have that can help us in our work. In short, when we look at a calendar it could be that we are living a very efficient period at work and our progress will be very important.

But what is the difference between a very old and a very new calendar? So in our dreams we can realize that a calendar is very old, remembering the year that is written above. If we remember seeing an old calendar, then perhaps we are thinking about events from the past and probably about mistakes we have made in the future that do not allow us to sleep peacefully. An old calendar brings our thoughts on actions already completed so that it is no longer possible to find a solution while seeing new calendars, even related to the future, means that we need to look forward, we feel the desire to work on new ideas and new projects that should not be underestimated. The hidden meaning, however, behind the very ancient calendars, eg Egyptian, Mayan, Celtic calendars is instead, probably, connected with a secret that can come out in a certain period of our life, a very important secret or even, but in rare cases, a wonderful event that can happen and then try to remember a particular date is really a fundamental thing. The foreign calendars, however, are not easy to understand and here it can happen to find one in a dream but not be able to understand its meaning, not being able to read words, dates, particular written. Here these dreams can identify, symbolize a period in which we fail to organize our work, which then becomes complex and perhaps confusing. So this object can represent a period of extreme decision or a period of our life in which we are very confused, undecided, we do not know what to do and how to act. But a very widespread meaning concerning this object is related to the possible anxiety, agitation, nervousness that we are experiencing during a phase of our life. Projects that need to be carried out, deadlines to be met, professional, family and sentimental commitments that create a state of apprehension and precisely agitation that do not allow us to live peacefully every day of our lives.

Obviously if the calendar can symbolize our tension and anxiety, it could also indicate a very big problem of communication with some person who can be the cause of this state of mind. For example, if our parents give us a calendar then we could live a period of strong misunderstanding with our parents or we could have a strong need to leave the house we live with them, especially if the calendar is a year of the future. If we are together with the person we love and then the husband, wife, lover, boyfriend and we look at a calendar together, maybe it's time to make a change in our sentimental future, we must make a decision, make a choice to get out of a phase of monotony, anxiety, emotional fatigue and perhaps avoid future betrayals. Some people remember ripping, burning, throwing away an old calendar or a very new calendar in the trash. If this object represents the time that flows, the past and future events to which we think and therefore the worries, then here is throwing away, burning, tearing the pages of a calendar, means rejecting the worries, not accepting the commitments of our life, do not accept the flow of time that becomes for us a reason for mental and physical discomfort. In fact, these objects always signal the need to accept the passing time that can certainly be our enemy but that is an inevitable thing. Here, dreaming of leafing through the pages of a calendar means really understanding that time is passing and that therefore we must act, we must not remain still waiting for the events to arrive. Among the most widespread dreams we can also find those dreams in which we hang ourselves an almanac on the wall, on the wall of our home or office. Obviously the places, the people, the objects and the sensations we experience in dreams are fundamental for understanding the correct meaning, message and interpreting the dream well. We conclude this argument by recalling that a precise date marked on the sheets of this object almost always indicates a forthcoming event that is about to arrive and can change our lives.


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