What does it mean to dream of being robbed at home? Stealing in the dream and being discovered or being killed by thieves who bind you, beat you and sexually abuse you, kill you or kidnap, kidnap, take away your children, children. What does this dream mean by our dream guide and the dream book? What does it mean to dream of a thief, the thieves who come home, coming home from the balcony, from the terrace, from the main door, from a window, break glass and enter my house creating so much fear? To dream of a theft what does it mean, what meaning and interpretation do you have and what numbers to the bounty of Neapolitan grimace can we play to try a win? What does it mean to dream that someone stealing in your home? How many times have you dreamed of a home jewelry jewelery, gold, silver, papers, checks, money, gold coins, safe, money and who knows how many of you dreamed of stealing gold, silver, documents, checks, money Gold, safe, money, food, ring, necklace, diamonds, bicycle, clocks, fruit, oranges, shoes, car, motorcycle, suitcases, phones, smartphone, tablet, computer, dogs, cats, birds. "Tonight I dreamed that they stole the wheels of the car. The other night I dreamed that thieves came into my parents' house while I slept. I could not move and shout and I was so scared. The night I was in the dream I was with my family, my father, my mother, my brother, my sister and my husband and someone suddenly opened the door to try a theft. Last night I did a terrible nightmare where some people raped me". Whack a house, a whole dream apartment what does it mean? Why can all of us dream of being robbed of the car, money, jewelery, wallet, cellphone?


At least once in a lifetime we will dream of seeing a thief entering the house or seeing a shadow coming home and trying to steal valuable items. Why can we make these dreams that really look like nightmares? Why can the thief in the dream be very scared? To understand the meaning of this dream symbol we must start from the concept of thief in real life. The thief is first and foremost a person like us who, because of economic difficulties and lack of work or because he does not want to work, prefers robbing people to live. Starting from this meaning we can think that a thief we see in our dreams represents a situation we are scared because each of us fear that one day thieves will come home in real life. When we see a thief in dreams, then at the awakening we must ask ourselves what makes us fearful in life, which situation creates a feeling of fear. Perhaps we are not facing a problem and in fact are running away from it. So a thief in our dreams does not mean that in real life we will be burglarized at home. Situations we can not face in real life, situations that we do not want to solve, become a burden that consciousness wants to make us understand and do during sleep. Often we can dream of recognizing a thief and knowing that he is our friend, our work colleague, our relative.

When in a dream the thief is recognized by us and therefore is a person we actually know in real life, then we have a clue to the situation we have not yet solved. Remembering who the thief is fundamental to understanding what problem we have to solve in our lives. A faceless, darker thief who resembles more than a shadow rather than a person, has a sense of confusion that is present in our lives. And if the thief is our wife, our son, our mother or our father or our boyfriend? Well, maybe you understand that you have to try to solve some issues related to interpersonal relationships with these people. In your love life there is something wrong with you? Well then at home to steal, in your dreams, you can see your own husband, your wife, your boyfriend or lover. If you have to solve some problems with your relationship with your parents, brothers and sisters, then here we can see one of these people. And if the thief steals precious objects like money or gold objects? When in dreams we can see and understand the objects stolen by a thief, then this is another key clue to understanding what's missing in our lives. Theft of precious objects might indicate, for example, our desire to live more easily or our great desire to see our lives better.

And when do we dream of stealing our car, our bicycle, or our motorcycle? These means often point to the tools we use to move forward in life and also the forces we put into the field. So their theft can mean that we are experiencing a period of low energy and a period when we ourselves feel we have no tools to progress in life and solve some issues that fill our heads and our thoughts. And if a woman dreams of seeing a thief coming home and trying to steal or even try to have sex with a dreamer in addition to stealing? These dreams are real nightmares but may have a very different meaning from those described above. A woman who is subjected to sexual violence or a theft at home is almost always associated with a problem of relational difficulty with human being and specifically with man. Often these nightmares hide a disapproval of their female side and that is why many girls dream of being robbed, robbed, raped by men in their dreams. At waking we must therefore wonder why we do not accept our female side, which makes us afraid of it and because we would rather have more human qualities. Needless to say, and then end the article, that often the thing that is stolen most in the dream is money. Money is a symbol of power in real life. Are you afraid of losing someone's gratitude? Maybe you do not feel anymore important in life as it was in the past?


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