The mouth in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of opening or closing your mouth in order to breathe? What is the meaning of dreams in which we have a bleeding mouth? Why can we dream of having our mouth full of blood, hair, glasses, broken teeth falling, hurting or full of salt, sugar, poison, water, excrement, sand, worms? What does it mean to dream of having the lips and the tongue of our mouth broken, burnt, black? What does it mean to dream of a girl who kisses you in your mouth or who loses a lot of blood from your mouth? Dreaming of giving and receiving many kisses on the mouth. Dreaming of our mother's mouth, father, sister, brother, cousin, brother-in-law, dead relative, work colleague, friend, boyfriend, husband, wife, singer or famous actor. What does it mean to dream of having a frog, a butterfly, a lizard in your mouth? And a mouth without teeth? Often you can dream of having your own mouth kneaded, sewn, that does not open, full of nails, big, small, tight. What does it mean to dream of a huge mouth with very sharp teeth? Why can we dream of someone we do not know who wants to kiss us but we refuse? Oral cavity, jaws, fangs, beak, rostrum, all synonyms of the word mouth. Dreaming of being the surgeon to inflate our lips. How many times have you dreamed of having a mouth with a lipstick of red, pink, blue, light blue, purple, blue, yellow, green, orange. What numbers can we use from the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play the lottery when we remember to have dreamed the mouth of a person, to look for a win by following the useful advice of the guide and the book on dreams? "Last night I dreamed of having a lot of pain in my mouth. Last night I remember having dreamed of being kissed by an unknown person and I felt a good feeling. This night I dreamed that I was with my boyfriend and lover and together we made love and we kissed each other. The other night I was chased in a dream by a man who absolutely wanted to kiss my lips but I ran away". Kiss a person's lips or dream of a person who wants to kiss. The mouth in our dreams can have a thousand meanings because with it we can do a lot of things. Let's try to understand the meaning of dreams in which the mouth appears very important and is not a secondary element.


First of all, to understand the dreams in which we see a mouth or those dreams or nightmares in which the mouth is very important and assumes a fundamental role, we must start from the concept of the mouth in real life. In fact, the mouth is useful for various things. It allows us to breathe, to talk, to smile, to eat and even to make love. These concepts are very important and each of them must be analyzed to understand what lies behind this symbolism that appears in our dream world. Obviously we start from the meaning of those dreams in which we kiss our girlfriend, our husband, our lover, in short, from those dreams in which we make love. Making love, having sex in a dream, means having the need to demonstrate one's power and have the need to unload some of our accumulated energies. Sexual desire and the sexual act are often accompanied by kisses. Kissing a person while we make love with it, simply means feeling a strong connection to this individual or feeling a strong attraction that could however not be shared. In fact, when a man or a woman attracts us very much, we can meet in a dream and give and receive many kisses. In this case our desire is so strong that the mouth becomes the symbol of a passion that we would like it to happen but that has not yet happened in our life. So the mouth is often the symbol of a sexual desire and a sentimental union. When two people meet for the first time and fall in love, the first thing they do is to kiss each other's lips and then this gesture also signals the possibility that something may arise. But here we can also be faced with the birth of something, at the arrival of an event that does not absolutely concern the sexual and sentimental life. The kiss on the lips indicates a union between two people and therefore also a collaboration, a job interview, the possibility of receiving good news that allows us to start a new path. If the kiss we give is beautiful and we remember feeling good, then we can hope to enter into a good period of our lives.

The kiss, attention, can also be negative and symbolize a betrayal. The mouth actually serves to give kisses and very often behind this oneiric gesture, we can find a betrayal. This concept comes from the very famous kiss of Judas who betrayed Jesus Christ. Here, dreaming of kissing could indicate the possibility of betraying a person or being betrayed if his mouth kisses our cheek, forehead, nose or directly on our lips. We have said before that the feelings we experience in a dream can be positive or negative. For example, we can feel disgust when someone, perhaps with a mouth that stinks, full of caries, tartar, worms or blood, tries to kiss us. On the contrary, we can feel very pleased to receive the kiss in the mouth by one of our idols, like a famous singer or actor. Never forget that every single detail of a dream or a nightmare is essential to provide a correct interpretation. So the feelings and emotions we feel, the people we meet, the objects we see must always be remembered. Obviously if we dream of kissing someone or being kissed but we have a bad feeling, then it is possible to be in a period of our life when we are not doing what we would like to do. The mouth, very often, can have some problems, for example it can lose a lot of blood. Dreaming of losing blood from the mouth means dreaming of being in a very difficult period, in a period when we are very tired and we should recover psychophysical energies. We have said before that the mouth serves to do many things. With it we can also eat and so if we dream of bringing food in the mouth then, we are probably recovering energy and we can even get a good advantage, a good job, a good result and we can evolve internally, mature. If, while eating, we feel pain in our lips, then what we are doing in our life is not particularly positive and interesting and does not allow us to be efficient.

We must say another very important thing about the mouth in a dream. The mouth is used to breathe with the nose. His role during breathing is fundamental and so if we dream of not being able to breathe, then we are facing a very complex period and in which we risk not being able to achieve something because of a block that can be internal or derive from behavior and obstacles of a person. But the most important role of the mouth in a dream is the word. Through this element we can speak, communicate, dialogue, shout, whisper. If we dream of seeing the lips of a mouth uttering some words, we must be very careful and we must try to remember those words that should not be underestimated because they can be the key to a proper interpretation of the dream. For example, words that are whispered by a mouth to our ear, can indicate a secret that could come out or a moment of great erotic passion, a desire to want to live a wonderful erotic passion with someone who attracts us a lot. A shouting mouth is synonymous with a very alarming situation that should not be underestimated. To simply see a closed mouth and therefore not open, means having communication problems with a person who might be present in the dream. This thing is confirmed by the sewn mouth. In fact, some people remember having dreamed of a sewn mouth and therefore could not talk, move. Here we are faced with enormous difficulties in dialogue, enormous difficulties in communication. A child may dream of seeing the mother's and dad's mouth shut up and uttering no words. Here the relationship between parent and child is very complex and can live a phase of misunderstanding and dangerous involution. Concluding this topic we can state that the mouth is a tool to demonstrate our reason, our thinking, an indispensable tool for expressing our ideas, which can then be heard and shared by others.


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