To cohabit in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of going to live together with a person that we like physically and mentally? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person who comes to live with us and in our house? Dreaming of living alone, living alone in a very distant city or coexisting, cohabiting with someone we do not know. What does it mean to dream of living with our ex-boyfriend, husband, wife, lover, friend, work colleague, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, dead relative, grandfather, son? Why can we decide to go and live in another rented house with our parents? What does it mean to dream of going to live together with a man or woman we do not know? What does it mean to dream of living with someone or with a strange and violent man? What does it mean to dream of saving one's girlfriend or protecting one of our friends by entering a castle under water? Living together with another person in our previous house or in another era, with many animals or even with a person we do not love, who we hate, to whom we do not want any more good, with an enemy. Dreaming of going to live with a great famous person, with a singer, actor, idol. Have you ever dreamed of living with a very old person and lots of children? Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play and win lottery money if we dream of leaving home, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I dreamed of buying a house to go and live with my brothers and sisters. Last night I remember dreaming of running away from my father's and my mother's house to go live with my boyfriend. Tonight I remember dreaming of being kicked out of the house. Last night I dreamed that I was completely alone, locked in a very dark house, without light and could not get out". Unfortunately, cohabitation can be terrible but fortunately this does not happen too often. Let's understand the meaning of those dreams in which we can dream of living together with another person or many other people who maybe speak a language different from ours.


Have you surely dreamed of living together with another person? Maybe you dreamed of being in a house that you do not know and therefore is not your home, along with a man or woman you do not know. Why can we make these kinds of dreams? Coexistence between people is mandatory in many areas of our lives. We have to work together with a person, we have to live at home with other people, maybe we also have a love relationship and so we live with the person we love. These dreams are particularly complex to explain but even the dreamlike cohabitation offers its excellent reasons and allows us to pull out some important messages. And here we can dream of being in a house that is not our home because we have a strong need to be independent. The need to be free, to detach from the oppression of some people, such as our parents or a husband or wife too oppressive, can manifest themselves in a dream through cohabitation with these people who hinder our evolution, our maturation and our journey. Obviously to analyze these dreams very well and to understand what they want to tell us, we need to remember every detail. Above all, the dreamer must remember the person or people who live with him, the place where he is, the objects he observes, uses and that are in the house and then sensations and emotions are very important to carefully evaluate the meaning of the dream . Here, remembering the person who lives with us means experiencing a positive or negative phase with this person in real life. So if we live with our mother and our father and in a dream we commit murder, we cry against them or we flee from them because they are too oppressive and ask us to do things we do not want to do, then, clearly, we are facing a sense rejection of the parental relationship that is becoming very complicated to manage. Certainly these dreams can be born of a dreamer's malaise towards their parents, a malaise that finds the right solution in dialogue.

Only if we understand the problem at its basis and try to find a solution, then we will not make any more dreams of this kind. Certainly the most widespread dreams are those in which we live together with some people who are no longer part of our lives. For example, many girls dream of still living with their ex-boyfriend. What lies behind these dreams? People with whom we no longer have a romantic relationship have left a vacuum within us. Often a love story ends suddenly and we could not say everything we wanted to say to a person we loved for so long and maybe we still love. And so in a dream this love that is not finished, can reappear in the form of a cohabitation that can perhaps be very beautiful just because the dreamer still feeds good feelings for his former love. So when we live with a person who belongs to our past, then we are living a period in which memories resurface and even possible feelings of guilt. Maybe the love story ended in one of our serious mistakes and what we can not fix in real life, becomes possible in our dream world and then we can see this person again, we live with her and maybe we make love, we are embraced , kissed, caressed. Probably this return will not happen in our life even if the desire is very strong. Other times behind these dreams can hide some fears that we live in our daily life. For example, some women say they dreamed of living together with an unknown man. Dreams that can be very scary especially if the man has a terrible physical appearance. Here we are afraid of the opinions of others. That man with a bad physical appearance represents the judgments of some people regarding a choice we have made and therefore may have attracted some dislikes. Of course we must remember every detail of the dream to understand exactly who these people are and what they want from us, the reason why they can nurture envy and jealousy towards us.

Other people say they lived in a house with a friend or a work colleague. When we do this kind of dreams we have to think that that person, the person who lives with us in the dream world, has a quality that we appreciate and perhaps do not possess. Obviously here the concept of work or friendly relationship is very important. If the individual is a colleague of ours we could be simply attracted to this man or woman on the physical, sexual or even mental level and cohabitation confirms this strong need that we feel in the depths of our mind, our conscience and our soul . So when we wake up we must always ask ourselves what attracts us about this person, what physical, mental or character quality it has and which is very magnetic for us. The same thing we must say about our friends with whom we can live a cohabitation experience. A detail that should not be underestimated when we make this kind of dreams is related to the house we are in. Is the house in which we live with this person our house or not? If we are not in our house then we are probably rejecting our family or some members of it and we simply want to get away, find a sense of freedom, a sense of independence to be more serene with ourselves and often in the new house we notice people from which we want to run away. We practically live with them but the dream indicates that we want to escape from them, we no longer want to live with them. Dreams are widespread among the boys who, especially in the adolescent phase, feel very misunderstood and want to start a life independently of parents who have also become oppressive. We also conclude this subject by talking about a sense of responsibility that is born within us. Going to live with another person means taking on important responsibilities. Here is another meaning of the dream-like cohabitation and that is the time has come to accept some changes, the time has come to become adults.


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