The house in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of an immense country house that is isolated in the woods, forests, with little light? What does it mean to dream of seeing the house of horrors? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a house that burns and collapses? And dream of building, demolishing, destroying, fixing a very dilapidated house? Why can we place furniture in a small, large, narrow house or in a spacious house? Why can we dream of buying or renting a house on one level or two or three levels? Being in a large house, in a dream apartment. Deciding to buy, sell or rent an old house that is about to collapse. What does it mean to enter our new home and discover a beautiful wine cellar? Why can we set a house on fire, find an uninhabited house, without people or with dead people inside? Have you ever dreamed of being inside a house that is not yours along with parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, brothers-in-law, uncles, grandparents, grandchildren, wife, husband, children? Why can we see a house completely empty or full of furniture, well furnished, with kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, closet? What does it mean to dream of a very narrow house with a very dark and very long corridor? What does it mean to dream of giving a tiny house to your children or sleeping and eating in a high-rise building that is not our home? To find the house in disorder, to see a building, a building, a building that is exploded or a roof of a house that flies away during a strong storm. Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery, if we dream of being in a very big new house to try to win, following what the guide and the dream book says? "Last night I dreamed of opening or closing the door or the windows of my house to let in fresh air. Last night I dreamed of finding my house flooded and full of people. Tonight I remember dreaming of making someone sleep in my apartment. The other night I dreamed that I was in front of a big skyscraper that had no doors and windows". Well today we try to understand the meaning of dreams, very widespread, in which we enter a new home, buy a new apartment, so we see to understand why housing can often appear in dreams.


How many times have you dreamed of being in a house that is very different from yours. How many times have you dreamed of buying an apartment or seeing the house in which you live collapse. The house is a very widespread symbolism in our dreams that should not be left out and now you can understand why. According to Carl Gustav Jung, the house represents our mind, doors and windows represent our mental openings, the stairs symbolize the connections between the various thoughts and the cellar, the garage, are the symbol of our conscience, of our subconscious exactly that of that hidden part of our soul that comes out only when it has to communicate something important and often, this communication takes place during the dream phase, then during dreams. We feel protected inside our home. When something is not in its place at home, then we can lose our inner balance. For example, some of you will have dreamed of finding yourself in a very untidy house that is not exactly the real one. Disorder symbolizes an inner disorder of the dreamer who is evidently facing a very confused situation and in which he does not know what he has to do. If in real life we??are very disordered people and we dream of being in a house where things are all in their place, then in order to progress in life we??have to start ordering our mind, our thoughts trying to understand what is right , what we can carry forward and what is useless for our inner and outer evolution, for our maturation. We have already said that the cellar is the most hidden part of our soul, therefore the subconscious and dreaming of being in the cellar is a very beautiful and positive event because the dreamer has entered into communication with its deepest part and has therefore decided to undertake a path of evolution and maturation. Even the stairs have a fundamental role in the home and their modern evolution is symbolized by the elevator.

Some people think that going down stairs in a dream is not a good thing. This is a lie. The stairs signal the connection between the various rooms of a house, between its rooms and so they are our thoughts that allow us to move, to act, to make decisions. Certainly a collapsing staircase but also a collapsing house are not a positive event because behind this widespread dream situation, fears, fears, misunderstandings, quarrels are hidden. When we dream of seeing the roof of the house collapse, its floor or being out on the street and seeing the whole building fall down, we must think that we are in a situation of strong apprehension in which we are very worried about a problem that we can not to solve or for an interpersonal relationship, with someone of our family, who does not allow us to be serene. Behind the collapse of a house, therefore of our home, it is possible to see difficulties in communicating with someone. A child can dream of collapsing or cracking the walls of his house because the relationship with his parents has become very stormy and inevitably some things have to change. Another widespread dream is one in which we can be inside a house with a long dark corridor or even with very dark rooms, where very little light enters. Obscurity is always the symbol of unconscious fears that the dreamer possesses and of which he must free himself. The dreamer must absolutely understand his fears and face them in order to progress, mature in his life. Very bad dreams because being at home and moving around in the dark is absolutely not a very simple thing. But if we remember being in an apartment that is not ours? Why can we dream of being in another apartment? To dream of being in a house that is not ours means having the need to change the air, to change some attitudes of our life that do not allow us to progress. Sometimes behind these dreams we can also find a new job proposal, a new opportunity that comes and that allows us, in fact, to improve our existence that maybe had become monotonous.

Some people say they have dreamed of seeing a house under construction, of observing workers who were building a new apartment. When we have dreams of this kind we have to ask ourselves what we are planning in our life, what new ideas we have and what we want to do. We are probably thinking of changing, we are thinking of starting a new career path, professional, even sentimental, a course that has obviously started yet and here is the house that is empty, does not have furniture, does not have rooms. This new phase of planning our life can concern work but also sentimental or family life. It is fundamental to remember every detail of our dreams, every situation, every person we meet, every object. For example, if we dream of seeing a house under construction and with us we find our wife, our boyfriend, our husband, then we must think that our love life is being transformed. A project that we have in mind with the person we love could become reality but obviously we need to build this project, we need to realize the idea and then these dreams signal the possibility to move forward with confidence to build our future in love. The house that catches fire always represents the possibility of a relational problem with a person, with their children, with their parents. The house full of furniture, very well furnished and bright is the symbol of a beautiful inner situation that we are living and a good period of our lives, a period in which we feel very well, we are very strong, we are very sure of ourselves and we manage to be optimistic by carrying forward all our ideas. Old furniture, ruined furniture, are instead the symbol of a complicated situation that continues to invade our tranquility. A very important meaning in dreams in which we see houses, skyscrapers, apartments, is related to doors and windows. Doors and windows are the symbol, as we have already said, of our way of behaving, acting, reacting, evolving according to our ideas. A house without balconies, windows, doors signals a very dangerous mental closure while dreaming of seeing many windows and doors is the symbol of a very fluid mind, full of imagination and able to use its creativity to find new ideas and carry out projects.


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