The crown in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Dreaming of being a queen or princess and sitting on a large golden throne with a crown on your head. A truly sensational dream. What does it mean to dream to see so many flower crowns? What is the meaning of dreams in which we try to buy a large crown of gold, silver or full of very precious and very old diamonds? For what reason can we dream of wearing a crown from the Rosary of Our Lady or seeing a little chaplet with a cross in our hands? Put a crown on someone we do not know or put a crown on our head from our brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, husband, wife, son, mother, father. What does it mean to dream of a person who gives us a crown of plastic or wood or iron? What does it mean to dream of a crown thrown in the garbage? See lots of colorful crowns in a dream. Find or buy a white, red, black, yellow, blue, orange, red, green, very bright, shimmering crown, filled with very precious stones, precious stones like sapphires or pearls. What does it mean to dream of giving a laurel wreath with so many spines to a friend or colleague? Why can we dream of a gem of precious gems set inside a crown of flowers for the dead? Some people say they dreamed of seeing the scepter and crown of the Queen of England. Other people say they saw a fake crown and even many say they stole an ancient crown from a museum. Destroy, break, break with a hammer or burn a crown. What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can be played in the lottery to have fun at the lottery if at night, during sleep, we dream of wearing a big heavy crown, trying to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I dreamed of being with a friend of mine wearing a very beautiful little chaplet. Last night I dreamed of entering a jewelry store to buy a wreath to give to my boyfriend. This night I remember being crowned King of the World. Last night I dreamed that I was with a very famous American actress who had a beautiful crown on her head". Even this object, rarely, can appear in our dreams. And so we try to understand its meaning.


So in order to understand this kind of dreams we must try to remember every detail of our dream world because this object, therefore the crown, is an object that does not appear often. So to be able to extrapolate a correct meaning from our dreams in which it appears and seems to have an important role, we must necessarily remember the people who were with us, the place where we were or where we were going, the objects we were using and even the feelings and emotions we may have felt. Only by analyzing the dream with all its elements can we try to understand the message that our subconscious wants to get us and that maybe during our everyday life we??can not understand. Surely the crown is a symbol of great ambitions that the dreamer can have in his life. Only Kings and Queens wear crowns which are then very precious and precious. The Queen or the King govern an entire people and the fortunes of all people are in their hands. A great power, a strong ambition and the ability to get everything we want, being able to also command the people who live with us. Generally, to dream of wearing a wonderful crown, full of diamonds, precious stones and with lots of gold, means having a huge creative potential and imagination that allows us to achieve anything in our lives. So the crowns are not connected with a huge profit, with a large sum of money that can come or with an important job opportunity that can come. The crown, however, makes us understand that we have all the potential to achieve any goal that we set ourselves in our lives and that could affect the business sector, economic but also sentimental or family. In fact, however, here we are in the presence of a beautiful dream symbol that can allow us to develop our best qualities and to realize many ideas and projects. Unfortunately, this object can also symbolize excessive pride, craving for power and narcissism, especially when we observe ourselves inside a mirror.

The mirror, in fact, in dreams, can signal an excessive level of self-esteem, a period in which we feel too superior to other people and exploit our qualities to harm others. The man who wears a beautiful crown and observes his beauty in the mirror is then experiencing a period in which he is very narcissistic while the dona can instead be very vain. Certainly all this can be confirmed by a scepter that we possess in our hands or even by the fact that we could be seated right on a throne full of gold and very bright, luminous. Often, however, the crown on our head is also a sign of praise, gratification, recognition and admiration that someone can have towards us. Each of us knows his personality, his real life and therefore will be able to interpret this object in the most correct way. If the dreamer remembers having worn a very heavy crown then in his life he will have to take on particular responsibilities that may be too exaggerated for him. In short, an excessive load of problems that may not be strictly related to him and that can not be continued. And here the crown can also identify a very difficult, complex period, a period in which the energies are lacking and in which, perhaps we prefer to flee from responsibility. So we can dream of wearing a crown too heavy that we decide to remove. And if we see a crown on the head of another person? Perhaps we are feeling envy for someone who works with us or for a friend of ours. To understand the person we are envious of we will simply have to remember the umo or the woman who wear the object that for us can be a source of envy. A business colleague may have had a better idea than ours, a friend may have courted a girl who also liked us a lot. Here is the representation of envy and jealousy hidden in the symbology of a simple crown. But many people do not only dream of wearing crowns of Kings and Queens but also crowns of thorns or crowns made of branches and laurel leaves.

The laurel wreaths that we can wear on our heads can symbolize a very lucky period and in which we can obtain numerous successes. A boy may have passed an exam, a competition, or he may have gotten a good job, or he may have made a great project, and here he dreams of wearing a laurel wreath. And the crown of thorns? Certainly here we are faced with a very religious symbolism, connected with the history of Jesus Christ. Here we can no longer speak of ambition, recognition and success, but rather of suffering, tribulations, difficulties. The crown of thorns we have on our heads can hurt us very much and create wounds from which a lot of blood comes out. Even in a dream, we can experience real physical pain and wake up very fearfully and with a heart that beats very hard. Unfortunately, the dreamer, almost certainly, is experiencing a terrible phase of his life in which, first of all he is very tired, devoid of energy and all this is connected with the blood that comes out of the wounds on the head. In addition he is experiencing a very difficult period and could cover any sector. Here, other elements of the dream can tell us if these sufferings concern love, work, money, the family. If, for example, our fiancé or our husband gives us a crown of thorns, then the period of suffering can reach the feelings, so the relationship of love can crumble, it can undergo a phase of severe crisis. If we remember to wear a crown of thorns in the workplace, then the problems we face will be about work. We conclude this topic also talking about those crowns that we decide not to wear. We are probably rejecting some important responsibilities and therefore we will not be able to progress on our existential path, we will not be able to mature mentally and spiritually. Our evolution and maturation will be blocked. Sometimes, receiving a wreath means being able to receive an invitation to a party or a small or big gift.


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