Fight in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of killing or hurting someone with a knife? What is the meaning of dreams in which we fight with a knife in hand? Why can we dream of fighting, fighting and winning a battle? And dream of fighting with the sword and a shield? What does it mean to dream of fighting to survive against an enemy, a monster, a beast, a terrifying animal or a giant insect? What does it mean to dream of winning during a very cruel and bloody fight? Have you ever dreamed of fighting with a man or woman with demonized eyes? And have you ever dreamed of fighting an angel or the devil or a demon? Be armed, along with some friends, alone and lose the battle, the melee fight. Why can we dream of being defeated in a frightful battle with a big and poisonous snake, with a lion, a bull, a wolf, a zombie? What does it mean to dream of fighting against a shadow or an unknown person? Use weapons like the sword, the gun, the gun, the knife, in war to fight against evil or good. What does it mean to dream of witnessing a terrible fight between people we do not know? Fighting between men and women, boys, children who are injured and lose a lot of blood. And because it is possible to dream of losing a leg, arms, head, fingers during a fight against our father, mother, grandfather, boyfriend, friend, work colleague, relative, son, husband, wife, sister, uncle, brother, pope, a famous actor or singer? What kind of numbers can we play from the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play the lottery when we dream of fighting a terrible monster or beast, following what the guide and the dream book says? The other night I dreamed of being with some friends and I was beaten by them but I do not remember why. Last night I dreamed of fighting alone against a mysterious animal and I was afraid of dying. Last night, in a dream, I was killed during a terrible fight with a colleague of mine. Tonight I remember dreaming of losing during a battle against an army of living dead. Fighting in a dream against something or against someone is quite common and can have a meaning important enough not to be underestimated. So let's see how we can interpret the physical struggles we can have against someone or something in our dreams.


Obviously, the oneiric combat is not the representation of a real physical struggle that we will do in everyday life against someone, against a person. First of all, to be able to analyze this kind of dreams very well, we must remember against whom or what we are fighting. Animals, people, things, objects. So let's start analyzing the battles we face against an animal. But first one must say something very important. Fighting in a dream against anything is always an excellent symbol, we do not flee but we prefer to face a situation with great courage. We can win or lose but in the meantime we have faced the situation without any fear. Sign of great moral strength and a great chance to chase away our fears. So if in the dream we are facing an animal or a terrible beast we have two possibilities: escape or fight. If we run away from what we are fleeing? From our fears, our responsibilities, from situations that are not positive for us and do not allow us to be what we want. The animal in dreams or in our nightmares, very often symbolizes our instincts, our own character, therefore characteristics that we possess but which we unconsciously reject. For example, a man could have very strong erotic impulses that in real life are blocked, they do not find a vent and therefore, in his dreams, all this excess energy becomes a fight against a terrifying animal or a frightful very ferocious beast trying to kill. To defeat this animal or this beast means to reject this excess of erotic and sexual energies, but obviously this is not always positive. The energies that we block and which we do not allow to manifest can create complications. So killing an animal fighting against him is not a very favorable symbol while being able to remove the beast, calm this animal that maybe becomes very docile and no more aggressive, means having found the right solution.

Certainly remembering the type of animal is really fundamental. Fighting against a fox can mean that the dreamer is too clever and his cunning can create damage in his life but that fox could also indicate a very smart person who can harm the dreamer himself and therefore his subconscious, who understands the danger , communicates this obstacle, this problem through a fight against this kind of animals. Snakes often signal jealousy, people who can harm subtly, hidden from the dreamer, and that being able to kill a snake is a good sign. The person who wants to create damage in our lives will be defeated, he will be annihilated, but above all the dreamer will be able to understand him or her who is represented by the snake. Each animal has a particular characteristic and therefore to better understand the meaning of the dreams of struggle, it is naturally necessary to study the characteristics of each type of animal. For example, fighting a barking dog, man's best friend, means understanding that he is facing a danger that must be faced without problems. When we dream of being in front of our fiancé, husband, lover, then this fight symbolizes clear relationship problems in love, evident sentimental relationships that are not positive for the dreamer who therefore must try to find a right solution. Sometimes we can also fight against filthy beasts, terrible devils and demons. Generally devils and demons are the symbol of fears that must be faced and from which we must not escape. Defeating these terrifying beasts symbolizes the winnings on our fears. What if we fight against a child? Perhaps the child represents ourselves, our childish side, a period of our life in which we may have been childish but this period is rejected for various reasons. For example, a man who has suffered during his childhood, then he can dream of fighting a small child.

Fighting is always synonymous with struggles, problems, fatigue, difficulties in our lives but already the act of fighting means that we do not stay still to wait for events but decide to act, just to tackle everything because we think we can win and behind this mechanism dreamlike often hides a strong tenacity, a great passion, a great commitment, a strong self-esteem and an optimism that can make us overcome many obstacles. It is therefore very often a very positive thing to struggle in a dream that represents the possibility of evolving, of maturing inwardly, on a spiritual level and of being particularly attentive to one's own needs. However, if we are defeated, we have tried and if we win then we have reached a great goal. A widespread dream is one in which we fight against a friend or colleague of ours. Why can we dream of fighting against a person we love? Behind these dreams very often we can find a small or great feeling of envy and jealousy towards another person. Maybe that friend or work colleague has an attitude that we do not accept or possess a dowry that we do not have. In the dream we can also use some weapons, for example daggers, swords, shields, pistols, rifles, bombs. The oneiric combat with these weapons symbolizes the possibility of having an advantage and therefore of being able to solve a problem with much less effort. We conclude this subject by also talking about those dreams in which we are hurt and we lose a lot of blood. We have said many times that blood indicates our mental and physical energies and therefore lose so much blood during a fight, it means being in a very complex phase that can take away a lot of psychophysical energies and so we have to find ways to recover and rest. Finally, seeing two people fighting means deciding to stay out of a situation that could also affect the dreamer who prefers to wait, but prefers to see the behavior of others.


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