The crow in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of seeing so many crows flying over our house? What is the meaning of dreams in which we kill a raven by shooting with a gun? Why can we dream of seeing a big white, black, brown, red, yellow, green, blue, pink, azure raven on a tree branch and very scary? What does it mean to dream of chasing away crows or seeing two ravens resting on the window of our house, making love but provoking so much fear? Watch a giant crow attacking, biting, attacking with its beak and its claws or seeing many crows dying, being captured and imprisoned in a cage. Have you ever dreamed of being chased by a big crow with big claws or being prey to a terrible, very scary crow that croaks? What does it mean to dream of a raven who suffers and asks for help? Dreaming crows that catch you and they hurt a lot. Lose a lot of blood after being injured by the bite of a bird. What does it mean to dream of crows falling from the sky or crows with wounded, broken wings that can not fly? Some people say they dreamed of driving crows from inside their house or say they ate crow meat. Why can we cook crow meat or see a crow entering our house or laying on the roof and nesting and laying eggs on the terrace? Terrible crows with red, diabolic eyes, a flock of black birds in the sky. Often in a dream we can see a migration of crows. What numbers can we use from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we remember to have dreamed of being hit by a crow, to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Last night I dreamed of being bitten by a bird very similar to a crow but its feathers were banks. Last night I dreamed of being with my mother, father, brother and sister while we were killing a terrifying bird. Tonight I remember dreaming of breaking the wings of a crow. The other night I dreamed that I was with my boyfriend who turned into a huge black crow". Let's try to understand the meaning of these wonderful birds that unfortunately in many popular traditions are absolutely negative and a symbol of bad luck.


Certainly the crow is a bird that does not have a great consideration in our lives and especially in our popular tradition. Unfortunately, many people think that this bird is the symbol of misfortune, both a symbol of bad luck and not only because of its black color but also of the sound it produces that certainly is not a beautiful song. So the presence of a crow in a dream can in fact be the representation of a not very positive event that could happen in the life of the dreamer and this thing is simple to understand. To be able to interpret dreams as correctly as possible, we must always remember the meaning we attribute to things, objects, situations, people. If we think, in our real life, that the crow is a beautiful bird, then in our dreams, its appearance could have a very positive meaning, if instead we think that this bird is very negative then its dream presence can actually represent a problem, a difficult situation, an ineluctable event that can happen in our earthly existence. This is the reason why interpreting dreams is extremely difficult and only the dreamer can approach their real meanings. Anyway, the crow in a dream? Misfortunes. And yes, unfortunately for its bad reputation of being a bird of ill omen, the crow in a dream can symbolize a period of extreme delicacy and a phase in which some negative event can happen. The other dream details will confirm a possible misfortune coming and maybe make us understand the sector in which this situation may occur. Meanwhile we can say that an element not to be underestimated by this wonderful bird, is the color of its plumage. Usually a crow has black feathers, the black beak, in short, it is a completely dark bird. The color black does not have a negative meaning but often it is in connection with inevitable changes that must necessarily take place in our life and must be accepted, so that our earthly existence can evolve, maturing above all on the spiritual level.

But the black color especially when it is the predominant color in dreams, can also symbolize a phase of our life in which we are extremely pessimistic, sad, melancholy and we are afraid to face situations. In fact, many people say they saw a black bird during very difficult moments in their lives, moments when their hope of solving a situation was very weak. But even a bird that in real life can only be of a certain color, in the dream world can have another plumage, a plumage of a different color and some people say they have dreamed of a white or yellow crow green or blue. All these colors are very favorable for a positive evolution of a situation we are experiencing and here is that the crow is no longer a negative symbol, a symbol of misfortune but a symbol of rebirth, optimism, maturation and inner evolution. The yellow color represents optimism, the blue color is the symbol of our strength of mind, the green color is the symbol of hope and the yellow color represents the possibility of being reborn after a phase of tremendous crisis, the possibility of being able to see the light after a very dark, complicated, sad period. But birds can also make a bad end in our dream world. In fact, the crow is not a bad animal and can easily be caught, shot, killed. What does it mean to dream of catching a crow? Generally capturing a bird that is locked in a cage means blocking certain instincts that should instead find their outburst in our lives. So, for example, we can dream of catching a crow or many crows and being in a period of our lives where we feel very little free, we are not very independent and this lack of freedom and independence does not allow us to live very well. Killing a raven instead can have two meanings, a positive and a negative meaning.

In fact this dream action can represent the resolution of a problem, a misfortune that can be avoided or an inevitable change in our life that will not be very favorable and we never forget that death in dream, even of an animal like a bird, represents always the possibility of having to accept a situation that inevitably arrives and for which we can not do anything. If we remember to drive away a big crow coming into our house then we will understand that we are in a very difficult situation and we will be able to act, thus avoiding further problems. We can even observe many crows flying in the sky above our house. These dreams can really be very scary and in fact it is very likely to have to face an extremely complicated, difficult period of our life. What if a bird bites us? If a bird bats with its pecking on the window of our house or on our head? Even in the worst nightmares we can dream of being attacked by crows beating in our eyes from which a lot of blood comes out. Terrifying nightmares that make us wake up with a huge fear and a heart that beats very hard. Unfortunately, the crow beating on our window trying to get into the house or beating with his beak on our body, signals the possibility of having to suffer a tremendous situation against which we can not do anything. Even the claws symbolize an ominous event that could ruin our lives while a nest or the eggs of this bird can signal other situations coming. It must be said, in fact, that eggs are the symbol of positive events, of opportunities that can come and the nest is a place that represents the possibility of giving birth to ideas and projects. Here we can hope for a positive evolution of our lives but always being careful to avoid events and people that can damage our ideas. In fact and with this we conclude the argument, the crow is also a person, a person who is close to us and who weaves behind us, trying to ruin our lives.


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