The corpses in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of operating on a corpse? What is the meaning of the bodies in our dreams? What does it mean to dream of a dead man, to see a dead body on the road, a lifeless body? What does it mean to find the mortal remains, a body with skeleton and bones of a person we do not know? Why can we dream to open, dissect a corpse? What is the meaning of dreams in which we are pursued by a corpse? What does it mean to dream of seeing the corpse of a friend of ours, an enemy or colleague of work at home, in the Church, hidden inside our house or finding a corpse buried in our garden? Why can we dream of burying so many corpses alone or with our mother, father, brother, sister, relative, grandfather, boyfriend, husband, wife? To dream of a corpse that stinks, decomposing, rotting with many worms, or falling apart in our bed. Dreaming of an animal carcass that touches us, with a bad smell, at sea. What does it mean to dream of finding a dead body without a head, without arms, without legs, completely naked, without clothes? What does it mean to dream of a corpse talking to us? What does it mean to see a body of a deceased human being walking, without hands, resurrecting, breathing, moving, seeking help? And dream of a corpse that wants to kill us or that loses blood from a wound? Dreaming of hiding some corpses of women, men, children, babies, the elderly, boys, animals in our car, broken up. How many times have we dreamed mutilated corpses, drowned in water. What does it mean to dream of eating raw or cooked meat from a corpse and throwing up? What numbers can we use from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we remember to have dreamed of meeting a dead body, to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of having a body near my bed sleeping with me and I was very scared. Last night, in a dream, I was chased by a dead man who wanted to kill me. Last night I was attacked by a terrifying zombie. This night I dreamed that I was with a dead person but that he was walking and talking". Let us understand the meaning of dreams in which we see a body of a human being or a deceased animal.


Dreaming bodies can be a very horrifying thing, disgusting and terrifying, a dream experience that can make us wake up with a strange feeling of malaise. Obviously when we have a dream of this kind we try to remember if in the past few days we saw a horror movie, a movie where people died or we saw dead and mutilated bodies. If this did not happen then we can analyze in depth the symbolism of the corpse, the zombie and people who died but resuscitate. Meanwhile, at least once in your life you have dreamed of seeing a relative now dead for many years who resurrects and comes to you trying to talk, to give something, to communicate something. Even some people remember to have dreamed of seeing a deceased man or woman come out of a coffin and then resuscitate and come back to life, walk, talk. We must be afraid of these dreams? Absolutely not. The dead that resurrect in our dream world often represent problems that we thought we had solved but that come back in our lives and for which we must find a new solution. Obviously if we recognize the dead individual who comes back to life, then we can easily understand the problem to be solved and return to our earthly existence. For example we can dream of seeing a colleague of ours who comes towards us like a zombie and tries to hurt us very much. Evidently we have a work problem to solve that can also affect this person. If the zombie and therefore the corpse that walks is our fiancé, husband, wife, lover, then a sentimental problem has not been solved and therefore we must be particularly careful and try to find a solution. Very often behind these dreams we can find betrayals, marital infidelity and those corpses represent the guilt feelings of the dreamer who may have committed betrayal or simple suspicions related to moments of infidelity that he may have towards his sentimental partner.

Dreaming of a corpse can create a lot of discomfort and fear, but we can usually be confronted with positive messages and not with bad messages. The corpse obviously represents death, the physical death of a person, an animal, an insect. Death in a dream is the symbol of the end of a situation and the beginning of another period. Thus it signals a transition phase. Often these changes are ineluctable, necessary and can be very scary, but the future that awaits us could be very positive. However, a person who resuscitates from death and becomes a walking corpse symbolizes, very often, a phase of change that has not yet been accepted by the dreamer and therefore must be evaluated very carefully and not superficially. A dead body on the ground, which does not move more often, is the indication of a part of our character that has now disappeared, a side of our character expression that we no longer accept and no longer recognize, and here we can be faced with a very positive meaning. Some parts of our personality that have been suppressed, eliminated, removed and rejected because they damaged our inner evolution and interpersonal relationships. Do not recognize any more attitudes that we previously accepted. The body then signals a phase of change but also the end of a situation and obviously if the dead person is a person we really know then we can understand many other things. For example, if the lifeless body is that of the person we love then the romantic relationship is about to end or a difficult phase is about to be addressed in the sentimental field. Even sexual desire can go off at some point in our lives and we observe the carcass of the person we love on the ground. Even the corpses, the carcasses of animals can symbolize some repressed instincts, some desires that seem to be dead and no longer part of our personality.

Some people say they dreamed of dead bodies, headless, without legs, without hands, fingers, arms. Scary dreams in which blood is always a widespread thing. Never forget something that we always repeat when we try to interpret dreams and nightmares in a general way. Every person we meet, every object we see and use, every place in which we are and every sensation and emotion we experience, are all indispensable elements to give a right interpretation to the dream. So dreaming of blood on the body of a corpse can have other meanings because if the corpse indicates the end of a situation, the blood signals a period of strong psychophysical stress, a period in which our willpower is very weak, physical exhaustion and mental is very accentuated and the energies are very scarce. Even more terrifying dreams are those in which the body is in a phase of decomposition, it stinks and is full of worms. The transition from one phase of our life to another period that could be a better period, will not be absolutely simple but will be full of difficulties, indecision, various annoyances that must be addressed without ever giving up. We conclude this strange subject by talking about those dreams in which the corpse is buried under the dreamer's ground. Burying certainly means deciding to put a stone above a phase of one's life, to a past that no longer has to be part of our existence and which we reject for various reasons. So the act of burial of the corpse means, in fact, not wanting to return to live certain situations that may have made us suffer. Unfortunately, these dreams are really terrible and can make us wake up with a feeling of great uneasiness and we can think that a scary event could happen in our lives but it is not like that. We are simply changing, we want to change or we are forced to change in our lives. So in the end the symbolism of the corpse is very positive and even if it can be scary it should not be seen as a catastrophic event.


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