Job interview in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being on a very important business appointment? What is the meaning of dreams in which we lose a job or we can not get to a job interview and lose the opportunity? What does it mean to dream of receiving a job offer from a man or woman we do not know? Have you ever dreamed of going to a job interview? Dreaming of a good job offer or dream of having a new job. Dreaming of being hired in a very important and very famous company and earning a lot of money. What does it mean to dream of an assumption? Dreaming of being hired at work, doing a lot of job interviews, having a conversation with an entrepreneur. What does it mean to dream of a job interview with a person who decides not to hire us? Have you ever dreamed of being accompanied to a business appointment by your parents, relatives, in-laws, in-laws, cousins, engaged couples, wives, husbands, children, friends, work colleagues, grandparents, uncles? How many times have you dreamed of having a dialogue, having a chat, having an exchange of ideas, a discussion, a meeting, an appointment by a person who tries to make you work. What does it mean to dream of being accepted for a job that we like? What numbers can we use from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we remember to have dreamed of receiving a job offer, to look for a win by following what we find written in the guide and in the book on dreams? Last night I dreamed of being hired but my salary was really very low. Last night I dreamed of being with a person who wanted to force me to work all day. This night I dreamed of going to a business appointment but I arrived very late and could not find anyone. The other night I dreamed of working with a friend of mine in the country and I felt very tired. Dreams in which we look for work can be really many and very often they are also very disappointing. Even in a dream we can not find a good job or do a job but we are paid very little or even dream of participating in a competition where we can win or lose. Really very important dreams that hide so much anxiety and fear that we now see that we understand.


How many times have you dreamed of being in a person's office to be able to do a job interview or to ask for a job. Working is essential to be able to live because with work we can earn money and with money we can buy clothes, eat, pay taxes and all other expenses of the house. In short, work is an extremely important element and only when a person does not work does he realize the importance, in fact, of having a job. But why can we dream of losing our job or looking for a new job? Perhaps it is easy enough to understand that behind this kind of dreams lies a small or big fear, a period of crisis, a low self-esteem and a feeling of not being able to carry forward the various situations of life. The dreamer, for example, can have a good job but can dream of being fired. When we are fired in a dream and then we are driven away, then we ourselves have a low level of self-esteem and we think we are not able to manage our professional life, maybe we do not appreciate our own qualities that we consider mediocre. Anxiety, fear, tension are the basis of these dreams that often turn into nightmares because, a family father who dreams of losing his job, can really wake up with a great feeling of terror and fear. But we must not be very worried because, in reality, these dreams do not indicate the real loss of our work but simply the fear of not being able to carry out projects in the best way. So in real life we??do a job for which we do not feel ready or we are afraid that what we do is not appreciated by those who observe us as an employer. At this point the best thing to do is regain your self-esteem and be more optimistic because behind this dreams almost certainly hide pessimism, melancholy, apathy, idleness. In fact, many people may notice that they are in an unprofitable stage of their life when they dream of being fired or losing their professional position.

And if instead we dream of going to a place to look for a job? If we dream of entering an office, in a company to have the opportunity to work? Obviously to be able to interpret this kind of dreams we need to understand the real situation of the dreamer. The dreamer can dream of looking for a new job for various reasons. For example, his work is not satisfactory or the money he earns is too little. Maybe the collaboration and the climate with the other work colleagues is not great or the oppression of the employer is too heavy and the feeling of discomfort increases. Behind this kind of dreams there is always a reason for small or large professional dissatisfaction that needs to be analyzed very carefully to bring out the right message that our subconscious wants to communicate. If we do not have a job then these dreams are very clear and represent the need to find a new professional occupation but if we already have a job and we make these dreams then we are almost certainly dissatisfied and we can not and must find a solution to this dissatisfaction. To get more details and understand the problem much better, we need to be very careful about the dream elements, so we need to remember the people we meet, the objects we see, the places we are in and especially the sensations we feel. The job interview almost always indicates dissatisfaction and the need to find a balance in our life that does not necessarily concern the professional sector. Unfortunately, even a sentimental relationship that is not very positive, an interpersonal relationship maybe with a parent or a child that is not very engaging, can hide behind a job interview and almost certainly these people or objects that represent them, are in our dream. So the discourse is much wider and does not stop only at the dissatisfaction and the professional and economic uncertainties but embraces other sectors, other areas of our life.

These dreams have also very positive meanings. For example, being in a job interview in a dream can mean that we have reached a good professional position but we are not happy yet, maybe we want to achieve a better social position or we want to earn a lot more. So we are in front of a person who offers us a new opportunity, a new opportunity and allows us to be more optimistic. And indeed after having had a dream like this, it is very probable to feel a great desire to act, to move in life to improve one's professional condition. If we are faced with a person who refuses our requests and therefore does not allow us to work, then we must not think about facing a difficult period but simply we must find optimism and self-esteem that perhaps are in sharp crisis. Very often in front of a dreamlike refusal we can understand some negative aspects of our character that may be lack of trust, lack of serenity, melancholy, depression, idleness, pessimism. Instead, going to a job interview and being accepted, then receiving confirmation of an assumption can also mean the arrival of important news and not only at a professional level but also at an economic level. These dreams are never trivial because the work is not trivial but essential for each of us and therefore always try to analyze very well these dreams that always offer the key to receive a favorable message that if included, can allow the dreamer to evolve, to mature inwardly, on a spiritual level but also on a material level. We conclude this topic also talking about those dreams in which we dream of studying to face an exam, to face a recruitment test in a large company. In this case the dreamer is getting ready, he is preparing his spirit, his mind to be able to undertake a phase of evolution that will bring greater well-being in his life.


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