Beard in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of getting wet and smelling your face with a shaving cream? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a very long or very short beard? What does it mean to dream of shaving your beard or dreaming of having a yellow beard, white, colored, black, brown, dirty, uncultivated, unshaven, untreated, with lice, which falls, cut? Why can we dream of shaving someone, a person we do not know, a man or a woman, a child or an elder? What does it mean to dream of seeing the beard growing rapidly? What does it mean to dream of washing your own beard under fresh or warm water? And what does it mean to dream of going to the barber to shave a long beard that pinches? What does it mean to dream of a very long beard with white hairs? Why can we dream of putting a beard on our father, our grandfather, husband, lover, fiancé, work colleague, enemy, uncle, brother-in-law, father-in-law or a famous person like a politician, singer or actor? Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery if we dream of shaving the beard of a person we do not know to try to win, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of having gone to the barber because I had a very long and very bad beard. Last night I dreamed of taking the scissors and the comb and cutting my beard. Last night I dreamed that a stranger shaved my beard. This night I went to my hairdresser to fix my hair and beard". Our physical appearance is always very important in real life but also in dream life it assumes an important meaning that should not be underestimated and that is why in this article we deal with the beard argument that obviously concerns a lot more men but strangely also women can dream of having a mustache and a beard and in this case the dream can take on a much more important meaning. So let's understand why the beards can appear, even in a very strange way, in our dreams.


We immediately start by saying that the beard but also the mustache often represent the virile part of the human being and therefore they are also the symbol of the power that can be exercised towards other people. To understand this dream aspect we need to start from the concept of beard in real life. The beard can be grown for little desire to cut it or to take on a different physical appearance. Very often the people who take care of their mustache and their beard, have a characteristic and that is the characteristic of being very serious people except in cases where we talk about guys who simply follow a fashion of the moment and therefore have a type of beard very particular. It must then be said that in ancient times and even in ancient Egypt, the beard was considered a symbol of wisdom, strength and power of action. Let us not forget that also religious figures like Moses but also mythological figures like the God Neptune, possessed a beard. In history very often all men who have had a certain power have almost always brought a well-groomed beard or mustache. So we can already conclude that if we dream of wearing a well-groomed beard, cut well and not shabby or dirty, then we can think of being in a moment of great strength and virility or feel the need to be more powerful, to carry on some responsibilities and to assert our sexual energies. And in fact, the beard often also represents sexual desire, especially if it is very long. So a man who dreams of owning a long beard may find himself in a moment of his life in which he desires a woman so much or in any case may wish to express his sexual power. It could simply be that this dream symbol can represent the desire to woo someone. We have therefore said that especially older boys and men can dream of having a beard or mustache. Power, charisma, willpower, decision. All these characteristics can be very important in the real life of a man who can find himself in a situation of extreme strength and go through a period in which to make great choices and decisions.

In fact, when we wear a beard we can feel safer, more serene with ourselves and with a much higher level of esteem because it can serve to hide a defect of the face, or divert attention from a part of the face that is not very interesting. So it is a way to hide, to look away to attract others to another situation. Very often those who dream of having a beard that they do not have in real life, have the opportunity to be particularly lucky and to be able to make decisions and make really fundamental choices in their lives. Security, virility, determination that sweep away indecision, insecurity and other aspects of a weak but very weak character. So dreaming of having a beautiful, well-groomed beard often has a very favorable meaning. If we meet in front of the mirror and cut, wash, perfume our beard, then we are going to face a beautiful period, a period full of vitality, positive opportunities that come from a determination and a very important level of esteem. Sometimes having very strange beards, too long or exaggerated, can mean being narcissists and selfish or showing one's strength, one's power too exaggerated, excessive. When we dream of going to our barber or hairdresser to shave our beard or to keep it tidy, to cut it, to wash it, then our life is in a phase of great control and we can make and decide what we want, being very strong and determined. After saying all this you can understand that if we dream of having a dirty beard, that stinks, cut very bad and ugly, it means that we are not showing all our power and indeed, we can be out of control and make wrong choices. We must therefore be very cautious and not exaggerate if we have to make important decisions. And the white beard? Having a very long and white beard means being in a period in which solidity and wisdom are two very basic qualities that can make us evolve positively.

Even a woman can have a beard or mustache in her dreams. These dreams should not scare because every woman can have a male part inside her that can be blurred by feminine qualities for a long time but later this male part can escape to show her power. So we can attend a woman who for many years has been little determined but who at a certain point in her life becomes very active, very confident and decides to act, to move, to assert her qualities with great strength and determination and here in this dream this woman can be represented with a beard. As for girls, then women who are still in a very young age group, the beard and mustache may represent the need to demonstrate their sexual strength, their power of seduction and very often this kind of dreams appears in the moment in where a love is born or if you know a person for the first time and then you want to start a courtship. But in the dream we can also see a man or a woman or even a strange person with a very long white beard. We have said before that dreaming very long beards means being very wise or having the possibility to make very wise decisions and therefore seeing a person who possesses this type of beard can confirm that we need a valid piece of advice, a proper help from a much wiser person than us, maybe because we are facing a period of confusion. We conclude this article also talking about some dreams that can be really strange but that have a generally very positive meaning. The beard that appears on the face of a child or a girl can symbolize an excellent period, a period of great decision in which very positive events can happen and in which it is possible to build one's own future, especially in the working sector. Certainly seeing a child with a thick beard can be very scary, it can impress negatively but this surprise can correspond to a very important and sudden event as well as positive that comes in real life.


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