What can it mean to see a child laughing, crying, sucking the milk from the mother's breast? Why can we dream of seeing a newborn baby drinking milk from the breast of a woman? What does the dream in which a mother breastfeeding her baby? "The other night I dreamed of a baby drinking milk from my breast. What does this mean? Why dream often see a little girl who wants to drink mother's milk? Last night I saw in a dream a baby drinking milk. Last night I dreamed of seeing a beautiful baby that much sucked milk from the breasts of a woman who was not his mother". Why is it possible to dream of nursing a baby? What does it mean to dream of nursing a baby at the breast or maybe even more children? Even if you do not have children in real life can happen in a dream to see ourselves that we drink milk from a breast, or people we know who drink milk or a child who does not know who wants to suck milk from our breasts. Because these dreams are very common among the population and because milk is a fundamental symbol in a dream? Because even if we are men and women not only can dream of being with a child who wants to drink milk from our breasts? When we dream of this kind we must first focus our attention on some symbols. Let's see.


First we must try to understand if the child we see in dreams is ourselves or another person or even is one side of our character. Very often when we see a child in a dream and we are now adults, it is just us, that child we ourselves or our bit childish and often the meaning is that we are living in a time of innocence, complete serenity and complete emotional stability. This applies even more if during the dream, suck milk from the breast of our mother or a woman. Certainly if the woman from which we drink milk is the mother then this dream may indicate a very strong attachment to it and emphasize the love that exists between parent and child as if the woman who provides us with the breast milk is not our mother then we must try to figure out who this woman is and the role it has in a dream.

If the symbolism of a woman in our dreams is critical because it brings us closer to our most intimate, our qualities of understanding and love because usually the woman indicates these things, the milk symbolism is still different and important. When the milk of the womb can certainly have a fundamental significance for understanding the message that the dream wants to provide to the dreamer. If we understood that the boy or girl who suck the milk ourselves then we can conclude that in our lives we feel protected by someone, or are experiencing a period of great maturity in which we are learning new things and then we are evolving. Sometimes even in dreams we can feel the taste of milk and find out if it is bitter or sweet. Drink good milk from the breast of a woman, from her nipples is a great sign of long life but above all a great creative energy that we can use to develop new projects in the workplace.

As you have read then the dreams in which we see a baby drinking milk from the breast of a woman, dreams are always very positive and favorable to the dreamer and which mainly concern its internal evolution, its positive evolution and its very important maturation also at creating imaginative level. And though during breastfeeding the baby laugh or cry? Certainly a child, a baby laughing is a good sign because the dream shows us an inner serenity that we own while the crying can lead some concerns. In fact, probably in order to enter a new and positive phase of life we still face various problems, different problems to be solved in a short time for our existence can progress. These dreams however, are generally very positive and often indicate a great family relationship between parent and child. After making a dream of this kind you can see in fact a reconciliation between you and your mother if in the past there have been some quarrels.


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