The dog in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of tying a dog with a rope, chain, leash? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a dog that barks very loud, that cries, that laughs, that is sad, that bites, that runs away? Why can we dream of seeing a watchdog, hunting, spotted or bastard dog? What does it mean to dream your dog or kill many good or bad dogs? What does it mean to dream the teeth of dogs that are very sharp, sharp and that sink into the skin of our legs, arm, neck, hand, foot, head? What does it mean to dream of a big black dog chasing you or peeing, poop? And to see a dead dog in a dream? Why can we even dream of finding a female dog that gives birth to so many puppies? What does it mean to dream of a dog without a paw and limping for help towards our mother, father, brother, sister, friend, work colleague, uncle, grandfather, dead relative, wife, husband, son? And meet a sick dog in a dream? What does it mean to dream of a wounded dog that loses blood, suffers and growls at us?, Aggressive dogs, who bite, who chase you, with eyes that sparkle, eyes of fire, dogs of brown, white. What does it mean to dream of a dog tied to a tree in the middle of the road and then abandoned by the master? Dreaming of ferocious dogs, injured or dead dogs, dogs that fight or play at home or in the garden. Why can we dream of stray dogs that walk and live in a very dirty kennel, in the rain, then completely wet and full of soil and mud? What numbers can we use from the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play the lottery when we remember to have dreamed of being attacked by a dog, to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember being chased for many meters by a very aggressive dog. Last night I dreamed that I was with my doggie dog. Last night I dreamed of seeing so many puppies of dog that were hungry. This night I dreamed of eating dog meat". Let's understand the meaning of dreams in which the dog is the protagonist immediately saying that his dream symbolism is always very important. At least once in our life each of us has dreamed of dogs that try to bite, that bark, that flee away. What lies behind these dreams and nightmares?


Certainly the dog in dreams is a very widespread and very important animal that should not be underestimated. This animal, a friend of man, is a fundamental symbol that can not be ignored and must absolutely be interpreted very well in order not to make mistakes. First of all, the dog often symbolizes friendship, so a friend. In fact we hear often say that the dog is the best friend of man. And when we dream of a dog wagging its tail, serene, calm and allowing itself to be caressed by us, it probably refers to an important friendship that we are living and that can allow us to evolve positively in our lives. But the dog is not only the symbol of friendship and loyalty. In fact, a friend can be very loyal and defend against some problems. A friend can help us avoid dangers. Here is a key word for the interpretation of dreams and nightmares in which the dog plays a fundamental role. When we dream of a very ferocious dog, which tries to attack us, to bite us with its very sharp teeth, then we must be very careful of a danger, perhaps a trap, a trap that we could meet in life. The animal, even if very scary, then identifies an advice, a warning and allows us to avoid a serious problem. Remember one very important thing and that every detail of dreams is extremely fundamental and even the apparently most useless object, a place that tells us nothing or a person we do not know, can be very useful to interpret everything and get the best answer, managing to decipher the dream message very well. A very recurrent dream, which is a real nightmare, is that in which this animal chases us, perhaps chasing us in the darkness. His intention seems to be to kill us and we try to escape but we are not able to move, our body is completely blocked. Fortunately, before the dog can arrive and bite us, we can wake up but with a truly incredible fear that does not allow us to be quiet due to a very strong tension and anxiety.

And if we listen to a dog barking then the danger is very close and it may be obvious, but perhaps we ourselves do not have the eyes to observe. A dog that bites can also symbolize, in addition to a real danger we can meet in life, a trap, a friend who can betray our trust. In fact, before we talked about the dog as a symbol of friendship but also a friend can betray us and here is a huge dog that comes to us with apparent calm but bites our leg, our arm, our hand, means, in fact, the possible betrayal of a friend, a betrayal to which we can not even think but that can happen if we are not attentive to the messages that our subconscious wants to provide us through dreams. We must also try to remember if the dog that barks or wants to attack, is tied with a big chain and therefore can not move. The rope or the chain indicates a very strong bond with a person who, however, does not have good feelings towards us and therefore must stay away from our life. If we ourselves are to tie a dog to his chain then we have understood the real danger of a person and we have managed to remove it from our lives. Another widespread dream is that in which we observe abandoned, wounded, sad, hungry dogs that are in the middle of a campaign, a street and that are perhaps ill, limp and have some wounds from which blood comes. The keyword in this case is neglect. That dog could represent a situation or ourselves. Maybe we are experiencing a very complicated period in which we feel abandoned by some people or we are facing a very complex situation that does not allow us to be calm and that brings many worries. The blood that escapes from a wound is always a symbol of lack of energy, of vitality, of optimism that must be recovered in order to face the difficulties of life. We must also remember that colors in dreams are extremely important and therefore, for example, a black dog can have a completely different meaning from a white-haired dog.

The black color is the symbol of death but in a dream it does not identify the death of a person. It simply can signal the end of a situation, the inevitable change that must take place so that our life can progress. So a big black dog symbolizes a great change that must take place and that must not be ignored. And the white color? And a completely white haired dog? The white fur is a symbol of innocence, purity, serenity and tranquility and you will notice that when you dream of a white dog, it is never aggressive but very calm and looking for your company, maybe you want to be caressed. What if we see a big female dog giving birth to so many puppies? The birth in a dream is almost always beautiful news coming, wonderful events that can come and that can be really positive for our inner evolution but also for work and earnings. Only seeing puppies that are already born dead could identify a news that we are waiting with so much apprehension but that it will never come or that it will be very disappointing. This animal, as you may have read, has several meanings and it is not easy to understand its real message but being attentive to the details of the dream you can still try to bring your interpretation closer to the true oneiric meaning hidden in the depths of your subconscious. And one must say something with which we then conclude this article. If we do this kind of dreams and therefore dreams in which we see very aggressive dogs, but we do not understand the message behind it, then we can redo the same dream, then have a recurring and even more frightening dream and then give a right interpretation is the best thing to do. Finally, never forget that animals also symbolize our instinct, a part of our character that can be uncontrollable and therefore that attacking dog could be the oneiric representation of ourselves or a part of our really complicated character.


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