The bottle in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of buying a large bottle of red wine in a shop? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person who gets drunk by drinking from a bottle of wine, oil, beer or water? What does it mean to dream of a broken bottle, which loses water, which falls to the ground and explodes? And the paper bottles, plastic? Why can we dream of seeing so many bottles at sea or in a lake, river, stream? Bottles of sparkling wine, white wine, liqueur, perfume. What does it mean to dream of throwing away a big bottle? And what does it mean to dream of hurting a person with a very sharp bottle and then seeing the blood falling on the ground? Give away a lot of very expensive and luxurious bottles to our parents, relatives, uncles, grandparents, brothers, sisters or a friend, to a work colleague. What does it mean to dream of an empty bottle without liquid and very light but with a letter inside it? Drink from a bottle of brandy, rum or whiskey without using a glass. What does it mean to dream of dropping a large, very heavy bottle onto the floor from a balcony and it shatters into a thousand pieces? Sometimes we can dream of opening the cap of a bottle of champagne, sparkling wine to celebrate something. What numbers is it possible to pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we dream of drinking water from a bottle, to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Tonight I dreamed of being with my mother and father and offering a little wine to drink. Last night I remember dreaming of buying a very fine bottle that I then gave to a friend of mine. Last night I dreamed that I drank in a bar with many friends and enemies. The other night I dreamed of throwing so many broken bottles in the trash". Well today we try to understand and understand the meaning of the bottles in our dreams that apparently can have a really useless meaning but instead offer important messages to the dreamer, messages that can help along a path of maturation.


So the bottle can contain something. All of us have seen at least once in our lives a film in which a bottle containing a letter arrives, by the sea, on a beach. Here the bottle can be the symbol of a message that can arrive but only if it contains a document, a card, a letter in fact. If we remember to have dreamed of being on a beach and see a transparent or colored bottle that stops on the shore with a letter inside, then, almost certainly some surprising news are about to arrive or a help or a great emotion can change our life. Often during these dreams we can have a person by our side. If the person we love is present with us, then it is possible that good news can arrive at a sentimental level, perhaps a gift, an invitation, an improvement of our current love life. People who are lonely hearts and see a bottle with a letter inside, may fall in love, may have the opportunity to be courted by someone or be attracted to a person. Falling in love then but only if we dream of this kind of event. The bottle is a container, it can be built with various materials that can be very fragile materials such as paper or more resistant like plastic or glass. Dreaming of a bottle of paper means living a period of great inner fragility, a period in which it is absolutely necessary to understand the difficulties that are being faced and which must not be underestimated in order to live a better earthly existence. When we close a liquid inside a bottle it takes its form and is preserved over time. Wine, beer, water need to be kept in bottles. Since the bottle is a container it can therefore be compared to our own life while liquids like water, beer, wine are the symbol of emotions, feelings that we are experiencing or experiencing in reality.

Sometimes, but not always, when we dream of buying a full bottle or we dream of finding a very expensive, precious bottle, it is possible to live a period of wealth that is not necessarily a material wealth, therefore linked to money, but above all an inner richness that it allows us to mature and to evolve inwardly and spiritually. This concept is even more valid and concrete when we dream of buying a bottle of wine as wine is the symbol of the blood of Christ, therefore a very strong spiritual symbol. What if we dream of drinking from a bottle? If we drink from a small or large bottle we must always try to remember what we are drinking and especially if we are very thirsty. In fact, dreaming of drinking often means dreaming of needing to regain energy and if we try very thirsty then the need to recover energy is very strong and should not be underestimated because, perhaps, we are living a very complicated, difficult, tiring period, in work, in the family, in feelings. Wine often represents an inner evolution, a spiritual maturation that also affects our choices in life, beer, champagne, sparkling wine and fruit juices can instead simply symbolize a phase of fun, peace, serenity and joy to live together with our friends, family relatives. In fact, after drinking beer in a dream, we can receive an invitation to a birthday party, an anniversary, a wedding. Water has the most important meaning of all the elements that appear in a bottle from which we drink. It represents the desire for regeneration, movement, purification and renewal in our earthly existence. Very often when we feel we have to make an important choice, to have to renew something in our life, then we can dream of drinking water that is a symbol of purity and is an essential element for living, fundamental for our body and nature, for the world.

But in the dream we can also drink alcohol, liquor, rum, whiskey. Dreaming of drinking lots of alcohol is not a good sign because it identifies, probably, a problem we want to forget or a situation from which we want to escape without looking for a useful solution. For example, we are in a period of our life in which we do not accept certain responsibilities and therefore prefer to flee from them. Here in a dream, then we can get drunk by drinking alcohol from a large bottle that contains all our responsibilities from which we run away. Obviously a widespread dream and in which the bottles are the protagonists, are the dreams or nightmares in which they fall on the floor from above a table, a balcony, a terrace and break up into a thousand pieces of glass that can also hurt someone , they can cut and lose blood. The bottle full of liquid that breaks into many pieces of glass can symbolize a dream that breaks, a project, an idea that we have but that must be abandoned for any reason. Unfortunately, this kind of dreams is almost never positive because breaking a bottle or dropping a bottle that escapes us from the hands, almost always signals the loss of opportunities, good opportunities, the possibility of getting stuck in the present without prospects of evolution in the future and therefore with the constraint of having to face a great period of inner involution. If we remember to collect the pieces of glass then we understand our mistakes but we are not able to find useful solutions to remedy. Sometimes bottles and glasses but also other containers can represent failure in the world of work and business but only if the container is completely empty. We conclude this topic also talking about those dreams in which the bottle has a very dark color, does not have a label and therefore does not allow us to see inside. These dreams signal the difficulty of understanding the path to take despite some opportunities that can come and be favorable. So we are facing a period of strong indecision.


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