What does it mean to look for cold water in dreams because we have a lot of thirst, dream of drinking so much water but can not get rid of it? Water in dreams has a very important meaning. "What and how many numbers of neapolitan grimace I have to play if I dream of the water that lifts my house to try to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and the guide to dreams?" To dream of seeing water is a symbol of rebirth and purification. But what does it mean to dream of seeing mom or dad drinking a little water from the glass or directly from the bottle? What meaning and interpretation has the dream in which the water that flows from the tap or from a stream is the protagonist? "Why did I dream of drinking much water from the tap, sparkling water or natural mineral water last night? Last night I dreamed of seeing my mother drink a clear water from the bottle while my father was drinking a glass of water. The other night my grandfather drank salted water together with his grandmother. This night I dreamed of going to the kitchen and taking a bottle of fresh water that fell over the floor on the floor. Last night I dreamed of being in Church and someone obliged me to drink holy and blessed water. Because sometimes I dream of seeing a work colleague, my boyfriend, a friend of mine, my parents, a relative, my son, my husband or wife, my sister, my uncle, my brother, the pope, a Famous actor or singer who make me drink poisoned water or very dirty or that stinks, has a bad smell, turbid and I feel very bad?" What does it mean to dream of water? To dream of water falling down or boiling in the pot with the dough inside it, what can it mean? Why do you dream about water and lemon, hydrogenated, distilled or cologne water, water and soap? Have you ever fallen into a well filled with hot or cold water, or have a nice bath or a nice shower with a lukewarm water or even a very hot water, burning your skin? Being without water or with little water in the fridge in your dreams is a really widespread fact. All of us can dream of water coming out into the street from the pipes of the aqueduct that are broken and flooding, invading all the rooms in my house, dreaming of water infiltration in the house or water flowing from the faucet or even very dirty rain water, Stagnant, sewer. A very recurring dream is to fall into the hot water or to dream of being in a swamp, to see water flowing in a river, in a stream that goes to the sea, finishing its run to a lake or seeing a clear Water coming down from a beautiful and very high waterfall.


Water is essential in our lives. In our dreams, water must never be underestimated. Water is life. Certainly, water in the dream can have a very important meaning for the dreamer. When we dream of drinking very clean, refreshing water, then in our lives we are regenerating. Regeneration is connected to water and therefore perhaps the dreamer is experiencing a period in which something needs to be changed, a time when it is necessary to reborn, a stage where new goals have to be set. Certainly you have to say something before continuing with the meanings of the dream water. Very often children dream of sweating and thirst because they probably need to go to the bathroom and pee. Even seniors can dream of drinking water but in fact the physicist and subconscious want to make him understand that he must wake up and go to the bathroom. Also, in the summer, when we suffer very hot, we can dream of drinking a lot of water or we can look for water everywhere and especially in our fridge. Our physique communicates with the subconscious and makes us understand that the need to drink something fresh is impelling. We have said before however that water can symbolize rebirth and purification. This concept is, of course, closely related to the religious use of water for the baptism of children, for blessing, and when we enter the Church or leave a church, we bathe our fingers and make the sign of the christian cross because we want to be blessed and above all forgiven for the crimes we committed.

Some people also dream of being poisoned by someone, an unknown person, or a dear friend or colleague of work or even a relative like a parent or brother. To dream of drinking poisoned water and then risking death, it probably means that we are not absolutely sure of the path we are facing in our lives and any changes can make us very scared. Drinking dirty water, having a bad odor or having a poison in it simply means that the period is not excellent to start a new path in our lives. In short, you still have to wait before proceeding with the changes we have in mind. This meaning is also valid when we are dreaming of drinking very hot water, boiling water or even taking a shower or a bath with very hot water. Burning water can mean a phase of our life that is very delicate and should not be taken with little consideration. In short, water can be a warning in these cases and therefore alert us to be very careful about the roads, decisions, choices we are taking in our working, professional, economic, family and sentimental lives. Drinking very clear, fresh, clean water is certainly a good sign because our inner evolution is conducive to changes that can be important in our lives. Dreaming of drinking water and feeling serene with a person like our love partner, indicates that the relationship can go very well.

Many people dream of being in front of a stream, a beautiful river or lake with very clear water. Someone even swims in these wonderful waters or walks on these waters. To dream of drinking stream water, river, lake, mountain or bathing and swimming in these places is beautiful because it can indicate a great evolution in your life, a strong muteness that can bring great accomplishments. Water in dreams is also linked to the creativity and imagination of the dreamer, which can then find a better development. After this kind of dreams, the dreamer in his life often feels more free, he or she is able to accomplish a project he has been working for a long time or receives good news that can open doors to small and big successes. But it is not over yet because the meanings of water may also not always be favorable. How many times have you dreamed of drinking very dirty water or getting into a swamp and risking drowning or even seeing a broken faucet and the flood of your home or a street in your city? Water, this is something we unfortunately know very well, it can be destructive and erase, eliminate, destroy anything in its path, on its path. That's why the meaning for these dreams is really very important as well. In our lives an inevitable and uncontrollable change can happen and we must be prepared to avoid great damage. Water infiltration with falling drops from the ceiling of our home may indicate the possibility of a small problem that has not yet manifested itself in its entirety so we are still in time to find a solution.


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