"Why do I often dream of dying or being killed? Why do dogs attack me and bite in a dream? Why do I often dream of finding money on the ground? What numbers can I get out of my dream often repeated or by a dream that was very beautiful? Do dreams point to my emotions or not?" How many times have you dreamed of being in strange places, meeting people you do not know or finding mysterious objects? Dreams are wishes for a song but dreams are realized in our reality very often. Do dreams that we do in the morning or in the afternoon or at night or night are worth something or do not serve anything? Dream interpretation and the meaning of dreams with cabal, dream dictionary with the meaning of dreams from A to Z, predictions and numbers to play at various national lotteries. In this article you find all this. If you do not know where to read, find, know some numbers related to your dreams or nightmares, then here you can accomplish your curiosity and try to extract some lucky numbers. The meaning of dreams free from letter A to letter Z. The interpretation of dreams is a serious thing. And you have to know what lies behind every element that appears in our dreams. With this dream book and the guide to the right interpretation and the meaning of dreams, you can really try to anticipate some events in your life, get useful tips and solve some issues that do not make you sleep overnight. Meanings and psychology of dreams are very complicated to study because each one of us has its own way of dreaming, a vocabulary of dreams and nightmares but in the meantime with what you find on this page, you can understand some things and find matching numbers to play to try a win. Every dream is never stupid and trivial but can hide a very deep meaning. Certainly, most of the dreams represent some of the events that we have lived in our daily lives, but other dreams can represent our likely future, our projects, our ideas, our emotions, and rarely, behind some dreams, can be the winning numbers.

What do you find in this article? First you find a very complete dictionary where you can find the number that matches an object, action, place, person you are dealing with in your dreams. You can then write dream numbers on a sheet as you are awake, but remember that you have to extract numbers from the main objects you dream, from the people you meet, so you just have to consider some important dream details. The list below is divided by letters. If you have, for example, dreamed of a cat running, then open the menu of letter C and that of letter R and find the words cat and run. If the cat was doing a particular action, for example, it was scratching or biting someone then look for the word scratch or the verb biting (or bite) in the corresponding down menu, where the words are listed in alphabetical order and then mark the numbers which you have found. For example, dreaming of a running cat and scratching offers the following numbers:

CAT = 59 - RUN = 48 - SCRATCH = 19


Before choosing your numbers from the dream dictionary, let's note the section of the site where you can calculate some numbers linked to your date of birth:

date of birth and numbers to playFIND LUCKY NUMBERS WITH THE BIRTH DATEdate of birth and numbers to play



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