Being arrested in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of seeing your father arrest? What is the meaning of this dream? Stop, block, restrain, inhibit, intercept someone on a road in our dreams. What does it mean to dream of arresting friends, enemies, relatives, parents, brothers, sisters, people who have died for so many years, children, grandparents, work colleagues or even famous people such as actors and singers? What does it mean to dream of being arrested, stopped in the street by the police, by the police, by the finance guard, who asks us for the documents and makes a big fine? Why can we dream of being arrested or arrested by someone spying? What does it mean to dream of the carabinieri chasing you with their car and the siren on and flashing, they make you approach the road, ask you to get out of your car or get off the motorcycle and kill or shoot you? Capture, imprison, incarcerate, catch, pick, catch a person in a dream. What does it mean to dream of being arrested in a dream after a long flight and being so afraid? Dreaming of going to visit a friend in jail, a person arrested unjustly or dreaming of freeing, release, release. Dreaming that they arrest your father and your mother and the rest of the family. Why is it possible to dream of being in jail, in prison alone, in a small cell, dark, without light, together with a very ugly and dangerous man who wants to hurt us or leave a prison cell for good behavior? What does it mean to undergo a trial where you are arrested and taken to jail? What does it mean to dream of arresting someone along with the carabinieri and the police who wear their military uniform? What numbers can we find in the Neapolitan grimace to play to try to win the lottery if in our dreams we see the carabinieri who stop a man or woman in the street near my house, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "Last night I dreamed that they arrest my boyfriend, my boyfriend and I cried a lot and I was very worried. Last night I remember dreaming that they arrested some of my uncles and cousins. The other night I was arrested in a dream by a man I did not know. This night I dreamed that they arrested me but I also arrested a person". Well, the dreams in which we are stopped by the police in the streets are very common and certainly hide an important message, but when we are to arrest someone, then understanding the concept is not easy.


In real life, a person is arrested and brought before a judge to be judged for various reasons. The crime that is committed can be very serious or very serious and therefore sometimes it can also happen to be imprisoned and end up in a cell, in prison for many years. So being arrested means having committed a crime unless we know that we are innocent and therefore arrest and imprisonment are unjust. We must start from the concept of guilt to understand the dreams in which we can be arrested or someone is arrested and we are still watching or trying to help in some way. These dreams most likely hide the fear of having something wrong in life. In short, when in a dream we are arrested by police or carabinieri, we must think that we are in a situation where we are not very well because we have a weight on our stomach, a weight on our conscience that we absolutely have to pull out. Maybe we argued with our parents, we discussed with our boyfriend, our husband or with a friend or colleague of work and we feel we have made mistakes or, anyway, our conscience and our subconscious want to communicate, through dreams, a guilt that maybe during the wake, we can not try. So very often, interpreting the dreams in which we are stopped, blocked on the road while walking on foot or on a car or motorcycle, is really very simple because you just have to think about a situation for which we feel little or so guilty. The arrest in the dream, however, can be very stormy, for example we flee in front of a police car that is chasing us because we do not want to be arrested. During this flight, we surely feel a great fear and the sensations and emotions that we feel, that we perceive in the dream world, are always fundamental details to understand the meaning of the dream. And here that escaping from the police and being very afraid means having understood that you have committed something in life, feeling a strong sense of guilt that still does not come out, remains inside us, blocked and does not make us live well. Here we are in the presence of the classic remorse that do not make us sleep at night, do not make us sleep soundly.

If we are arrested then we think we have committed a crime or feel a strong sense of guilt but if we arrest someone ourselves then the meaning changes. In fact, many people say they have dreamed of arresting a person and taking her to a cell or from the police. Of course, arresting someone means that we think we are right and do not have a fault in a situation that we are experiencing in real life or we have already lived. And here the meaning is completely opposite to that of the dreams in which we are arrested. Be at fault or think you're right. Of course understanding the person who is arrested is very important because it is the fulcrum of the situation and can provide very useful indications to understand the real meaning of the dream. We have always said that every detail, in the dream world, is fundamental. Emotions and sensations are crucial, objects that we see and use, places we visit and where we are, people we meet and talk to. All this is essential and should not be underestimated. And here the person we arrest or have arrested by the police, by the carabinieri, can help us to understand the sector of our life and the situation that is very worrying. If we arrest our parents then family relationships are not positive and we, especially if we are boys, we think we are right about what they say and say. So the arrest can be seen as the mirror of a bad interpersonal, social, family, work and sentimental relationship. For example, dreaming of the police arresting a colleague of work can mean that our professional ideas are completely different from those of his colleague and this situation obviously creates a very tense climate for which we feel guilty, perhaps. Dreaming of arresting our husband or our girlfriend means having different sentimental ideas or, most likely, we feel that we are living a relationship of love that is too oppressive and that does not allow us to be free and independent. Here we can then give the fault to the person we love.

We must not neglect a very important thing in our dreams. When we are stopped by the police, we can be arrested and brought before a judge or we can only pay a fine. The fine in dreams is always a concern but it is a minor concern and therefore we know we have made a mistake but this error is small and everything can be fixed. Another object that often appears in dreams when we are being arrested or ourselves who stop and arrest someone, is the presence of cars and motorcycles. Cars and motorcycles are the tools we have to go on in life, so being stopped on the road because maybe we go too fast and undergo a check, a fine and even a stop, means not being able to use the tools we have, especially with regard to work. Some people say they have received bad news after having dreamed of their arrest or arrest of a person in their family or in any case the arrest of a much loved person. In reality this thing is untrue and these premonitory dreams are very rare. When we witness the arrest of some people we must always think of a fault that we feel inside of us, of a non-positive state of mind and that does not allow us to live in peace. Then we can witness the arrest in a dream of people who are enemies to us in real life. The enemies that are arrested are the symbol of some obstacle, a problem to be faced and that requires great attention and sacrifice. Other people say they have dreamed of an arrest during a very difficult period of their lives and after having had a dream of this kind, they can see the light at the end of the tunnel, that is, they manage to get out of this complex period and perhaps also very painful. So being arrested, in this case, is a very positive thing and foreshadows a better period of our life that is about to arrive. Even being able to escape a stop can mean the opportunity to receive good news or assist and be the protagonists of a wonderful event. Arresting someone, sometimes, indicates the arrival of a surprise for the dreamer, of a change that can prove to be really useful.


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