"What does it mean when you dream of running fast on a downhill road? Last night I dreamed that I was running naked and very strong, very fast because I was being chased by someone with whom I had a lot of fear, I was afraid that I would hurt. Last night I dreamed of racing in the rain that was falling and a lot stronger. I walked quickly to a place in a dream, but I was running backwards. What does it mean when you dream of running, to get away from someone, but I go very slowly, I can not move, I am almost locked? That give meaning to the dreams in which I can not run? Last night I dreamed of running without shoes, barefoot, in an uphill, in the snow? Last night I dreamed that I was running a lot and I had shortness of breath. Last night I dreamed I was running behind a train, a motorcycle, a car, by bike, by the water on a frozen lake and slide. I wanted to run, run away from someone, an unknown person who was chasing me and I was very afraid. And if you dream to attend a race, take part in a race on foot, by bike, by car? The other night I dreamed of not being able to run, but I was still, motionless. I ran because a beast, a wild animal was chasing me and wanted to attack me, he wanted to kill". What does it mean to dream of fast-forward, running barefoot, with broken shoes? That means hurry, slingshot, gallop, rush toward something or someone in a dream? What is the meaning and interpretation given to such dreams? Let's figure.

We have seen what it means dream of walking and today we try to understand why we run in a dream. It is a very common dream. Running in a dream can often happen to anyone, but why? Many will think that it runs in a dream to escape from someone or some situation that oppresses us in real life. In fact, it is even so. Often when we dream about running away from someone or something that threatens us, we are probably facing a situation in real life, maybe at work or in love that does not suit us, in a situation where maybe we want to escape. In short, these dreams often indicate that we are people with little responsibility and do not address the situation. Therefore, this type of dream often hides a immaturity of the dreamer.

But you can dream of running in different situations, places, and in very strange ways. For example you can run backwards and then probably we are moving backwards in our lives. We can try to run on an icy road and slipping. These dreams mean that we must carefully evaluate certain life situations to find ourselves not to pay the consequences. Dreaming of racing bicycle, motorcycle, car is favorable sign because it means that we have the means to move, to move forward in our lives. Only if we ran an accident then we have to be careful. And being chased by an animal, from an unknown person who wants to attack us, kill us, hurt us? On awakening let us ask ourselves what we fear in our lives, which we have concerns.

A very common dream is one in which we see ourselves better run or try to put us on the run, to run, but we can not because we're stuck. Clearly these dreams confirm what we have said before, namely that some situation in real life worries us a lot and we do not know which solution to find. Finally, it can happen to dream of running barefoot, barefoot, without shoes uphill and then doing a lot of effort. We will face a period of stress, a time when we may be judged by others. Running downhill is favorable sign because it indicates that we have all the qualities to be able to move forward in life.


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