Injustice in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of an injustice and to be acquitted for not having committed the crime? What does it mean to dream of your absolution in court or to dream of being a judge and acquitting other people? What does it mean to dream of having the right punishment, an exemplary or unjust, terrible sentence of 10, 20, 30 years of imprisonment and going to a dark cell of a maximum surveillance prison? What does it mean to dream of life imprisonment, shooting or hanging? What it means to dream of suffering a serious injustice and to be under surveillance, under seizure by the carabinieri, the police, the Guardia di Finanza, the Public Prosecutor's Office. Why can we dream of being accused by a lawyer, judge, policeman, politician, unknown man or woman, by a very old elderly person or by a parent, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, grandfather, brother-in-law, friend, work colleague? To slander, to insinuate, to criticize, to defame, to denigrate, to reproach, to blame, to blame a person in our dreams is a very widespread thing. What does it mean to dream of being unjustly accused by our mother or father? Defend, indict, report, sue, sue in court or defend, absolve, exculpate someone in a courtroom. Why can we dream of telling a lie, a false thing about a person? What it means to dream of declaring oneself guilty, blaming oneself, accusing oneself or exonerating oneself, exonerating oneself. What does it mean to dream of an accusation or to dream of accusing or being accused by a man or woman whom we do not know or even by a dead relative, a deceased for so many years? Being accused of murder, of theft, of stealing, of having committed an armed robbery or being unjustly accused of something, of a crime we have not committed. What does it mean to dream of being on trial? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace I can play I want to try to win the lottery if in my dreams I'm in court to serve a crime I did not commit, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "Tonight I remember dreaming of being arrested and taken to prison and being very afraid. Last night I dreamed of being in a courtroom to testify against a man who had committed a crime. Last night I dreamed of stealing and managed to escape the police. The other night I was sued by a person and received a big fine". Today we try to understand the meaning of this kind of dreams.


In order to understand the meaning of these dreams we must start from our real life and from the sense of justice that we possess within us. When we commit a crime we can be judged and arrested or we can receive a simple fine. Committing a crime means not respecting the law, not following the rules of the society in which we live and having a sense of rebellion and independence that can be very dangerous. People often dream of being blocked by the police on the street and having to stand trial in court before judges and lawyers. When we dream of being arrested for doing something very serious like, for example, killing a person, then we can go to jail or try to escape. We can feel a sense of injustice because we think we were not the ones who committed the crime. And here is the fulcrum of this type of dreams. Committing a crime but not feeling guilty. We remind all of you that in our dreams every detail is fundamental and above all the feelings and emotions we feel should never be underestimated because they represent a good part of our interpretation. So if we dream of being arrested, for example, while walking on the street alone or with someone we know, we could feel a great feeling of unease, we could even cry, be very worried and scared and feel a great feeling of injustice because we are convinced to be innocent. What lies behind these dreams? So, when we wake up we have to try to remember first of all if we are dealing with a very disturbing situation, that is a situation or a period in which we have to pay attention to all the details so as not to miss something. For example, a boy has to face an exam and is very worried and here in dream this malaise that he experiences in everyday life, turns into a stop, in a judgment by someone. Our fault may be that of not being ready and of not being able to bear the stress that this examination may require.

Behind the dreams in which we are arrested and judged often hides a strong sense of guilt for something we have committed in real life. For example, we lied to a person we love very much or we have committed an action that we are very sorry for and here in a dream our subconscious expresses this small or big sense of guilt that obviously needs to be addressed to find a solution. Many people dream of being in front of a lawyer or a judge to be tried and taken to jail. When we wake up from these dreams or nightmares we must always try to understand what we have done, what we have done and if we really feel a sense of guilt for someone. Very often in our life, during every day, we perform incorrect gestures towards someone, towards a person we love but we are so involved in the stressful life of every day that we do not stop to think and that our inner world comes out through dreams of this kind that must open our mind and our heart to try to think about what we have done. To understand why we can feel guilty, we must analyze every detail of the dream and it is obvious that the people who are with us, the people who are arrested with us or the people who judge our actions, play a very important role. So we can dream of being in court and the person who accused us is our husband, our wife, our girlfriend or our lover. Of course we are worried about a sentimental situation that does not live a good time. The person we love has made a mistake or we ourselves have made a mistake and now we feel the need within us to have to remedy and this need is even more real if in a dream we are convicted and taken to jail. People with us in dreams often identify the problem to be faced in our life and therefore we must never forget the objects we see, the places we are in, the sensations we feel, even the people who are with us. But in this kind of dreams we can be judged guilty or we can be absolved. If we are guilty then almost certainly we know we have to make up for a mistake but if we dream of being acquitted then the meaning changes.

To dream of being innocent, going to court, being judged and being absolved by the judge, means knowing that you have no fault in a situation we are experiencing. Our romantic relationship is not going through a great time but we know that we have done everything we can to settle the situation and we blame only the person who lives with us or we love. Dreaming of being arrested by the police, being brought before a judge and being judged in a courtroom can happen to many children and children who have a very complicated relationship with their parents. When parents are particularly severe or ask for obedience, then the child, the boy, the child may feel guilty or think that they have no fault because they think they are right. Very often interpersonal relationships and therefore sentimental, family, work, are the focus of our dream world. If we think about all this and we also think about the fact that often during our daily life we??make mistakes, we hurt and hurt people, but we do not realize our behavior, then we can understand and understand very well this kind of dreams that is absolutely not underestimate. We can think we are right and have not made any mistakes in our lives and so we dream of being absolved by a judge or we can think we are wrong and we are arrested, we are judged and go to jail. If we are incarcerated with very long sentences such as life imprisonment or even shooting, then hanging the sense of guilt can be very strong within us. But what is hidden behind the dreams in which someone accuses us for a crime and makes us go to jail but we are sure we have done nothing wrong? Why can we be unjustly accused in the dream world? Obviously these dreams represent some of our fears, insecurities, the anguish of being judged for what we are but the fear of not being judged positively and therefore our level of self-esteem is certainly not excellent and we must try to think of ourselves and not the judgment of other people.


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