The door in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Dreaming of hearing the knock on the door. Dreaming of buying new doors and windows. A dream that can really strike a lot of fear. What does it mean to dream of opening or closing a door of a car or church and finding a person behind it that scares us? And what does it mean to dream of opening or splitting an open door with a hammer or some stones? What does it mean to dream to see, to find a closed door with a big bell on our way together with an uncle, brother-in-law, boyfriend, friend, work colleague or famous singer or actor, from which comes cold and much wind and rain? Why can we dream of opening a window, a coffin, a tomb, shutters, a drawer, a gate, a wardrobe, a safe and finding money, gold, jewels? Uscio, door, threshold, entrance, passage, access, entrance, door, door are almost all synonyms of the word door and certainly indicate something very important. What does it mean to dream about the door to the open house or that was forced by thieves and was then broken? What does it mean to dream of forgetting to lock the front door with the keys? Seeing in dream an old door, broken, scratched, ruined, secret, cracked, without handle, of glass, locked, of wood can take on a good meaning or a bad meaning. Why is it possible to dream of not being able to open a front door, a new door, black, white, yellow, red, blue, transparent? What does it mean to dream of a door with a very narrow window and that has been unhinged by someone? What does it mean to dream of opening a large, immense and high door? Which and how many numbers can we extract from the book of the ancient Neapolitan grimace to play them in the lottery and try to win if I dream of throwing open the door of an apartment, according to the guide on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of asking all the doors and windows of my house to keep out the cold, the wind and some people. Last night I remember dreaming of being in the house of my parents with my mother, my father, my grandfather, my brother and my sister and we could not close a door with the keys. Last night I dreamed that I was with my husband, a friend of mine, my lover and my children as we tried to break a door that was blocked from the outside. This night I dreamed of being in front of the door of a great church and I wanted to enter to pray but the door did not open". So we try to understand the meaning of the doors in our dreams and to give a proper interpretation to them.


So, we must always start from the meaning of the door in everyday life, then in real life, in order to then understand its oneiric meaning and then when it appears in our dreams. The door is used to separate various rooms of a house or to provide privacy to people, not to listen to what is being said, to hear noises and obviously the door is also useful to protect a house from the entry of thieves or people who could enter without permission. So the first meaning of the door represents protection. When we dream of a door or a door, we must therefore think that we are in a moment in our lives where we need protection, to move away from someone, something, from some situation that can create difficulties for us. All the details of a dream are very useful to understand who we want to get away from, from which situation we want to distance ourselves. For example, if we dream of closing the door of our bedroom by closing out our parents, clearly we need to protect ourselves from the excessive severity of mum and dad or we do not want to let you know something, some of our secrets. So the door can be understood as the privacy we wish to have in real life. Often we slam the doors in anger, to disobey someone and this gesture in a dream is undoubtedly the sign of a period not very simple that we are living and that can involve work, feelings, the family and so many interpersonal relationships. Closing the car inside and not letting anyone in or closing in the door of the house and not opening to the people who ring the bell, means being too attentive to their needs and not those of others who may need our help. Mental closure or openness. The door in our dreams could also represent our mind, our way of thinking? Certainly the answer to this question is affirmative and we try to understand the analogy between mind and door when it appears and is a very important object in dreams.

If we dream of walking through an area where the doors are completely open and therefore do not create obstacles to our path, then the analogy with our mind that is able to express its full potential without particular difficulty, is very evident. But the free path from locked doors is undoubtedly also the representation of our work path, professional, economic or even spiritual if in the dreams we are facing a Church with the doors wide open. To dream of arriving at the workplace and not having to open any door, window, to enter, means that perhaps we can progress in the work and achieve excellent goals thanks to a great intelligence and openness of mind. And when the door is closed and we can not open it by turning the handle then some problem to be dealt with on a mental level, in work or in love is present. For example, many people dream of being together with their partner of love as they travel a route and at one point a large door blocks the road, blocks the path and does not allow to continue the journey. If we are not able to open that door by the handle or using a key, then our love life has come at a very delicate time when it is not easy to find a solution to improve the dialogue. Being able to open the door means being able to find a valid solution to love problems and therefore this dream symbol also indicates possible solutions, joys, novelties and opportunities that can just open the path to success, towards a better social relationship, sentimental. But the doors can be very scary. For example, many people say they are in front of a black door and completely immersed in the dark and being very afraid, not being able to open that door. If ahead of a door or window that does not allow us to see elsewhere, we are afraid, then in everyday life we??must fight against some fears so we do not find a valid solution yet.

Often it is also possible to dream of opening a door and seeing a monster, a shadow, a terrible dog or a beast coming towards us and wanting to hurt us. If we see someone coming out of a door, then our fears have brought us into a very precarious situation, very complex to solve. Finding the key to open a huge door in front of us means precisely to find the right solution to solve some problems in our lives, perhaps very large problems but for which you can find a good opportunity. After analyzing a vast series of dreams in which people remember to have opened a door or a window without having any kind of problem, many scholars have come to the conclusion that this dreamlike opening represents a possible turning point in the life of the dreamer who can then going to meet a very important change but that must be carefully analyzed to understand the sector of manifestation. And here the sensations and emotions we experience in dreams, the objects we use, the people we meet and the places we visit, are all fundamental elements for interpreting the dream. For example, if we are in front of a Church and we can open its door or someone opens the door for us and allows us to enter, then our inner life, our spirituality can evolve thanks to our maturation but also thanks to the help someone's. The open doors almost always indicate successes, favorable opportunities, opportunities to be seized while the closed doors indicate obstacles to overcome and trying to open a closed door can mean determination, willpower, desire to get what we are struggling for. Obviously the only way to open a door is not just to use its handle or a key, but we could throw stones, smash it with a big hammer. These useful objects to destroy a door are the symbol of the tools we use in life to progress, tools that are absolutely necessary to fight against the possible resistance of some difficult situations and choices to make.


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