Terrorist attacks and wars in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of attacking the world with a major terrorist attack? What does it mean to dream about some hooded and unrecognizable terrorists who kill people or blow up bombs, launch missiles with tanks, shoot with machine guns, guns and destroy anything? What does it mean to dream of being kidnapped by terrorists or terrorists who threaten our family? Why can we dream of being a terrorist who shoots everyone in his path? Seeing terrorists in dreams that kill other people and threaten the dreamer is a very common thing. What does it mean to dream of being killed by a terrorist or being subjected to an attack? Why can we dream of organizing a major international attack or foiling a national or even global terrorist attack? What does it mean to dream of blowing up a place with so many bombs and explosives? To blow up the school, the place of work. Dreaming of escaping from danger, finding yourself in a shootout or watching the death of someone with so much bloodshed. What does it mean to dream of a terrorist attack in which many children, men, women, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, brothers-in-law, uncles, relatives, grandparents, children, husbands, wives and boyfriends die? What numbers does the Neapolitan grimace indicate if we wish to play the lottery when we dream of suffering an attack, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of being with my mother and father and watched television listening to the news of a terrible attack in our city. Last night I remember dreaming of being together with some friends and work colleagues and suddenly armed and hooded men were shooting at us killing anyone. Last night I dreamed that I was helping a terrorist escape from the war. This night I dreamed of being hit by a bullet in the leg and I was losing a lot of blood. I was very scared". This time we try to understand the meaning of these strange dreams that we sometimes have during sleep.


According to studies of many dreams and nightmares of many people, dreaming of being attacked and then being involved in a war, in a kidnapping, being shot, killed by people with their faces covered and then by terrorists, can mean the imminent arrival of a serious problem in one's life, of a small or great danger and for which we must be very careful and open-minded. Certainly this interpretation can be very pessimistic and may make one fear that terrible things can happen in our lives but fortunately, only in some situations does this interpretation prove to be true. In fact we have always said that we need to make a comparison with everything we dream of and what is real and therefore we see in our lives. So since a terrorist attack is a very cruel war, then we can think that dreaming of this event can correspond to terrible adventures that can happen in our lives and therefore not be absolutely positive for us. But these nightmares may have other, far more important meanings and not only represent a very dangerous and possible event in our lives. Wars bring famine, confusion, destabilization of peoples, poverty and the fear of not being able to live peacefully. Even the terrorist attacks bring a huge confusion and it is from this word that we have to start to understand the meaning of many dreams in which some people decide to burst bombs, missiles and kill people as well as destroying buildings. First of all, an attacker often has his face covered and if we dream of seeing a person with a face covered so that we can not recognize, then we have not yet understood what disturbs our existence, what is the problem that hides behind this kind of dreams. In short, our subconscious tries to make us understand, through these dreamlike scenes that can be terrifying, frightening, that something is not in its place in our lives and we must try to understand the cause of this malaise we are experiencing.

The terrorist attacks thus identify an important problem that can arise from the very depth of our soul, can start from within our mind and therefore be a very serious problem not to be underestimated. Finding oneself during an attack and trying to escape, trying to escape from people who want to kill us is certainly not a good sign because it represents the escape from reality, the flight from our problems that are therefore not addressed and resolved. If the dreamer, however, during a war or a simple fight with an attacker, does not run away but tries to defeat the opponent, then he can hope to be particularly lucky because he probably understood the problem that afflicts his soul, his mind and his life is looking for a solution. So the fight in a dream represents the desire to fight against adversity, against a problem, against someone who wants to complicate our existence. Often these fights represent our indecisions, our uncertainties that must find a valid solution for not being able to find more fertile ground and progress, therefore worsen. Wars are almost always the symbol of a big inner chaos, of a great internal struggle that can ruin our existence. Many people who are unable to face life, work problems, romantic and family problems and even economic problems, can often dream of wars, murders, terrorist attacks in which bombs, missiles, bullets, gunshots are the symbol of a great inner energy that has to come out and not get stuck in the depths of our soul. Only in some cases, dreaming of attending or participating in a major terrorist attack that creates destruction and death, means having the chance to witness an enormous change in one's life, an inescapable event that involves us directly, especially if in the dream also we participate in the war, in the attack. This type of interpretation is even more truthful when in a dream we see many people being killed and the reason is very simple.

Death in dreams almost always represents a possible change that can happen in our life, a change or the end of a situation that is no longer useful, it is no longer necessary, with the consequence of a forced change. These dreams could also be positive, and therefore seeing people who are slaughtered, killed during a terrorist assault can signal the possibility of putting an end to a part of their life to start another path. The confirmation of this kind of interpretation comes precisely from these dreams in which the dreamer remembers seeing a person who knows and who is perhaps killed. For example, a boy can dream of his girlfriend being shot and then killed during a terrorist attack. The death of his girlfriend, wife, lover, most likely means the end of a love story or the need to find other stimuli so that this story can continue in the best way. And here, on awakening, we must try to understand all the causes that do not make us sleep well at night and make us dream of terrible wars. From our dreams we must learn lessons of life because our subconscious serves to communicate with our consciousness that during real life is not very active. Every dream can be a valid lesson of life and therefore every dream or nightmare is never trivial. We can dream of being attacked while we are at work and some of our colleagues are killed or our employer is injured. Here we need to change something in the work that is no longer satisfactory for us. We conclude this article by talking about those dreams in which the attackers are killed, killed by ourselves or by soldiers who come to help us. The death of the bombers, very often, represents the possibility of finding an excellent solution to the problems that invade our mind, our soul and our daily life and therefore these dreams are the symbol of a beautiful inner journey, of an evolution and maturation. very positive in our earthly existence.


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