"When dream the death done dress of black that comes with the scythe, with the hood in head thing means? Must I worry me? When dream the death of myself thing means? Why have I dreamt the death of my brother and my sister? Why can I dream the death of my father, of my mother, of my grandmother, of my uncle, of my child or of my husband? Why last night I have dreamt that died? When dream the death of one friend of mine thing means? The past night I have seen the death in dream that drew near to me because she wanted to kill myself. I have been afraid indeed. The death in my dreams often comes to find me but me I don't understand the motive. This night I have dreamt that death entered my house and it ran after me because she wanted to kill myself with its scythe. I didn't succeed in breathing anymore and I have been afraid. The past night I was on my bed while death drew near and frightened me". Why can own death be dreamt? We see to understand the meaning of the dreams with the death what very diffused can be among the people. The meanings can be indeed so many and therefore it doesn't need to think about the true physical death. We see to understand therefore the death's symbolism in our dreams.

A relative's death, our terrestrial end, our fiancé's disappearance, the loss of a dear friend, the passing and the departure of a person to us near and that it is very important in our life. The eternal sleep, as you can also have called the death, it is a very powerful symbolism that often comes to find us in our dreams. Unfortunately so many people when they dream the death they think about having to die or they think that death can arrive for some person to which you love. But is qual the true meaning of the death in our dreams? First of all death points out a change that can happen in the life of the dreamer, then very often points out the end of a situation and the beginning of another situation that you/he/she can concern the job, the love, the family. To die in dream therefore, in the greatest part of the cases, it means evolution, end of a part of our life that from space to the beginning of a new phase of life that can be very positive for us.

This change is able not to also concern the dreamer but a person that lives next to the dreamer a person that has a narrow bond with the dreamer. For instance if we see one brother of ours that dies then in dream it is very probable that in his/her life something of unforeseen event will happen but favorable and we will be happy to this event. This type of dreams is certainly able indeed it stuffed fear because a lot of people dream the death dressed of black straight, with the hood in head and with the scythe that pursues because she wants to kill. It doesn't need to worry in particolar way of this type of dreams because also here, the meaning is tied up to a change that can happen in our life. If in dream death kills us and we feels then a physical pain this it means that the change that is about to happen will be a few difficult to accept on our behalf and us we must put indeed so much appointment. Often this symbolism is tied up to the harvest of so many satisfactions that you can be also economic. For instance if we see the death that cuts some branches or some grass in our garden with the scythe, then in our life you/they can arrive so many good occasions to earn or so many opportunities of job to be taken to the flight.

Many boys, a lot of women or men that have a sentimental life, therefore men and women that are gotten married or engaged, you can dream that his/her own partner of love dies. Often this type of dreams is to bring back to a problem of relationship that is had with the person that is loved. The death in this case in fact you can point out a very serious difficulty to communicate with the person that is nearby, an awful incapability to make to be understood to succeed in making some choices without being forced by the other person. Then these dreams are an invitation to try to open a dialogue with the person that we love, finding the things that don't be all right, that produce incomprehensions in our sentimental life. This type of dreams something always teaches us and often points out events that, in the greatest part of the cases, they are positive for us and therefore when you will dream the death you don't absolutely have to be afraid but you must be happy because something beautiful and unexpected is about it to happen to your life.


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