Hang something in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of attacking, hooking, suspending, fixing a picture with many small or large nails or the point of a drill on the wall? What does it mean to dream of hanging a picture or drawing on the walls of a room, living room or kitchen? What does it mean to dream of hanging from a tree with a rope around your neck? What does it mean to dream of detaching, unhooking from the wall something we have hung with nail and hammer? Why can we dream of letting us hang on the outside wall of the house? Because you can dream of hanging, sticking, being lifted, getting up on a rope, a balcony, a rope, with hooks in the skin, a metal bar, upside down, to stretch the back or to improve and heal from backache? What does it mean to stick to a backrest? What does it mean to dream of hanging a dress, a cage with birds, a beautiful clock that shows the correct or wrong time or hang a broken picture, a picture that falls? What does it mean to dream of hanging something together with a friend, work colleague, uncle, brother-in-law, grandfather, a child or a woman or a man we do not know? And what does it mean to dream to drop from the wall many paintings with broken glass, to buy, buy a beautiful picture with the portrait of a long-dead relative or with the portrait, the picture of my mother, my father, my brother and sister? Dreaming of setting up paintings, clothes, stuff, curtains, a large and colorful curtain, a dress in wardrobe, dreaming of hanging pictures or dreaming of buying a wonderful picture full of colors but we can not hang, staring at the wall of a wall. What and how many numbers from the book of the ancient Neapolitan grimace can we play to try to win if I dream of sticking a nail to the wall to fix a cuckoo clock, according to the guide on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of being together with my boyfriend and many friends as we tried to attack a series of balloons on the wall for a birthday party. Last night I dreamed of being with my son and husband while we were trying to hang a small clock in our bedroom. Last night I dreamed of seeing a beautiful painting and I wanted to fix it on the wall of my house but I could not because the nail broke. This night they gave me a lot of objects and clothes that I hung in my closet". Hanging something in dreams is not a very widespread thing but nevertheless has its own specific meaning. We see that we understand the message that the subconscious wants to communicate to us.


Even in a dream, you can dream of using a wardrobe or the wall of one of our rooms to hang something. In order to understand this type of dreams we must start from the meaning of hanging. When we fix something on the wall it means that this object can be a furnishing item. We can also hang, put a dress in our closet because we do not need it anymore or we can attach a clock, a painting or a calendar to the wall of our house wall. The object we attach to the wall is very important and almost all the meaning of the dream comes from the type of object. We have always said that in our dream world all the details are fundamental and in fact we dream of objects, remember the places where we are, the people we meet and the feelings we experience, are essential to bring out a very correct and very personal interpretation. So when we dream of hanging something we have to remember where we are, the object we hang and the people who are with us at that time. Usually the gesture of hanging an object means that this object is no longer useful in a certain moment of our life. In fact, when we hang a dress, a hat, a scarf, it means that this accessory is no longer useful. So when we dream of putting something aside in a dream we must think that we are in a period when something is no longer useful and therefore it must no longer be used. Often behind this kind of dreams lies so much indecision, the possibility of being able to make a choice but that is postponed due to doubts that may arise. Unfortunately this indecision can be wrong and bring various problems and here the dream reminds us, precisely with the gesture of hanging, not to postpone important choices in our earthly existence. Storing clothes in a closet means no longer wanting to remember something, it means wishing to cancel a part of our life that we do not like anymore or, at the moment, we do not need it anymore, it's useless.

If instead we hang, fix another type of object to the wall, then the meaning of the dream can be completely different. For example, we can typically dream of attaching a calendar, a picture or a clock to the wall of our bedroom. Obviously, in these cases, the object plays a fundamental role. Fixing a calendar with a nail using a hammer means that we probably have some real-life appointments that we can not miss and that absolutely must be remembered. The nails symbolize strength and union, skill and tenacity. The nails in dream can represent perseverance, obstinacy to carry forward some of our ideas, some of our projects without letting ourselves be overwhelmed by emotions. The hole in the wall that is simple to do means that we can easily succeed in our intent and therefore nails and calendar can signal the possibility of getting something very important from an appointment that is not underestimated then by the dreamer. The nail represents resilience in some area of??our life. Often attacking something using a nail can mean problems at work but simply the responsibilities can be so huge that they can not be tolerated. Here our life becomes complex and the symbolism of the calendar with the nail becomes a way of escaping from our responsibilities, from the events of our lives that we are forced to live. If the calendar often concerns appointments, a very concentrated and prepared mind and a way to try to solve some work problems, the picture we hang in a dream is not to be underestimated. How many times have we seen in a dream some paintings that perhaps represent someone of our family as an ancient deceased relative or a person still alive. The painting collects a moment of our earthly existence. A landscape can represent a particular important moment of our life that we do not want to forget and therefore we hang in dreams.

Fixing pictures on the walls of the house means trying not to forget something we have experienced. For example we can dream of using nails and hammer to hang a picture with the image of some people. These people are certainly fundamental in our earthly existence and want to bring a particular message. We often dream of dead people, dead for a long time, relatives who are no longer on our Earth. These dreamlike images depicted in a painting that we attach to the wall, surely symbolize ancient memories, good moments or the need to find the right path in life, a road that we are losing. Here the symbolism and the act of hanging, hooking or unhooking something in a dream, means trying to find the right decision, trying to remove a period of uncertainty that unfortunately we are living in our earthly existence. This oneiric meaning is even more important when we dream of a clock hanging on the wall. The time that flows, the responsibilities we face and the commitments of life that can become very heavy and tiring. We must never forget that the gesture of hanging an object almost always refers to the possibility of no longer needing anything in our life, so it can refer to the need to change something, to turn the page and take other paths in the work or in love. For example, if we dream of being in the workplace and attach a calendar and clock to the wall or simply a dress, then the need to change something in the work is very strong in our subconscious and if we find a colleague with us, it is very probable that the change we want also depends on himself. Hanging pictures in our parents' house means having the need to change interpersonal relationships with them while being with the person we love means having the desire to change something in the sentimental relationship that is not so good for us anymore. Being hanged by someone on a wall or a tree with a rope around his neck means not feeling better suited to everyday life, it means feeling useless.


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