Landscapes in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of admiring a marvelous ancient city? And dream of being in your country of origin or in an unknown country? Which and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace do I have to play if I have a dream in which I see a beautiful panorama, to try to get a lottery money win according to the dream book and the dream guide? To watch, to observe, to fall in love, to wonder, to contemplate, to adore, to esteem, to appreciate, to venerate, to be enthusiastic, to be enraptured or to hate, to despise any dreamlike place. What does it mean to dream of seeing the seas and mountains of a fantastic unreal place? What does it mean to dream of observing a snowy landscape, frozen, hilly, yellow, red, green, dark, autumnal, winter, summer, spring, beautiful, full of a lot of white snow, full of rain, water, ice, with a big lake , river, stream? Why can we dream of looking at a little-known landscape, painted on the canvas of a painting, marine or dreaming of getting lost in an unknown city, which we do not know, of being in a very dangerous, dark or full of light foreign city? What does it mean to dream of admiring a landscape full of many colors? Why is it possible to dream of a beautiful place surrounded by nature, an area, a place and natural territory with lots of beautiful animals and plants? Dreaming of stopping next to a mountain or to the bank of a stream and contemplating the immensity, the horizon of the world and the spectacle of nature. The landscape in our dreams can be ghostly, scary or idyllic, marvelously beautiful and particularly fascinating. Observe in a dream, a picture of a city or a small country, take a panoramic photograph as a memory of a journey to an enchanted and fantastic place. What does it mean to dream to stop and observe a landscape and draw, paint a beautiful painting? "The other night I dreamed of being with my mother, my father, my sister and my brother and we all had our eyes in the sky because there was a beautiful full moon. Last night I remember seeing a fantastic landscape but that was very unreal. This night I dreamed of being together with a dead relative, deceased for many years and many children, in front of a huge sea with a beautiful color. Last night I dreamed of a trip to the countryside and walked among flowers and plants. At my side I found my son, my husband, a friend of mine and a colleague of work, but I remember having also seen the Pope and a famous actor and singer". Today we try to understand the meaning of those dreams in which it is possible to see strange landscapes that can attract our attention.


The landscape in dreams can attract our attention and often much more than people, objects that we meet and see during our dream journey. Sometimes, landscapes in dreams can leave an indelible memory, a very strong memory and when we wake up we can remember all the details of the places we were in. The environment in which we are is never useless and indeed, often corresponds to emotions, sensations, emotional aspects of the dreamer who daily does not consider and for which he is not careful but in a dream appear with great emphasis to accentuate certain needs. The landscape is undoubtedly very important in our dreams because it represents the situation and current condition of the person, on a physical level but above all mental and internal. So we dream of a landscape and when we wake up we have to analyze our state of mind. How many times, in front of an immense sea of??blue, calm and serene, we have experienced a wonderful feeling of relaxation? Stopping on a rock or on a beach and contemplating the immensity of the sea or of a lake is a very strong feeling that we have experienced many times in real life. Here in our dreams to find yourself in front of a beautiful sea very calm and blue, probably means that we need to find a better inner balance, we must find again a serenity that unfortunately lacks a long time and in fact dreaming these marine places often signals the achieving harmony in our life. But in a dream, a landscape can be enchanted, wonderfully beautiful, fantastic, enchanting but also scary, stormy, overwhelming and obscure. The states of mind that we experience in front of these landscapes are fundamental and must not be forgotten after our awakening because they are the key to providing a correct interpretation to the dream. Being in front of a stormy sea, under the rain and a terrible storm, means that we are probably experiencing a very difficult period and where we do not know what to do, which way to take.

Problems of love, family problems or even problems of work and economic can be represented in the dream world, just from the sight of a dark place, with very little light, dark, which can cause anxiety, fear. Clearly, to understand well the sector of our life in which things are not going well, we must remember, not only the place and the emotions that we feel but also the people we see, the people who are at our side. For example, we could be in front of a mountain landscape, full of beautiful mountains with lots of snow and ice and maybe even see a frozen lake. At our side we remember having seen our sentimental partner. Here this dream can signal an emotional difficulty, a block in the relationship of love we are experiencing and the need to recover a dialogue that seems to be particularly complex. Being together with our father or mother and facing a dark landscape that causes anxiety and fear means having a difficult family relationship with our parents. Often children and young people dream of traveling or being in a very scary place with their parents. These dreams are the symptom of a complex communication, a complex relationship in which dialogue is almost non-existent and misunderstanding generates a profound malaise. Serene landscapes, wonderful, fantastic, warm, quiet or sad, desolate, scary, disturbing and causing so much anguish in the dreamer can be the indication of a particular state of mind that we are living and if, in a dream, he also feels cold or hot, then the malaise or well-being that is living in his life, is really very important and not to be underestimated. Dreaming landscapes full of plants and flowers in good health, which perhaps release an excellent scent in the air or dream of spring or summer landscapes, can indicate a period of growth and renewal, a reawakening of emotions and sensations, a period of great projects that can bring numerous successes in life.

Clearly dream landscapes that are very desolate, with little light, full of meadows, trees, flowers and dry plants and where you can also feel very hot or very cold, signals emotions that can not be manifested in life but that remain instead locked inside ourselves. Moreover, these terrible and anguished environments, can signal a block to the growth and renewal of the dreamer who therefore has no ideas, has no plans to carry forward and fails to achieve anything. Sometimes the landscape is the symbol of our state of mind but also of our health, our physical and mental condition. Being serene in front of a beautiful sea, lake, river and feel the flow of water, can indicate a very beautiful moment of our life where the physical and mental form are excellent and creative energies can develop into new projects while stormy water, landslides, floods, thunderstorms are the symptom of a fairly precarious health and of a few energies that can not help us. Moments of loneliness, of discouragement, of existential crisis and of sentimental and emotional emptiness. And it is not a rare thing, to dream of very dry, desolate, melancholic landscapes, just when we are moving from youth to old age or from adolescence to youth. These existential passages can be very scary and therefore can be represented in our dream world by dark, scary landscapes, devoid of any color, devoid of plants, flowers, with a dark sky and dark clouds. We can often dream of being in the city where we lived but where we no longer live and meet old friends, relatives, people we have not seen for a long time. Understanding this kind of dreams is very simple because they simply represent the nostalgia of those places where we were born and lived. Observing a place through a painting that is painted by someone or ourselves is a sign of great creativity and imagination that absolutely must find a vent in everyday life. After having dreams of this kind it is very likely to realize a good idea or project.


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