Arms and legs cut into dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of a person without legs and arms or without ears and head? What does it mean to dream of cutting the legs with a knife, razor, sharp blade? The removal of the arms or legs from a doctor operating in the operating room or being in an operating room of a hospital where some doctors take away arms and legs. Observe, meet in a dream a man or woman, a parent, brother, sister, uncle, cousin, brother-in-law, co-worker, child without fingers or toes, possessing two perfect legs or not being able to move their legs. What does it mean to dream of having artificial legs and not being able to walk very well? Why can we dream of amputation of our hands, legs, arms, ears, fingers, feet? Amputation in dreams of lower and upper limbs is a very common thing in which we can experience real physical pain and be very afraid. What does it mean to dream of having instead of two normal legs of a human being, two legs of an animal? Splitting, breaking into two pieces, tearing, ripping, slicing, grinding in an electric machine, sawing, cutting, mutilating our hands. What does it mean to dream of an amputated limb that is wounded and bleeds a lot? Why can we dream of having a split limb, broken into two pieces, torn, sliced, shredded, sawn, truncated, cut off, mutilated by someone? Dreaming of a person without a right or left arm, with the head cut in two, or the head snozzata. What does it mean to dream of finding a fake leg of wood or metal on the street? What does it mean to dream of wearing a wooden or robotic arm? Dreaming of mutilated people is quite common and so we need to try to understand the message of these dreams that are often real nightmares. How many and which numbers can I play the Neapolitan grimace if I want to try to win some money in the lottery if in a dream I see my arm cut or my leg cut and that it loses a lot of blood, besides making a lot of pain, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of losing a leg in a terrible car accident. Last night I remember dreaming of cutting off my dear friend's hands. Last night I dreamed of seeing one of my dead relatives, dead for many years who could not walk because he did not have legs. Tonight I dreamed of going to the hospital to work on my leg". Let's try to understand the meaning of these terrifying dreams.


First of all, let's say that this kind of dreams is never banal but hides an often very important meaning for the dreamer that should not be underestimated. Generally the arms and hands, but also the legs, represent the work. In real life, in fact, arms and legs are used to do many things and therefore also to do many jobs. Here in the dream world the limbs of our body can symbolize any problems at the working level. For example, being able to walk along a road without any difficulty and therefore having good legs, in good health, with a good physical shape, means proceed quietly in the work and achieve the goals set, then be successful. While walking, however, we can feel pain, feel that the legs are very bad for us or that they are simply very tired and here we must understand a difficulty in the working, professional, economic. Hands and arms are essential to do a lot of things and if one of them is missing in dreams, is amputated by someone or loses a lot of blood because it is wounded, then almost certainly in our life we??have small or big difficulties and these problems also create a great moment fatigue, of a few mental and physical energies that in dreams are represented by the loss of a lot of blood. If we ourselves dare to cut a leg, a hand, an arm, then this kind of dreams could represent and identify a very favorable period in our life where we can make an important decision, we can change something in our earthly existence and therefore we can face a period of great sacrifice but to which enormous success will follow. Often a sentimental relationship that is no longer useful, a working collaboration that is no longer indispensable, a relationship with parents that has become too oppressive, manifests itself in a dream with the amputation of an arm or a leg. Unfortunately, even in the dream world we can experience pain, suffering and of course these emotions and feelings are fundamental and serve to provide a better interpretation.

Every part of our body has a particular dreamlike meaning. Hands and arms are often in close connection with work but many times they represent the relationship with our parents. Generally the right side of our body is connected to the father while the left side is connected to the mother. When we dream of having a wound in the right leg then, or even someone cuts our leg, then, most likely, we are living a difficult time with our father and this interpersonal relationship, family, makes us suffer a lot and in fact we can really feel a lot of pain. As far as the left side is concerned, it often deals with relationships with the mother and so never forget this fundamental detail. But the limbs of the human body can also concern other things. For example, the left side often represents our creativity, our creative power while the right side work and therefore all that is needed in order to move forward. When we dream of being without an arm or a left leg, then perhaps we are experiencing a very complicated period and in which we have few ideas, our imagination and our creative power are very limiting and do not allow us to create anything new. The presence of blood can confirm this difficult period which is particularly stressful and very disappointing. When we find a wounded right arm or a right leg, then the problems in the work are very evident and they are more and more important if the leg or the arm loses a lot of blood. But we can also dream of meeting a person that we know and who walks without a leg or has only one hand or only an arm. Seeing a person with an amputated body part means having some problem with it on a relational level. For example we can see our husband coming towards us with a hand cut and losing blood and in real life maybe our relationship of love, our marriage, is not very positive, is experiencing a phase of sentimental crisis that should be improved. And this kind of dreams helps us a lot because it offers us a message, a lesson to learn.

Dreams that can be really scary and terrifying are those dreams in which our head is cut off by a cleaver or knife with a very sharp blade. The head is obviously the ideas and projects and when we dream that someone cuts our head does not mean that we will be beheaded and die but simply we are facing or we are going to face, a particularly complicated period in terms of ideas and projects, that is we do not know what to do, we are not able to solve some situations, some problems that come to our earthly existence. Often these nightmares can represent a way of reasoning that is not positive for us and can only cause so much damage. The ears that are cut can have another meaning. The ears are fundamental because they allow us to listen and so if one of our ears is cut in a dream, is amputated by someone, perhaps we can learn of a small or big secret that until now had been hidden. Another very important dream is that in which we lose some toes and hands. Hands and feet often represent the world of work but sometimes even interpersonal, family, sentimental relationships and so cutting the ring finger can mean having a sentimental problem with the person we love while cutting the index means having serious business and economic problems. . But we have not yet talked about those dreams and nightmares in which we are to cut off the head, hands, legs, arms to someone. Cutting the head of a friend, an enemy, a colleague of work, means that the person has ideas and a way of thinking that we like a lot and that we would have or otherwise we feel envy and jealousy towards this person who is more smart, smarter than us. Cutting someone's hands or legs means having the desire to challenge life, to challenge all those who can be an obstacle on our path. Dreadful dreams that are not connected with physical death. Simply put our attention to work and relationships with other people.


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