Be teetotal in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to drink in dreams and become, to be very drunk so much to throw up? Dreaming of being thirsty? What does it mean to dream of being thirsty but not just drinking water? Why can we dream of not being able to drink any kind of drink? What does it mean to dream of being an astemia while in real life we??drink a lot? What does it mean to dream of not being able to drink alcohol or drink non-drinking water? Why can we dream of drinking and never quench our thirst? What meaning does the wine not good or a glass of very alcoholic beer that makes us dizzy? And why dreaming of being very thirsty and drinking a glass or a whole bottle of milk? Dreaming of someone offering you a drink from a bottle of red or white wine. Eat and drink only water. Refuse to drink alcohol, see a red beer crate, ask for a draft beer. What does it mean to dream of offering rum to drink to friends, relatives, brothers-in-law, cousins, uncles, co-workers, parents, brothers, sisters? In real life, I drink a lot of liquor, but in my dreams I had the distaste of alcohol. What does it mean to dream of being at the table and an unknown man or woman offers us a good glass of wine to drink? And to dream that an old man, an old gentleman, offers us a mug of beer at the bar? Go to a pub where you do not drink anything, go to the disco and get drunk. We can also do these things in a dream. What does it mean to dream of being a teetotaler? What numbers can I take from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery if I have a dream in which I can not drink alcohol, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "Tonight I remember dreaming of being with my mother but we could not drink wine. The other night I dreamed of being with some friends at the bar but I did not drink alcohol. Last night I dreamed that I was with a colleague of mine and he got drunk and vomited. Last night I dreamed of being drunk but I do not remember drinking". Drinking wine, beer, rum, various liquors is a very common thing in the dream world but not being able to drink anything, feeling disgusted with alcohol is a less widespread type of dream. Let's try to understand the meaning of these dreams.


In order to understand this type of dreams we must obviously start from the very meaning of the word abstemious. The astemia is the refusal to drink alcoholic beverages. The person who is a teetotaler therefore does not like to drink beer, wine, liquor and any drink that contains traces of alcohol. Even in a dream, we can drink alcohol or refuse to drink alcohol for a variety of reasons. To understand the dreams in which we refuse to drink we must start from the reasons why, in real life, we drink. In everyday life we??can drink alcohol simply to relax, to try new drinks or to get drunk. Drinking alcohol in small quantities in daily life is a positive thing that can do well to our body but drinking exaggeratedly involves exactly the opposite effect and then we can vomit, have very serious health problems, liver problems, blood circulation , to the heart. Alcohol is one of the most frequent causes of death and should never be underestimated. The reasons why a person decides to drink and become an alcoholic individual are so many but we can mainly have this serious problem if we have experienced a terrible experience that has made us suffer a lot and so we try to forget drinking a lot of alcohol. Even bad friends can be the cause of alcohol addiction and therefore only to be appreciated by someone, we can start drinking and this addiction can grow over time. If we dream of drinking little alcohol we must think we are at a stage in our life where we want to relax, possibly we want to have fun. Very often these dreams are the symbol of a very peaceful period of our life, in which we can absolutely be peaceful. But things change when we dream of drinking so much until we get to the point of throwing up or feeling very ill. Some people even dream of getting drunk and going to the hospital. Excessive alcohol abuse in dreams signals an important problem in our lives that we are not facing in the right way or even trying to get away from us.

Drinking a lot in a dream means surely having a very serious problem that we do not want or can not find a valid solution. For example, we may have a sentimental problem, we can not solve a discussion we had with the person we love and the risk of a separation is very high. But we do not work to fix the problem but instead we reject any advice, help, support and we stand still waiting for the events. So drinking in a dream means doing nothing to solve a possible problem that can obviously not only affect our love life but also family, work, money. But what problem could the person who never drinks alcohol in his real life and instead can dream of drinking so much to faint and feel very bad? The alcoholic drinker in his dreams may still have a serious problem to deal with but his subconscious indicates that the solution he is finding is not the right one, so we need to change the road. In short, a person who does not drink a drop of alcohol during his daily life while in his dreams gets drunk can identify a very complicated situation in which finding a viable solution is really a very complex thing. But we must say something very important and that is very widespread in our dreams when we dream of drinking very alcoholic beverages. During the birthday parties, during weddings, at Christmas, Easter and during other important events, we can drink. So sometimes dreaming of drinking alcohol can mean that we will be invited to a party, we can attend a meeting between friends, work colleagues and then spend a good time. At other times some people have told of having dreamed of drinking and then, later, in the days after having made this kind of dreams, they received good news, a joy, maybe they took part in a happy event.

But we must not stray far from the title of this article. What does it mean to dream of being a teetotaler? What does it mean to love alcohol in real life and instead to dream of not being able to drink anything in our dreams? If in everyday life we??have a real problem of alcoholism, then our subconscious which is a very powerful weapon that we possess, wants to make us understand that our life must change and that this very serious problem must be solved for not being able to get worse our health conditions. Basically, dreaming of being a teetotaler but being a person who abuses with alcohol in real life, means realizing, in the depths of our soul, of having a serious problem but not accepting reality. These nightmares, these dream messages should never be overlooked because they are essential to improve our earthly existence and so we must learn the lesson. Very often in our life we??can be deceived, someone can make us fall into a trap and here we dream of being in a bar or restaurant and a person we do not know offers us a drink. Here is the deception, here is the trap and we must absolutely try to understand if that person is ourselves or represents another person who can damage our emotional stability. Remember one very important thing that dreams are really hermetic and complex to analyze and every detail, element, object, place, person, sensation and emotion are absolutely necessary in order to understand their meaning. We conclude this topic also talking about those dreams in which the dreamer does not like to drink alcohol in his life and dreams of rejecting alcohol. Generally behind these dreams hides a great experience, a great mental strength, an important security that can open the doors for a truly remarkable interior evolution and maturation. If we dream of offering alcohol to a friend, a relative, a co-worker, then the meaning is to want to involve a person in some projects.


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