Hitchhiking in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of hitchhiking on an isolated road by raising your thumbs up? What does it mean to dream of needing a ride in the car? Why can we dream of asking someone to pass on the road? Stress, invoke, claim to be transported from one city to another city in a dream. Being on the road with our mother, father, husband, son, uncle, cousin, nephew, grandfather while we wait for a car that can give us a ride. What does it mean to dream of breaking your car on the road and asking for a ride to a stranger? What does it mean to dream of receiving a passage from a person we do not know? Why can we dream of a man or woman who stops in the street and makes us get on his car? What dreamlike meaning has the dream in which we see a man in a car asking us to enter but we are afraid and run away? What is the meaning of dreaming of being kidnapped and transported in the trunk of a large car completely in the dark? What does it mean to dream of raising your finger to hitchhike on the highway but nobody stops? What does it mean to dream of hitchhiking with some friends and work colleagues? Which and how many numbers can the Neapolitan grimace suggest to try to win the lottery if we see a person in a dream who asks us for a ride on our car, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of picking up an old man with a beard, very old, in my car. Last night I remember dreaming of being on the road with my mother while we waited for a car that could give us a ride. Last night I dreamed of walking along a dark and deserted street and stopped a man I did not know by asking if I wanted a ride. I was very scared". This night I dreamed of being with my girlfriend along a city street to be able to ask for a ride in the car. This type of dreams is not very common among people, but when someone of us dreams of hitching, surely it has some problems to solve or some qualities to be exploited.


In order to understand these strange dreams we must try to understand what is hitchhiking. Ask the cars to stop along a road is a very common gesture in small and large cities even if lately it has become a dangerous thing because we never know who we meet. If we hitchhike it means that we do not have the possibility to use our car, perhaps because it is broken or because we have absolutely no car. When we make this gesture in our life means that we need to move somewhere suddenly and we do not have time to wait for someone so we walk along a road hoping that someone stops and makes us get on his car, motorcycle, bus, truck. Many people travel the world using this system and then asking for passes in cars every time they have to move from one city to another. But in a dream this gesture can have important and different meanings from real life. First of all, hitchhiking signals the need to be helped, to ask a little or big help to someone because maybe we are living a difficult period in which we do not know what to do and on our own we can not continue along the path of our lives. Even the road is fundamental in dreams and we must never forget if it is dark, illuminated by the sun or other lights, if it is deserted, winding, straight, downhill or uphill. Of course, walking along a road full of obstacles, climbs, bends and then feeling tired, waiting for someone to stop to get us on his car, signals precisely the difficulty that we can not solve alone. And so we look for help. This help can arrive or not. If we remember having dreamed of being on a road waiting for someone to stop, hoping for a ride, then our subconscious is telling us that we need to be helped because only with our strength we can not move forward. Of course it is essential to try to understand and remember the face of the person who stops.

Often cars and other means of transport that pass but do not stop, pretend to see us and therefore do not give us any passage, simply have a meaning very understandable by the dreamer. In our life the risk of not being helped is very probable and we could therefore ask the help of many people who turn their backs. But fortunately we can also dream of someone stopping and allowing us to get on his car allowing us to travel with her. This dreamlike scene represents the possibility of being helped by someone in one's life. We must try to remember the face of the person because recognizing his face means understanding the one who can really help us. However, to receive a passage in a dream does not only mean needing help but can also signal the need of the dreamer to improve some interpersonal relationships. In fact we can dream of getting on a car with our boyfriend, husband, wife, child, parent or a friend and colleague. If, for example, we dream of being in the car with our sentimental partner, then we may have the need to improve the relationship of love because the road is the path we are facing together. the car is the symbol of the tools we have to move forward and to carry forward our relationship. Of course we must never forget that the feelings and emotions that we experience in our dream world are fundamental and so if we remember to be on the highway and ask for a lift by lifting the thumb, we must remember even if we are afraid, if we feel alone or if we feel a feeling of happiness. So hitchhiking can also indicate interpersonal relationships, even if working for example if the one who offers us a ride is a colleague of ours or our employer. The most terrible dreams that become real nightmares are those in which we climb on the car of a madman, a person who wants to kill us, to rape us. We can really feel so scared and wake up with a heart that beats very fast.

Getting on the car of a stranger and being beaten or killed means that we are living a very complex moment of our life, a period in which we do not know what to do, we are very confused and we are not able to evaluate those who can help us and therefore we live a situation of enormous difficulty that can cause various problems. In most cases hitchhiking identifies a strong need for help from the dreamer but also the need to feel very free and independent. Many people travel the world from one city to another only using the passage and help of other people. When you dream of asking for a ride in the car, then you could live in a period where you need to feel freer and more independent, perhaps compared to someone. A boy who dreams of being on a road and raises his thumb or shouts to the cars to stop, can point out, for example, his primordial, fundamental need to break away from parents who have become too oppressive to try to live their own lives, being able to make free choices and even risk making mistakes. Even people who are not happy with their work, the things they are doing in their professional life, could dream of hitchhiking and therefore feel, in the depths of their soul, to change their path, to change their jobs, their way of living. professional relations. These dreams, therefore, very often, can represent a disappointing life that must be changed in order not to live periods with low levels of self-esteem, depression, melancholy and various illnesses. We also conclude this subject by talking about those dreams in which we are driving our car or motorcycle which stops, however, for a breakdown. At that moment we try to ask a passage to someone passing by. Cars and other means of transport represent our qualities, the tools we have to go on and therefore, at a certain moment in our life, we can have various difficulties, we may not have the right tools to progress in life.


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