The car in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of driving a Ferrari, Maserati, Audi, Mercedes, Ford car without a license and falling into the water of a sea or a river and then drowning? What does it mean to dream of not finding the car at home, in the parking lot, in the garage? What does it mean to dream of your own car, just bought and very expensive? What does it mean to drive or get carried in a new car that smashes, breaks, burns or even ignites with gasoline in a car or many cars that are parked in the street? Cars flying, without wheels, to attend a race with a car accident. Car in white, green, blue, red, orange, black, yellow. What does it mean to dream of a car that very quickly overtakes many other cars on the highway and is pursued by the police? How many times have we dreamed of our car stopped along a road, destroyed or small, big, long, immense, with many seats, with only two seats to sit, narrow, wide, disassembled, in reverse, which impacts the guardrail, which falls into a ravine, which runs quickly, which goes very slowly. What does it mean to accelerate and brake with a sports car? Why can we dream of stealing a car with our father, mother, husband, son, brother, sister, friend, work colleague? Why can we scratch or break the windows, the windshield, the doors of a car? What does it mean to be on a motorcycle in the rain, the snow, a storm and lose control by going off the road? Which and how many numbers can the Neapolitan grimace suggest to try to win the lottery if we see in a dream the four wheels of a car that are deflated or punctured, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of my parents giving me the keys to a fantastic car and I decided to give it to my children. Last night I dreamed of playing with models of cars and motorcycles along with many children. Last night I remember dreaming that I was stuck in traffic. This night I dreamed I was dying in a terrible car accident". Let's try to understand the meaning of the cars in our dream world that appear very often.


At least once in our life we??have dreamed of driving a strange car, a motorcycle, a bus, a train, a bicycle, a bus and maybe go off the road and make an accident with so many injuries. Maybe we dreamed of parking our car in a garage where it did not enter or we ran along a highway at night without lights, at a mad speed. When we dream of vehicles and therefore objects that, thanks to the wheels, move on the road, we must think that those vehicles, those means of transport, represent our qualities, our abilities and all that we possess in order to go on in life, especially in work. Each of us has potential that maybe during everyday life can not be expressed and remaining stuck at the bottom of our mind, our soul, find only vent in the dream world where they take the form of incredible racing cars, expensive racing cars, sporty or very elegant that run fast and maybe they are uncontrollable. In fact, how many times have you dreamed of riding a motorcycle and not being able to brake, go too fast and crash on a wall, a tree or against other motorcycles or cars? Road accidents, the brakes that do not work, the excessive speed or being drunk behind the wheel, are all the symbol of our qualities and potential that can not be controlled and therefore should not be used. For example, we could have a strong imagination, a great creativity but we can not express due to dependence on our parents and here in a dream we get into a car and try to run even if we have never driven any cars during our earthly life. The block of our expressiveness, the blocking of our ideas and projects that can not find fertile ground on which to grow. So we dream of making an accident, dying, injuring many people or being arrested by the police. Obviously all these potentials that we possess can be optimally exploited if we dream of being able to drive a very powerful car or motorbike.

Often the means of transport that help us to move quickly in traffic and transport us from one place to another place quickly, can also represent our sexual energies. In fact, the car or motorbike with its very elongated shape, can signal the need to develop our sexual energies that are very powerful energies and that should not be blocked. So, very often, and especially with regard to men, driving a car means relying on the masculine side, showing one's courtship skills and our sexual energies. So these dream scenes can identify the need, of the dreamer, to have a sexual relationship, especially if together with him, in the car, we can see his girlfriend, girlfriend, wife, lover. But these very technological objects are often the symbol of the way we act in our lives to achieve goals, results, successes that we have set in our mind. And so the path of our earthly existence is represented by the road, while the possible obstacles we find such as, for example, the police, the holes, the accidents, the walls, the curves or the slippery, wet, icy road, are the symbol of obstacles that we will encounter during our journey, obstacles that must make us think and must not be absolutely a block for the dreamer but a challenge, the opportunity to grow, mature through the difficulties. Not knowing how to drive the car, observe a thick fog or rain, have a perforated wheel that sends us off the road, have broken glass, shattered or can not brake, not be able to accelerate or put the gears, identifies our uncertainties that do not they are useful to progress in our life and therefore must be fought very effectively. However, cars are the symbol, very often, in the dream world of power, the desire to be more powerful and important people than we are and in fact we can dream of being driving a motorcycle or a sports car, very expensive , very fast and very technological.

These objects are like the clothes we wear and therefore can reflect our personality and the way we want to move forward in the path of life. Often the bodywork can represent our outward appearance, the way we perceive ourselves and therefore our esteem that can be positive or negative. So driving a broken, wrecked, broken car with the shattered windshield, with the body full of dents, holes and scratches, signals the possibility of not feeling a great level of esteem towards us. In short, we judge ourselves in an unfavorable, pessimistic way and therefore in a way that is not absolutely positive for our progress. Behind these dreams that can also become nightmares, we can also notice the fear of showing how we are to other people, a sense of shyness, of fear that must be fought in order to continue living peacefully. Our earthly existence is always full of obstacles, of inhibitions that the same mind can create, that we ourselves want to face and therefore the means to move through these obstacles, these difficulties that very often are the result of our thoughts, are very useful tools to reach the final part of our journey. We must never forget the objects we use in dreams, the objects we see, the people we talk to and travel with, the colors, the places we are in, the places we are going to, and many other details and elements such as feelings and emotions that we can try because all these things can help us to correctly interpret a dream that is always very personal. The car combines two places, two cities and therefore can also be seen as the symbol of interpersonal relationships, of family relationships, sentimental, working that can help us to progress in our lives. For example, we can dream of being together with a colleague of ours who drives a beautiful car and arrive in a wonderful place without incident. Here the collaboration with this person, the union of our ideas with his ideas, can lead to the development of excellent projects.


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