The garage in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of opening an electronic garage with the remote control, a garage where you can repair our car or motorcycle? Why can we dream of closing our car in a small or large garage at home or away from home? What does it mean to dream of being locked up in a garage together with our family, father, mother, brother, sister, wife, son, husband, grandfather and not being able to go out with locked doors? What does it mean to dream of turning off or lighting the lights in the garage at home? It can often happen to find oneself alone in an empty, underground, flooded, dark, dirty, clean, full of water, open or in a guarded but very dangerous garage. What does it mean to dream of doing some work in the underground garage at home? What is the meaning of entering a garage where we do not find our car that was probably stolen by thieves? For what reason can we dream of seeing the door of our garage that has been opened from outside by someone and completely destroyed? Which and how many numbers can the Neapolitan grimace suggest to try to win the lottery, if we see in a dream a large and large garage very expensive, according to the guide and the book on dreams? What does it mean to dream of a garage full of worms and terrible animals that want to attack us? "I often dream of parking my bike in a garage that is not mine. The other night I remember dreaming of being together with a friend and colleague of work while we were leaving the garage of a shopping center. Last night I dreamed that I was locked in my garage and could not get out because the remote control did not work. Last night I dreamed of entering a very narrow garage where there were many objects but that were not mine. Tonight I remember getting into a garage in another house to steal a car". Today we see to interpret the dreams in which this place appears, dreams that are quite widespread and even, sometimes, important.


First of all, in order to interpret the dreams in which a garage appears, that is a garage and therefore the place where we usually park our car, motorcycle, bicycle at night or during the day, we must start from the usefulness of this place, from its meaning in life real, in our daily life. A garage is used for parking our car and other means of locomotion but it is also a place where we can do many things, such as spending hours and hours with our hobbies. Also in the garage we can also store many items that we could not have in the rest of the other rooms in the house. This car resting place can have various meanings. First of all, a very important word to think about when we remember to enter a garage or leave a garage, is confidentiality. To this word we can then combine a sense of protection and also of rest. So when we enter a garage we repair our car from prying eyes, we defend its possible theft by thieves. But what do we defend? We defend the car, the motorcycle, the bicycle that in the dream world represent the tools that we use in our lives to progress, to get ahead especially in the work and achieve our goals, our goals, the successes that have been set in the mind. Very often people are really reserved about their potential and quality and do not want to show all they can do and here it is possible to dream of entering a garage to park the car, looking for privacy, privacy and sense of modesty. This dream place is always very important and should not be underestimated because, like the cellar, it can also represent our subconscious. The rooms of our house represent parts of our mind while the basement, the garage that are reachable through stairs and therefore are in the basement, are the symbol of our subconscious.

Very often, when we want to achieve some goals for which we are struggling a lot, we feel the need not to notice our qualities and therefore this strong sense of privacy and privacy can appear in the form of a garage in which we enter day or night and the night confirms our depth, our deepest part of our soul that asks for the right to privacy of private life which is a fundamental concept and must not be overlooked by anyone. Very often behind these dreams we can find a very modest character and personality and therefore we can face a dreamer who does not want to show his qualities and therefore prefers not to be the center of attention of other people. But a garage can have a broken door, someone may have forced the door to enter and steal and here is this right to privacy is denied and in real life we??can be involved in situations where we would not find ourselves, that is, in situations that bring out some sides of our character that we would prefer that they remain hidden. A garage can be flooded, it can be very dirty and it can also be full of insects, rats, animals, and it smells a lot. When a garage is not in order and above all is very dirty, perhaps with so many insects, we must think that our own conscience is not clean but hides a sense of guilt for something we did during the day while we were awake. During the day we can even pretend nothing, we can pretend to feel guilty for committing a crime, but during the night and during sleep, in our dream world everything comes out and our subconscious puts us in front of our fears, to our faults, our indecisions. And what does it mean to enter a garage that is not our garage? We are violating the privacy, privacy of a person, perhaps we have discovered a secret that we would do well not to reveal so as not to ruin a person's life.

Never forget that every detail in our dreams is really fundamental and therefore objects that we see, places we visit, people we meet and feelings, emotions that we feel, are very important elements to get a right interpretation and not distort the message of our dreams. Another meaning that can be attributed to the garage in dreams is connected to our moments of tranquility. In fact, this place of our home is often a very quiet place and can, in fact, represent moments of serenity in our lives, a period of great wellbeing, harmony and balance that can not last for a long time. The peace of every day can be interrupted by the alarm of the garage that sounds, by thieves who enter and steal the car and various objects, from mice, dirt, beetles that we can find. So even if this place can identify a very serene period of our life, often this period is about to end for various reasons and in a dream we can try to understand these reasons. Before we said that the people who are with us are important to provide a correct interpretation. In fact, if we enter a garage with our husband, our wife, our son, our parents, then we are living a good family period while arguing in the garage with a person we know means that we are risking to ruin some interpersonal relationships and therefore family, work, sentimental. Some people say they dreamed of repairing their garage, even some people remember having dreamed of building a huge garage. Building your own future, building your privacy with hard work and a lot of perseverance. We conclude this article also saying that, being the garage, a place where you can enter objects such as a car, a motorcycle, a bus, a bus, you can refer to sex and therefore the need to vent their sexual energies and in fact a car that enters a garage, simulates sexual intercourse.


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