Best wishes in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream your birthday or celebrate the birthday of another person, a friend, a work colleague, a deceased relative who has died many years ago, an uncle, grandfather, cousin, brother-in-law, father-in-law, nephew , grandfather, brother, sister, mother, father? Why can we dream of receiving a birthday present? What does it mean to dream of accepting or refusing a simple gift or an important gift from someone we do not know? Many people dream of making wishes or receiving happy birthday wishes. What does it mean to dream of giving a kiss and a hug to their parents who are celebrating their wedding anniversary? Why can we receive greetings from a deceased or a man or woman with a covered face who make us so many and sincere wishes? We can often dream of being at a party where it is possible to celebrate something, an event and we can see people making wishes. Maybe the person who turns the age is a child or simply ourselves. Greetings in a dream have a special meaning that is not easy to analyze. What does it mean to dream of making and receiving birthday wishes? What numbers can we pull out of the Neapolitan grimace book if we want to play the lottery when we shake hands with someone in our dreams as a gesture of good luck, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "This night I dreamed of being with a person while we were celebrating a friend's name day. Last night I remember wishing my enemy. Last night I dreamed I was with so many people during a birthday party. The other night I dreamed of going to a party alone and decided not to buy any presents". What meaning hides the dream in which we receive a bad wish or do we accept the wishes from someone we know very well? Why can we dream of being at a party with our husband, son, boyfriend, lover but we have not been invited by anyone and try to wish all the people? Let's try to understand the meaning of these particular dreams that are still quite common among people.


First of all we must always try to understand if dreams represent events of life that we really lived. Basically it can happen to go to a party, attend a birthday and then, later, we can dream of being at a party. These dreams clearly do not have an important meaning because our mind, our brain have stored some events, some scenes that have been experienced, which are then shuffled into the dream world. But if we have not attended a party in the last days, we have not been invited to a birthday or we have not celebrated our birthday, then this kind of dreams can take on another symbolic meaning not to be underestimated. Dreams are desires but sometimes they can also signal fundamental situations that need to be evaluated, analyzed upon awakening to improve our lives. So to understand the meaning behind gifts and birthdays, let's start from the meaning of these two words. The gift is a gift that we can give to someone or receive from someone. Maybe we did a favor to a person and she thanks us with a gift. The gift is therefore a gesture of esteem and this is the starting point for analyzing this kind of dreams. Often, behind the dreamlike gifts that can also be absurd and improbable, we hide a sense of esteem that we have towards a person we know and with whom we live, work or a sense of esteem, praise and gratification that someone feels in our comparisons and that we perceive, maybe not in real life, but in the world of dreams. So receiving a gift means being appreciated for what we are doing or having the need to be appreciated and valued for the things we are doing during our earthly existence. An example can clarify the concept better. A person may dream of receiving a gift from his employer and then feel the need to be valued and appreciated for the work done during the day. This is also a desire that can be realized.

Many people say they dreamed of receiving a beautiful gift and in the following days, they received an invitation from a person, just that person who was in a dream with them. Perhaps premonitory dreams or dreams that signal the strong desire to come into contact with that person. But a gift can have other meanings. For example, it can signal the need to help someone in order to solve a problem that afflicts our life and then in a dream we see a person who gives us a gift and we are very happy, serene, happy. Probably this hope can be realized or it will simply remain a desire. However, in evaluating gifts and oneiric greetings, one must not underestimate a very important aspect, namely the bond that is created between those who give and receive gifts or those who exchange greetings. Donate and receive, two very important and crucial words that identify an interpersonal relationship, a family relationship, sentimental, work, economic between two people. Making wishes, receiving wishes, giving gifts and receiving gifts can also mean the need to be less tirish, less selfish but rather altruistic in a certain period of our life. It is not easy to interpret this kind of dreams because, very often, objects, people, places that we remember to have dreamed are really very personal and only the dreamer, analyzing all these details, can give a correct interpretation even if usually these interpretations may be too much optimistic or too pessimistic. However, we must never forget the importance of details and all the elements in our dreams or nightmares. The people we meet are important, the objects we see and use are fundamental, the places we are in, to which we are going are crucial but the emotions and feelings we feel can be the key to a correct interpretation. For example, to dream of receiving happy birthday wishes from a person who in real life is very unpleasant, obviously can make us feel a bad feeling.

Returning to the concept of good wishes and the dreams in which we make or receive good wishes, we must also say that in addition to recognizing one's own abilities or the abilities of the person to whom we wish, this gesture can manifest the dreamer's need for create new collaborations, new companies, new paths in the workplace but also sentimental and family. For example, we might dream of being at our mother's or our father's birthday party and shaking their hands, giving them a kiss and a hug. Here we are certainly celebrating the emotional bond we have and that may have been interrupted because of some problem. And here these gestures can also have the meaning of a reconciliation familiar with the parents. Some people, in fact, tell that after having dreamed of making wishes to someone or having received good wishes from someone, they have lived a period of peace, of tranquility, precisely of reconciliation with this person and this dreamlike aspect is also very evident between two people who love each other. So we can dream of being invited to the birthday party of our husband, our wife, our boyfriend, just a few days, week after having a fight and then, our sense of guilt, asks us to find the solution to this little sentimental war. And here dreams can be useful to find solutions, to improve our lives, to learn lessons, to satisfy our ego but also to punish our excessive way of acting towards other people. Even a person who has been dead for so many years or just recently can wish us a happy birthday. Maybe the time to change has arrived, perhaps the time to end a phase of our life has come because death and his wish are the symbol of a closure, of an end but also of a rebirth, so the symbol of a need for put an end to a situation to start a new existential path. Death in a dream, even when we shake our hand as a sign of good wishes, is always a very favorable symbol.


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