Dates in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Has anyone ever dreamed of the exact date and time of his death? What does it mean to dream day and month of birth? What does it mean to dream of a day of the week on the calendar? What meaning does a date dream? Dates in dreams are important and very often indicate an event. What does it mean to dream about your date of birth or death, the date of someone's actual death, of an unknown person, a man or woman who does not know or a relative like an uncle, grandfather, cousin, brother-in-law, mother-in-law, brother, parent sister? What does it mean to dream of a date of the future or of the past? Why is it possible to find a ticket, a letter with an exact date written above or to read a particular date on the calendar with day, month and year? Why can we dream of a precise date that remains very much in our memory when we wake up? What does it mean to dream of past, present and future dates, a date of a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary, or just a day, a month or a year? How can we play a date that we have dreamed of in the lottery? Which and how many numbers using the Neapolitan smirk book can I play to try to win if I dream of seeing a date on the calendar, according to the dream guide? What does it mean to dream of a date of birth or death? For what reason can we remember to have dreamed of a deceased person, a relative who has been dead for many years and shows us a particular date on a piece of paper, on his hand, on a wall? "The other night I dreamed of hearing the voice of my mother shouting a strange date. Last night I remember dreaming of some people who were communicating a date of the future to me. This night I was with a friend of mine, a colleague of mine, a famous actor and singer and many children and on an ancient calendar we read so many dates that I do not remember anymore. Last night I dreamed of being together with a very old person who told about a terrible event that would happen in my life. I was very afraid and I woke up with my heart beating very hard". At least once in our life we??have all seen a date in a dream. Numbers, figures, letters, specific dates of the past, present and future. Let's try to understand the meaning of the dates that may appear in our dream world.


Often what we dream of has a completely different meaning from what we perceive, we want to believe and see in the dream world. Our subconscious thinks very differently from the unconscious and therefore understanding everything we see in our dreams is not absolutely simple. When we dream of a date, we often think that something may happen in the coming days or in any case in our future. Maybe this date is so precise and indicate exactly day, month and year that we can think that an event will actually happen in our lives. It must be said that such premonitory events are very rare and only some people say they have dreamed about particular dates of the future and strange events that have actually come true, realized and lived by the dreamer. So all the other dreams in which figures and dates of birth, death, of the past, present or future appear, what do they want to communicate? How many times have we dreamed of a dead person, dead for so many years or recently, who communicated a strange date without saying anything . This kind of dreams causes enthusiasm but also a lot of apprehension. Here is the key word to interpret dreams in which we see dates that are related to the future and therefore to the next days, months and years. Often behind this kind of dates hides a slight or strong apprehension, fear, fear for something that we know must happen. For example, a boy could face an exam and the concern to face this exam, of not being able to overcome it, turns into a date that maybe does not correspond to that of the day of the exam but nevertheless concerns the future. This great anxiety, the tension that we can accumulate for an event that must happen in our life, can turn into a date that we observe in a dream in the most unusual places. We can read dates at home, at work, on a wall in the street, on a piece of paper or even they are communicated to us by people we know who live with us or by dead people. So when we dream of a date, it often does not indicate an event in a particular way, but simply the anxiety, the apprehension that we are experiencing in real life, precisely in relation to a possible event.

So, if a date of the future can signal the tension we are experiencing for an event that should happen, for a situation that we have to live like a school exam to be faced, a love meeting, a job interview, then we must be very careful to the details that appear in the dream world and that are often forgotten, not allowing to draw out a valid and correct interpretation. Objects that we see and use, places where we are, people we meet and above all emotions and feelings that we feel and feel, are all fundamental details to understand what the dream wants to communicate. And here is that if we read a date of the future and with us there is a colleague of our work or we are at work, then the anxiety we are experiencing is just an event that may happen or is already happening in the work. But in dreams we can see or hear dates that may be related to the birth of someone we know or to his death. Maybe we read the date of birth of our mother or our father or our date of birth or someone tells us that we will have to die on a certain day of a particular year. Many people say they have dreamed of listening to deceased persons who indicated a date of death relative to a relative who is still alive. These dreams can be very frightening, but death in dreams has a very precise meaning and concerns the end of a situation and the beginning of a new cycle of life. Dates often indicate an important change, a physical, mental, mental, inner and spiritual evolution of a person that can happen when we decide to act. Certainly seeing dates in a dream can indicate the arrival of bad news or good news or the simple desire of the dreamer to receive good news. We long for an event to happen and therefore in a dream we can see a particular date. In this dream it is then important to look for the personal meaning of the dreamed date. Dreaming of birth dates, dreaming dates of an event, dreaming of dates of death are very important dreams despite their meaning may not even be premonitory.

A deceased who communicates a date to us may mean that during our daily life we??will think of a particular memory of our past and only a few times, these dreams can signal a strange event that can happen and for which we must find ourselves prepared. So the dead person warns us of a possible danger or even a beautiful event that could upset our lives. Perceiving a date related to the future can also mean not being able to get something in life and therefore this kind of dreams must make us aware of the problem to find a valid solution and reach, therefore, the objectives. Generally, the dates that indicate a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary can simply mean the possibility of being invited to a party or conclude a good agreement, sign a very positive work contract for us and that we have been waiting a long time. So our desire to improve our professional and economic situation, manifests itself in dreams with strange dates that do not indicate specific days but simply a desire that could be realized and never forget that dreams are desires. Generally the dates relating to a marriage can be very important because the marriage indicates a union, a possible association and a possible collaboration that can be sentimental but also work. And here the other elements of the ornithic world can make us better understand the sector of our life in which things will happen. Good news coming, but also big changes and many responsibilities to face when we dream dates very close. If we read dates on the calendar then we try not to forget them because, even if it is a very rare thing, these dates may be related to real events that will happen. The dates of birth and death have, in general, very positive meanings. We have said that death indicates a change and therefore a date of this kind surely signals the possibility of concluding something in our life to start another path. These dreams can concern a positive evolution of our mind, of our way of thinking, therefore a very important interior maturation. And here dates of birth and death can be associated with important goals of our earthly existence.


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