Vacuum cleaner in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Dyson, Bosch, Rowenta, Hoover, Miele these are brands of very popular vacuum cleaners. But what does it mean to dream of seeing a vacuum cleaner that ignites, burns, burns, makes a lot of noise or is very quiet? Why can we dream of cleaning all the rooms in our house using a small or large vacuum cleaner? What does it mean to dream of a wireless vacuum cleaner and vacuum dust with a vacuum cleaner that does not have a good suction, does not work well because it is not very powerful? What does it mean to dream of a professional vacuum cleaner, wireless and very expensive, which sucks up the trash on the ground but does not work very well? What does it mean to dream of cleaning the house with a small vacuum cleaner and without dust collection bag? Dreaming of a broken or broken vacuum cleaner, which has low batteries, that does not work? Why can we dream of giving a new vacuum cleaner to a friend, work colleague, to our mother, father, husband, wife, girlfriend, lover, son, mother-in-law, uncle, brother-in-law, sister, brother and long-dead relative? What does it mean to buy and clean the house with an electronic vacuum cleaner? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play if we have the desire to win money in the lottery, if we see a powerful vacuum in our dreams, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of going into a store selling household appliances and buying a good vacuum cleaner with little money. Last night I dreamed that I was in my house and I cleaned house with my parents and using a very old vacuum cleaner. Last night I dreamed I could not find my vacuum cleaner. This night I dreamed that they gave me a beautiful vacuum cleaner, very innovative and quick to clean every room". This object can also appear in our dreams and can identify a problem, a moment in our life, a particular state of mind that should not be underestimated. So let's try to understand the meaning of this electronic object that is very useful for making less effort and for cleaning and cleaning our home.


To understand the meaning of this object in our dreams we must, of course as we always do, start from its real meaning and use in our everyday life. The vacuum cleaner is a home appliance now very common in our daily life and present almost in every home because its benefits are many. For example, thanks to it we can save a lot of time when we have to clean the house and also we can get tired much less. Even now we can buy robots that include the path to do at home and clean every point of it without needing our help. So this object is not only to clean but also to make us wear less. If we were to clean a house just using the broom, the time would be a lot while with the vacuum cleaner the hours are greatly reduced. So this object in our dreams can identify various things including cleanliness, order, effectiveness, physical strength, speed. If we use a vacuum cleaner in a dream, then we are facing a period of our lives in which we feel a strong need to put order between the thoughts and actions we are doing. Maybe we are experiencing a period of great mental confusion because the work is very worrying or maybe our relationship is not positive and so in a dream we try to clean the house because our unconscious has understood that we are living a quite complicated time. But if we dream of being able to clean the rooms of our house without having particular problems then we will probably be able to solve some situations we are facing in real life. We must never forget all the details of our dreams because every element can be fundamental to learn a lesson, a positive message from the dream. For example, the sensations and emotions we experience, the objects we use and see, the people we meet and with whom we speak, the colors and the places in which we are and which we visit. All this is essential to understand the dream message. Doing housekeeping, for example, means wanting to order, it means wanting to fix some family situation that is not very positive. And here with us, we can see our parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, sons, wives.

Upon awakening we must ask ourselves what is wrong with the relationship with these people and therefore what we must do to start again, to clean up the fundamental bonds of our family. Even some people dream of cleaning their workplace, their office using a simple vacuum cleaner. In this case the relationships that we live in the workplace must be improved because something is not going as we would like, perhaps with a work colleague who creates disturbance or creates obstacles to our professional and economic success. Even a friend can be an obstacle for us and here we dream of washing home with him in an attempt to understand how we can renew the relationship of friendship. Dreams that are not absolutely trivial but that are underestimated especially if the dreamer is a woman who very often uses this tool to clean the house. In most cases, a woman dreams of using an old or new vacuum cleaner simply because she always performs these tasks in her daily life and therefore these dreams are a simple and insignificant representation of everyday life but sometimes, these dreams hide far deeper meanings. If a man has never used a vacuum cleaner and instead uses his own bedroom to wash his house in a dream, then he is experiencing a period of small or big confusion in which we must necessarily put order and understand the errors that have been committed to avoid making mistakes. We have said before that these appliances are also very useful because they allow us to save a lot of time and therefore fatigue decreases considerably. Here's how to dream of cleaning your home with this object can mean being able to do many things in everyday life without ever getting tired and especially having a good mental and physical energy that allows us to move forward without problems. Saving time is a fundamental thing in our earthly existence, always very busy and stressful and this object tells us to move, to act, not to stay still and wait.

And in fact, vacuum cleaners in dreams also represent a better way of coping with life, a better way of acting, a decision that allows us to be particularly active and not to stay still. Dreams that identify an excellent period in which we can be very profitable, receive excellent news, excellent opportunities but only if our commitment is very great. But if someone gives us a vacuum cleaner? The gift is often the symbol of a collaboration but above all a link between two people. We must remember the person who gave us this gift because thanks to it we can greatly improve our lives and be, therefore, more efficient, managing to optimize our days and obtaining good successes. Dreaming about vacuuming also means that we do not approve of the behavior of a person who lives with us or who we frequent very often, we do not share his ideas, his choices, decisions, projects. At other times this tool signals the need of the dreamer to close a certain phase of his life to start a new path that is healthier, safer, more effective and which can lead not only to material realization but also to inner development and maturation. The reason why we want to close with the past, with the present and start a new path can be due to the suffering from which it is necessary to purify to find new mental and physical energies and new stimuli to face the future with positive and gritty. We conclude this subject by also talking about those dreams in which we enter a store and buy a completely new vacuum cleaner. In life we??need new tools to progress. If the vacuum cleaner is broken, burned or broken while we are using it, then we are not ready to face a new existential path and therefore it is still necessary a period of inner maturation before making important choices that can lead to future changes.


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