Airplanes and landings in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of taking a plane, traveling and flying in the sky above the clouds, during a very rainy day, with a storm full of thunder and lightning or very serene? But what does it mean to dream of a plane that crashes into the sea or near our house? What does it mean to dream of seeing a warplane, a combat plane, a military plane that can not take off or lands on a road and not on an airport runway? What does it mean to dream of flying and landing on very soft or hard ground and getting hurt? What does it mean to dream of landing with a parachute after having jumped from a plane, a hot-air balloon or a helicopter that exploded into the air catching fire with very high flames? Knock down, destroy, demolish a plane with a missile. Why can we dream of seeing a big plane taking off but then burst into the sky and falls to the ground with so many people injured or dead? What meaning is hidden behind the dream in which we get on an airplane that then falls down and we are so afraid of dying? What does it mean to dream of seeing a small or large plane land in a field of flowers, in a forest, in a forest, under the house or on the roof of our house? Why can we dream of being in an airport waiting for the arrival of our mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, uncle, nephew, grandfather, boyfriend, wife, husband, friend or colleague? Take-off, departure, arrival. Three words that can appear in the form of dream scenes. What does it mean to dream of landing with the plane? What numbers indicates the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play the lottery when we dream of landing alone on a flowery meadow, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of being at the airport but I could not take the plane because I was very late. Last night I dreamed of seeing many planes flying in the sky but then, unfortunately, they were rushing to catch fire. All people died. This night I remember dreaming of being with my mother and father but I had to leave with a plane and I was very sad. Last night I dreamed of being with my friends on a plane that took us to a beautiful city". Let's try to understand the meaning of aircraft in dreams.


Airplanes are means of transport like trains. These tools are used to fly in the sky and to make us move from one side to another part of the world. We can travel very fast thanks to an airplane because the traffic in the sky is very small and there are no roads. The first word that we can connect to an airplane is therefore comfort. Very often the dreams in which we take a plane are connected to a moment in our life where we are doing good things and above all we get what we want, greatly improving our lives. For example, we can dream of being seated on an airplane that takes off, travels and lands without any problem and here is the comparison with our life is very important. We are probably living a good time when all things are going very well, we are very balanced and in harmony with the world and with people and maybe we are maturing, evolving inwardly. But planes can have problems, they can crash, they can explode or inside them you can find a strange package, maybe a bomb. The biggest fear of a person who hates traveling by air is just going to fall. Sometimes we can hear tragedies that happen in the sky with numerous dead or wounded and inevitably we can dream of being on a plane that falls to the ground, which crashes on a mountain, which catches fire and breaks out in the sky. These dreams simply represent the fear of having to relive a tragedy that we have seen on television or read in the newspapers. But the meanings of this transport tool do not stop here. Planes have the task of transferring people or things from one city to another city. The path that an airplane performs in the sky is obviously the representation of our life path. To travel in a dream, we can use a car, a train, a motorcycle, a bicycle or a large plane. Obviously this last object will be much faster and we can reach the destination in much less time.

We must never forget that every detail and element of our dreams or nightmares are necessary to provide a correct interpretation. Objects, places, people, feelings and emotions that we feel are essential to be able to bring out the message that our subconscious wants to communicate. For example, if during a plane flight we are very tense, we are afraid of being able to fall or we are afraid of not being able to arrive in time, then our subconscious wants to tell us that we are facing a very confusing phase of life, full of doubts, a phase of life in which we do not know what to do and the choices could be disastrous, risking not to make us reach the finish line. We must also remember the person who is with us on the plane because it can be a valid help to try to understand in which area of??our life we??can evolve or involvere. If for example we dream of traveling with our wife, our husband, our girlfriend, then the sentimental sector can progress positively, we can find a period of peace after having had discussions or we can do projects together with our love partner. Obviously if the plane leaves, travels and lands without problems because if during the take-off, during the journey in the sky or during the landing, some problems appear, then our love life will have to overcome obstacles before stabilizing. Suppose we arrive at the airport and can not take off because we arrived very late. Here the dreamer is running after an unattainable desire. Let's take a quick example to better understand this kind of dreams. A girl knows a boy and falls in love, he is attracted to this man who, however, has no feeling for her. Then this girl can dream of taking a plane that never arrives or that takes off without her. The possibility of fulfilling the desire to be able to court this man is impossible. So airplanes can also represent opportunities that we can take or lose in our lives and that almost always depend on our choices, our decisions.

But let's go back to the initial part of the article and talk about planes crashing or bursting into the sky or simply failing to take off or land. Planes that have problems during the flight are always the symbol of our difficulties, our fears and our fears when we face a situation. If the take-off represents the initial part of a route, the landing instead identifies the final part of the same route which can therefore be full of obstacles. Some people say they dreamed of seeing a plane in the sky that crashed after exploding. If we are not on that plane, we probably had the opportunity to avoid a mistake, we made the right choice and so we managed to avoid a small or big problem. Other people remember having dreamed of driving an airplane. This type of dreams indicates that the dreamer can or wants to take great responsibility in his life because maybe he feels very fit, he is very determined to achieve his goals. Air travel is almost never quiet because turbulence during the flight, caused by storms, rain, wind can always happen and that being in the middle of a storm with lightning and thunder means having to face responsibilities that require many sacrifices and a lot of effort from part of the dreamer. Unfortunately, the most widespread dreams that are practically terrible nightmares, are those in which a person crashes by plane, at sea, on a mountain and loses his life. These tragedies can shake our conscience and make us wake up with a heart that beats very strongly for the fear we have experienced in the dream world. The fear of falling and having to die always signals a situation that worries us so much and for which we must find a solution. And the bombs, the wars between fighter planes in the skies confirm that internally the dreamer has various problems that he has to face to solve, he has a lot of confusion, indecision that are not absolutely good for his life. Dying after having crashed along with an airplane should not bring fright. These dreams simply indicate the need to change, to close a situation in order to start again.


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