Climbing in dreams or seeing someone climbing. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Climbing in dreams, climbing, climbing, hoisting or descending, falling, tumbling down a ravine. What does it mean to dream to see other people climbing easily, easily on a mountain with us? What does it mean to dream of climbing on a high tree, on a ladder, on a rock with a great slope, on a mountain, on a steep wall, on a low and smooth wall, on a glacier, on a stalactite, on a rope , on the sand, on a tower, on a pole, on a house, on a very high skyscraper, on a balcony or on a building? Why can we dream of climbing a rocky mountain together with our parents, brothers, sisters or with a dead relative, a deceased for so many years? Why can we dream of seeing a friend or work colleague climbing a huge mirror? What does it mean to dream of being under a small ladder and trying to climb with the help of a famous actor or singer or with the help of one of our enemies? Why can we dream of climbing very hard on a small mountain or on a hill? What does it mean to dream of not being able to climb an obstacle that we have before us? What does it mean to dream of climbing using only our hands and feet and without the help and support of anyone? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play to try to win the lottery if in a dream we are climbing up a mountain or hill with our husband and our son, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of being under a very high mountain and had to climb to reach the summit. Last night I dreamed of climbing up a mountain path through a forest. Last night I dreamed that I was with some of my relatives, my mother, my father, my brother and we had to climb along a steep wall, we had to climb along a very difficult wall to climb". This night I dreamed I fell off a ladder as I tried to climb. This kind of dreams should not be difficult to interpret, but we try to provide useful details.


Trying to understand this type of dreams is really very simple. So, starting from the meaning of the word climb and from this gesture that we all have accomplished at least once in our life, we can easily understand the meaning of dreams in which we climb along a mountain, a staircase, the wall of a house, a skyscraper or on a large rock. Very often this kind of dreams are connected to our working and professional life and to the goals that we decide to achieve using everything we have available, then tools, quality, help from other people and various other supports. Social climbing is a very important thing for a person who wants to achieve success and power and wants to achieve a lot of his ideas and goals. In fact, the dreams in which we are faced with a large tree, a very high and steep mountain, are very common among the people who play a very important role in society but above all have a strong desire to realize their projects and achieve important goals. without stopping in front of any obstacle but the obstacles in life always exist and in dreams can manifest themselves through an object that is present on our path. Maybe we are walking along a clear road without feeling much effort but at some point we see a big obstacle, a hill, a climb, a wall that blocks our path. In this type of dreams we must try to remember if, in front of the obstacle we have encountered, we stop and maybe come back or try to find a valid way to overcome it. And here we can suddenly think of jumping, trying to climb on the wall, on the wall, on the ladder. This action that we perform in a dream is really fundamental because obviously it means that in our life we??will not stop in front of an obstacle but we will have the willpower to try to overcome the difficulties and move on. So if the obstacles represent the challenges to be overcome in real life, the gesture of climbing means trying to overcome these obstacles.

Of course you all know that in our dreams and nightmares we can experience various emotions, we can feel and feel a feeling of tiredness or a feeling of freedom, of well-being. For example we dream of being in front of a wall with a ladder and we climb along it to get to the other side. The sensations we feel are essential to understand the meaning of the dream very well and therefore climbing a ladder without feeling very tired is a good sign because it can indicate the possibility of overcoming some obstacles in our daily life, without any kind of effort but using all the weapons, all the tools we have available. Dreaming of being particularly tired after overcoming a wall in a dream, obviously denotes great difficulty when we face a problem. Maybe we can overcome this difficulty but all this becomes a huge sacrifice. During the climb we can even drop or hurt ourselves, we can try a lot of effort and decide to go down, to go back and not to try to cross the wall or the obstacle we face. In these cases you can easily understand that falling, having difficulty overcoming even a small obstacle, can identify a very low willpower, little esteem within us that does not allow us to continue on our journey. Even some people dream of not being able to even overcome a small bush or a step and so here we are faced with a very low strength of will and a level of esteem that is very low. These dreams therefore serve to make us understand that we must absolutely believe in ourselves, in our qualities and not negatively judge what we can do. However, dreaming of climbing always means trying to improve one's social life, one's working and economic condition, but also some interpersonal, family and sentimental relationships.

In fact, when we dream of being in front of an obstacle like a mountain and decide whether to climb or circumvent the obstacle, the meaning of all this could affect not only our professional situation but also the family and sentimental. In order to understand if a dream of this type concerns a certain area of??our life, we must try to remember, when we wake up, all the details of the dream and especially places and people who are with us. For example, if we dream of being at home and suddenly we have to climb a steep staircase or we must go to the terrace to fix the roof, probably the problem to be faced concerns the family, parents, children, some relatives who live with us and who can create an obstacle to our realization or make us experience complicated moments in which we are not at ease. Family and sentimental relationships often appear in our dreams through their own obstacles to overcome, but with us, almost always, we find the people who represent these obstacles. Certainly a small obstacle to overcome as a small and low wall to be bypassed, identifies a very slight problem while a large wall, very high and perhaps slippery, identifies a greater difficulty, a problem much more important. Many guys dream of climbing up a mountain with some friends or work colleagues. These dreams have a meaning often linked precisely to the interpersonal relationship that is experienced with these people and therefore being able to climb the mountain with these people means improve and strengthen these interpersonal relationships and precisely this kind of relationships that improves sharply, allows us to reach excellent goals and the goal, in dreams, is represented precisely by the top that is reached or by achieving a better position. Generally, dreaming of climbing an obstacle always has great symbolic value and indicates luck thanks to our hard work and we can often even overcome certain fears, fears that we live in the depths of our soul.


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