Taste food in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of food and to dream of eating and cooking with so many people? What does it mean to taste, savor, taste, taste, sip a little water, beer, wine in our dreams? What does it mean to dream of eating sweets, oil, ice cream, raw meat, cooked meat, fruit, banana, apple, pear, orange, poo, pee, urine, a slice of cake, poisoned mushrooms? What does it mean to dream to taste various foods and various drinks or to taste many types of sweets, pasta, liquor and get drunk? What meaning do we give to dreams in which we eat taralli, bread, sandwiches with ham and cheese, tomatoes? Why can we dream of tasting many types of dishes but continue to be very hungry? What does it mean to dream of being with a lot of people at a party but not being able to eat anything? What does it mean to dream of being with the mother, father, sister, brother, cousins, brothers-in-law, uncles, grandparents, friends and work colleagues around a large table full of food? Taste something that is given to us, given by a deceased relative. This type of dream is quite common among people. What does it mean to dream of tasting something with a person we love so much and then together with our boyfriend, husband, lover, child? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play if we have the desire to win money in the lottery, if we see food in our dreams and we want to try it, eat it, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming that I was going to eat so many good things but someone blocked me. Last night I dreamed of being together with many children who ate good food. Last night someone offered me food that was broken, smelled and was also poisoned. This night I dreamed of going to a party where, however, there was no food to taste and no drink to drink". Today we talk about food and in particular about those dreams in which we ourselves try to eat something, however we try to taste foods that can make us feel satisfaction or a sense of unease. We immediately say that food in dreams never has a trivial meaning even if we do not give much importance to it in real life.


We can also eat in a dream and many of you already know this. Eating in a dream is a feeling that can be really real and many people say they have had pleasure, have felt the food get into the stomach and have been satisfied. Thirst and hunger in dreams can be very real and have very important or negligible meanings. To taste good food or even bad food or to give food to a person signals, very often, the possibility to mature, to evolve inwardly but also in everyday life. Let's try to understand the meaning of these dreams. Obviously to understand this type of dream message one must remember the meaning of food in real life. Food and water are essential elements to be able to live, to be able to give energy to our body, which must therefore be daily nourished in order not to suffer and not die. Every cell in our body needs vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates. From this concept we must start to interpret food in dreams. Of course we often fall asleep and dream of food simply because during the day we ate very little and then our body communicates this feeling of discomfort to the unconscious, or during the day we ate things we did not like and in the dream we eat very good things and that we, above all, like them so much. Here we are faced with a simple desire and dreams very often represent unconscious desires. Many people face periods of diets that can lead to many sacrifices and these periods of diets can return in dreams. So we eat very little in real life and then in dreams we can really eat everything we meet. but when we are not on a diet and we do not always have thoughts about food, then why can we dream of seeing beautiful tables set and dreaming of tasting something? First of all we must say that eating in a dream is almost always a very positive thing because in real life eating is a fundamental thing as well as very pleasant for us, for the animals. Certainly there is an important difference between the word "eat" and the word "taste".

To taste something simply means to savor its taste. And here we can begin to make some comparisons with the situations of our real life. The food in dreams, very often represents important occasions and news that can come in the life of the dreamer. In short, food is the symbol of opportunities that can come in the professional, business, economic but sometimes even sentimental sectors. But before we talk about this aspect of dreams and this meaning we have to talk about a much more widespread meaning about food. Dreaming of eating or tasting food means having the chance to recover good energy following a very tiring period. So if we are going through a very tiring period then we can dream of drinking and eating or we can simply dream of tasting. Certainly if we dream of eating food in large quantities we can hope to recover a lot of psychophysical energy, so even mental while tasting means that we need to recover strength but we are not yet in the right conditions for this important and fundamental recovery. In most cases, therefore, food in dreams identifies the need for greater physical and mental energies to face a difficult and challenging period. Many of you will notice that when they are living a complex moment of their life, where they are working so hard and physically and mentally, they are very tired, the possibility of dreaming about food is really very high. But if we are experiencing a period when energies are not lacking then food in dreams takes on another meaning. In the meantime, it can represent, as we have already said, excellent opportunities that can come into work. Seeing a table full of good food and of all kinds, means being particularly lucky because destiny is about to give good opportunities. In the dream world we can try many sensations and emotions and it is even possible to feel the taste of food, their taste, we can eat and feel satisfied or feel even more hungry or drink and still have a lot of thirst. The feelings in dreams are fundamental and provide numerous clues to interpret the dream correctly.

But food can also be broken, rotten, poisoned and therefore can hurt our body. When we eat food that stinks or is rotten we must think we are in a very difficult situation where we can fall into a trap. Rotten or poisoned food can in fact be the symbol of some situations we are experiencing that can be harmful to us and which can create numerous problems. Maybe there is a job opportunity that hides some problems but we do not see and that we can be deluded by someone. When we dream of eating poisoned food we must remember the people who were with us in dreams and especially the places where we were because we can even try to understand who can damage our earthly existence in terms of work and economic. For example, we might dream of seeing a working colleague with us, offering us food that is disgusting, rotten, poisoned and so we have to pay close attention in real life to this person who could create problems. Feeling a great feeling of well-being after eating in a dream means living a very satisfying life, full of optimism and full of good opportunities while eating and always feeling a strong sense of hunger and thirst means that we are not satisfied with the results we have achieved and that we still want to improve our life and our journey. Some foods may provide a different meaning from other foods. For example, meat often identifies a sexual desire, the need to vent our sexual forces while eating cheese can mean the need to get in touch with the most natural and deepest part of ourselves. But we have not yet specified what it means to taste food in dreams or, for example, drink a little water. To taste means to prepare oneself for a situation that could be very positive, very advantageous for us but that the moment has not yet arrived even if we recognize, feel, already imagine this very favorable turn of destiny. We conclude this article by also talking about another kind of meaning related to food. Often after having dreamed of being at a party with lots of friends and relatives, we can actually be invited to a party, so this kind of dreams are premonitory dreams.


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